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Active Bodies (1990)
by Adidas


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Year of Launch1990
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchQuintessence > Benckiser > Margaret Astor

About Active Bodies

Active Bodies is a masculine fragrance by Adidas. The scent was launched in 1990

Active Bodies fragrance notes

Reviews of Active Bodies

I have tried one way or another well over a couple hundred fragrances in my life and very few can hold a candle to this gem. This is the ultimate male scent with the unique X-factor many people are looking for.

Smells to me like a bit sweeter Azzoro PH with a hefty dose of labdanum but then again I do not know much about notes. It is neither dated nor modern, not warm or fresh or sweet or elegant or sporty. It is all of these things and more - seductive, irresistible, unique, unmistakable. Stops you in your tracks when you smell this. Transcendenatal fragrance.

This is the stuff dreams are made of. This is the scent that makes Guerlain, Hermes and YSL look like amateurs or weirdos who, in their quest for complexity and from inhaling too many notes, have lost all proportion and common sense as to what it means to actually smell good in the real world. I know many fragrance afficionados collecting niche scents and vintage kouroses who marvel at this stuff. At the same time it appeals to guys with a penchant for Boss Bottled and Lacoste Essential in the same measure. In fact Warsaw tough neighbourhoods reeked of this stuff in the 90s.

This is not a scent that polarizes between those who imagine a cat pee, those who imagine being a greek hero or being ravished by one in a greek bathroom or those who have no imagination at all. This is not a scent that makes you choose whether to smell manly today or be a wuss and garner compliments from ladies. This scent covers all bases. This is the stuff you don't need to convince yourself to be someone, somewhen, or somewhere else than you are now to enjoy.

In case you think I am a guy who just got off the Acqua di Gio bandwagon and suddenly feels all too happy about the new world of fragrance opportunities before him let me tell you this. I have tried vintage and I have tried niche and this gem surpasses them all.

You may laugh all you want but if this is not a masterpiece then I don't know what is. If I had to choose only one scent to wear for the rest of my life, Adidas Active Bodies would be it. Let not the stupid name or the cheap price tag fool you.


29th December, 2012 (last edited: 31st December, 2012)
Why isn't there any review of it here? Too cheap to write something? This is the best smelling adidas of all time, let alone the whole price range competition. Thanks to aldehydes and a few more higher quality ingredients it's the least synthetic smelling of all cheap perfumes. This is the cheap version of Chanel Allure Sport - very sexy.
In Europe women literally get wet smelling it;) This was true in the 90s, this still is true now...
07th November, 2009
Classic, veryyyyy popular in poland its something like AdG in other countries or dior homme in paris (about 100 sold products per week on polish ebay []), it is with me since I turned 15, at first spray Aldehydes and Lemon kicks your nose hard I dont pick up any lavender, I must say I dont like top notes as much as drydown, longlasting and with above average sillage, 3 spritz is max, while its not for me anymore I keep it in my wardrobe to back to my 90's
18th September, 2009

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