Acteur (1989)
    by Azzaro

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    I actually liked this when I tried it on a few least while it lasted. Manages to be both subtle and startlingly potent with spices and strong rose notes. Opens with an astringent, medicinal smell that dries down to a moist green apple heart (not listed in profile, but that's what my nose divines!). Rose and spice with a green tea and apple accord sort of dances back and forth while wearing. Unfortunately, ACTEUR breaks down quickly and messily. Most traces are gone from skin and clothes within 4 hours.

    14 March, 2014

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    Cannot really pick up any individual notes in this.
    It has a sharp synthetic smell that is married to a sweet synthetic one.
    Was expecting more after reading reviews. Not sure it would even make a good air freshener.

    10th January, 2014

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    Classic, well-behaved leather chypre.

    I’m not too used to getting fruit notes in opening accords of men’s fragrances – usually the only fruit notes I appreciate are citrus. This unidentified fruit note is rather strong – almost overripe, but it is okay… I suppose its combination with the spices actually makes it quite masculine. In addition to the fruit and the obligatory bergamot, the opening is smooth and gently spiced – non-aggressive cardamom and a soft mace (which I always prefer to its rougher country cousin, nutmeg). It is quite an unusual opening from my experience, and it lasts longer than openings tend to. I enjoy the opening considerably in spite of the fact that it is primarily an accord of ripe fruit.

    The floral / conifer middle enters quite quietly – the first hint I get from it is jasmine… a soft, in-the-background jasmine. Then I pick up a demure rose and a bit of the cedar… The jasmine, rose, and cedar form most of the middle accord and it is fairly generic, non-remarkable, but quite pleasant.

    The base is another exercise in restraint – the leather stays mainly in the background, as does the amber. The oakmoss and musk are a little stronger to my nose, but they stay quite quiet, also. Again, a fairly generic accord, but subtle, pleasant, with adequate longevity.

    Having never before been acquainted with Acteur, I wondered why it had been reintroduced. After testing it, I’d say that its subtly and restraint is the reason it is back on the sales counter. The softness and lack of aggression in Acteur lets it fit in quite well with the contemporary preference for softer fragrances. But it is not a modern fragrance… The very well blended accords are definitely of another age because of their construction and lack of synthetics: I respect this because it presents a genuine, worthy option for the customer. The cost of Acteur is very reasonable – I think that this is a very good fragrance and an excellent deal.

    Pros: Excellent structure, good amelling accords, good longevity.
    Cons: Could be more exciting."

    25 September, 2013

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    Pleasant dark rose

    I get a very rounded and smooth boozy note that turns into a rose and plum scent, very nice indeed. Later on the rose hangs around in a lovely deep dark fashion, making this a perfect autumnal scent for me. Considering when it was made this fragrance doesn't smell dated to me either - I shall definately be buying a larger bottle when one turns up cheaply on ebay

    Pros: modern smelling, smooth, unusual, cheap
    Cons: might be too dark for some

    30th July, 2013 (Last Edited: 14 February, 2014)

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    *This is a review of the vintage Acteur

    Acteur (vintage) opens with a relatively dark rose, carnation and non-smoky vetiver trio, the rose by far the strongest of the three. The rose used is slightly spiced by cardamom, giving it a dirty vibe early-on. As the scent enters its heart phase, the rose led trio remains, now joined by a musk and oakmoss tandem rising from the base that acts as further musky dark support to the starring rose. As the scent enters its final phase during the late dry-down, the floral accord now fades considerably, as a very aggressive relatively dry amber base note takes over the dominant role through the end of the scent's life. Projection is average and so is longevity.

    Acteur (vintage) has a lot of fans on the web and with the notes involved I expected to be one of them. Certainly there is much to love here for folks seeking a more "masculine" rose scent, as the rose when mixed with the relatively subdued vetiver definitely darkens its floral nature making it most likely an easier scent to wear from a male perspective. That said, the floral accord somehow just feels a bit off to me as it comes off as just *too* dark once it adds in the dirty cardamom spice along with the musky oakmoss. Adding to this is the amber that dominates the dry-down is a bit too strong and also comes off as overly simplistic. In short, Acteur (vintage) is a competent enough fragrance that should satisfy many and is certainly worthy of trial, but it comes up a bit short earning a weak "good" 3 star out of 5 rating. When masterpiece quality rose and carnation scents like vintage JHL by Aramis can still be readily acquired for similar sums on the market it is very hard to recommend Acteur (vintage). This one was a blind buy that I can't say I regret, but would not have made knowing what I do now.

    12 January, 2013 (Last Edited: 05 March, 2013)

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    ACTEUR is for me a sweet, musky, syrupy vetiver/rose that quickly (EDT) evaporates. Very pleasant for the short time it is with me, but I prefer to spend my money on scents that last a while.

    26 September, 2012 (Last Edited: 02 October, 2012)

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