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Adventure Quasar (1999)
by J del Pozo


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Year of Launch1999
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HouseJ del Pozo
Parent CompanyPerfumes y Diseño

About Adventure Quasar

Adventure Quasar is a masculine fragrance by J del Pozo. The scent was launched in 1999

Reviews of Adventure Quasar

Very underrated. This is some excellent juice! It's very complex, and hard for me to lock down all that is going on when first sprayed. 20-30 minutes and I do smell a very woodsy/soap scent, and this lasts quite awhile on me. Compliments flow with this as well. Jesus del Pozo has discontinued this, and also the original Quasar. Hurry up and grab them at decent prices while you still can. 5-7 years from now they'll be going for three times what you'll pay today.
22nd September, 2015
Having worn the original Quasar I was expecting something pretty much along the same lines. I think in some respects they share commonalities, but overall they're very different. Quasar is really fruity with more sweetness and more of an Acqua Di Gio feel. Quasar Adventure is built around woods, gin, and geranium. Instead of Acqua Di Gio Quasar Adventure goes more of the Issey Miyake yuzu route in the opening, but very quickly it goes into an excellent combination of woods and geranium. This is where I think people are describing it as "rain forest like." From there the gin comes out and it becomes similar to Frapin L'humaniste later on as the woods and geranium go to the background. Prices on this are going up because it's discontinued and getting harder and harder to find. Buy it now!
19th August, 2014
Crisp and Boozy

What can I say about this fragrance other than it is a solid choice for the summer. It smells like a mixture of fresh rainfall and gin. When I heard it had gin in the notes, I expected it to overpower the freshness of it but it is blended quite well. It's unfortunate that this is discontinued because I thoroughly enjoy it. It has fantastic longevity but the projection isn't great. If you're looking for a summer scent (since great ones are hard to come by compared to winter) then pick this up on eBay before the prices get ridiculous!


Pros: 1. Light, crisp, and boozy are a great combination 2. Solid longevity 3. Works well in the heat
Cons: 1. Projection is below average 2. Discontinued 3. Won't work in cold weather

04th June, 2013
The green colour of this juice and bottle are somewhat misleading as it might lead one to expect a herbal concoction reminiscent of Paco Rabanne. Instead we have a clean, crisp, fruity & sparkling fragrance that in my opinion is what the rather synthetic smelling Hugo should aspire to smell like. There is indeed some association in my mind between the fragrance and a crisp, cool sparkling G&T, thus I believe a sapphire blue colour for the juice similar to that of Hugo or Chrome, and a chromed bottle would have best suited the character of this fragrance – is this my mind playing tricks on me after I became aware that there is Bombay Gin note in this? Nevertheless, despite its crispness, there is also a nice fruity warmth to the smell without the metallic/newsprint edge of the exalted original Quasar - although there is a detectable family resemblance between the two - or the aloofness of Cool Water. In my opinion the fragrance is versatile and not in the least bit ‘dark’, perhaps making it best suited to daytime or office wear and would probably suit anyone from their late teens upwards. This also has excellent staying power and sillage on my skin. Has a great chunky bottle design that is almost identical to the original Quasar, and can easily be found at remarkably cheap prices that defy the high quality of this fragrance. I like both of your Quasar fragrances very much – great job Jesus!
16th September, 2009 (last edited: 24th April, 2011)
Tony T Show all reviews
United States
a light clean and crisp scent that's a bit too light.bombay gin as a middle is quite odd but hey i guess whatever works. this is in the same class as the genderme scents " too light"!!!!!!!!
21st July, 2008
This one is light and clean, and its notes are quite enjoyable. It’s opening contains a bit of exoticness by means of the Asian citrus, and green notes — or maybe it’s that Bombay Gin note effervescing up from the middle that does it. Regardless, Quasar Adventure opens more green than citrus and I really admire the balance and refinement of the accord. True, it is subtle and a bit aquatic, but it is also a finely assembled accord. This is a quite complex fragrance — more complex than most aquatics – and less synthetic. The complexity enters in even more strongly to the middle accord, where I can find the geranium, the Bombay Gin, and the sage up front in a bit of an exotic accord; the soft lavender textures the background of the middle. As other reviewers have mentioned, the base is, perhaps, the most important and impressive aspect of the fragrance: I get primarily a wood base with a very nice musk echo. It’s not the traditional wood base, it, too, forms part of the adventure. This is a quietly unique fragrance — its excellence is in its minutia, which is something I wouldn’t have expected judging from its rather clunky bottle. Unfortunately, close to the skin, the fragrance does carry a slight alcohol / cologny characteristic, but that condition doesn’t show up in the sillage. From the broader view, Quasar Adventure is short on overt drama, but there’s a lot of adventure in the details. All things considered, Quasar Adventure is a very fine fragrance that deserves more attention that it gets.
20th November, 2007

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