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Acqua di Selva (1949)
by Visconti di Modrone (originally by Victor)


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Year of Launch1949
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseVisconti di Modrone
Originally byVictor

About Acqua di Selva

Acqua di Selva is a masculine fragrance by Visconti di Modrone. The scent was launched in 1949

Acqua di Selva fragrance notes

Reviews of Acqua di Selva

Acqua di Selva is a traditional barbershop fragrance in Italy, and was first released all the way back in 1949. Its scent profile is similar to another Italian barbershop classic known as Pino Silvestre, but Acqua di Selva is colder in feel and less filled with warm aromatic herbs as is the case with Pino Silvestre. As for the scent itself, Acqua di Selva smells like a wet green fougere mix of mainly spearmint, pine needles, basil, and lemon to my nose, with hints of rosemary, vetiver, and clary sage. I also detect the wet bog-like peat accord underlying the entire blend. It basically smells like the essence of a cool pond during the autumn in a pine forest, or perhaps the idealized version of a swamp/bog. I don't get any thyme in this, while Pino Silvestre is thyme-dominant. As far as scents go, I slightly prefer Acqua di Selva since it reminds me of Acqua di Parma's Colonia Club (one of my favourite fragrances), but the sillage/projection on it is subtle as compared to Pino Silvestre where the projection is quite substantial. As for longevity, this barely lasts two hours (while Pino Silvestre lasts over 4 hours on my skin). Overall it's nice but extremely fleeting (but cheap at $20 a bottle), and I will probably end up using this as an after-gym fragrance.

01st August, 2018
This a rather good conservative fragrance...beautiful yet slightly haunting.It makes me think of a stroll through the woods on an overcast day.The rain that just finished being made of lemon oil just washed the forest and you still hear a distant thunder rumbling in the background.Fresh and invigorating yet something moody about it.

All I smell in this is lemon oil,pine,tobacco,light hints of vetiver,and mint.Tobacco isn't in the notes list but I've always smelled it.The mint I do agree with some that I sense it in the pine...but this is a transparent/clean mint.I think it brings clarity and freshness as it brushes the lemon oil.Shortly labeling Acqua Di Selva I'd call this a clean pine and tobacco fragrance.I think people who like Polo Original would appreciate this fragrance especially and the clean/slick feel it provides gives the wearer just as serious of an appearance.
06th March, 2018 (last edited: 15th March, 2018)
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Cordial, fresh, conventional, classy. Pine and mint freshness on top with slight earthy undertones. A forest vibe - and remindful of Proraso yet more so opulent with a stronger hit in the opening. Very good considering the modest price tag.
27th July, 2017
Really nice, natural-smelling cologne with an herbal piney character, but could have more strenght and longevity.
It's very light and short-lived, sadly.
09th June, 2015
AdS is a nice citrusy-minty-piney-vetivery fragrance, if It makes sense. I don't think It's so light as some reviewers described: the problem is its longevity. On my skin, 4hs max. And I have to spray 8-10 times to get the effect of a regular EDT fragrance. Anyway, It smells nice. After the initial burst of citrus/mint, the pine and vetiver takes control and reminded me instantly the brighter side of Guerlain Vetiver. That being said, Some may think It's a bit dated, but those who can't put up with the smoky and spicy notes of Guerlain Vetiver but appreciate the grass root's smell, will find home here. Great for a sunny sunday at the park, relaxing at home after shower...
07th October, 2014
masj78 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
As said by another user I like the orangy, zesty, pine and spicy notes but not a big fan of the floral parts from the carnation and rose that make it smell dated and feminine. Would be nicer for me if these floral notes were absent.
29th August, 2014

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