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Alain Delon / AD (1980)
by Alain Delon


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Year of Launch1980
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HouseAlain Delon
Parent CompanyDenz > Art & Fragrance
Parent Company at launchDenz > Parfums de Paris

About Alain Delon / AD

Alain Delon / AD is a masculine fragrance by Alain Delon. The scent was launched in 1980

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Reviews of Alain Delon / AD

Alain Delon has an impeccable opening with carnation, moss, woods, and geranium, and it smells like it's from 1980, around the time the best masculine fragrances were made, for my tastes. As it develops, some of the magic of the opening is lost, and the base is relatively plain. I think is the geranium note has good longevity, but the other notes fade.

For other, fantastic geranium fragrances, try Ebene de Balmain and Aramis Tuscany.
16th May, 2017 (last edited: 18th May, 2017)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening is a traditional bergamot-basil-wormwood mix, not unlike some of the contemporary dunhills. The juniper and especially a lovely cinnamon aroma giv it a special twist. The expectedly floral drydown is carnation-heavy, perfect with a matching boutonnière, although a great geranium hovers in the background. Whilst wood - mainly cedar - and non-sweet vanilla dominate in the base, the moss is of good quality too.

My main issue with this scent is that the base is a bit dull on my skin, otherwise it uses high-quality ingredients and is well-blended. Good sillage and projection with six hours of longevity.

This has classic chypre written all over it, and is well done. Great in spring. 3.75/5
06th January, 2015
In My opinion this is the best fragrance in the world, Sexy, sophisticated, a true gentleman scent. I have about six bottles of this fragrance I first bought this in the eighties, Alain Delon is a famous french actor and brought out his own line of men and women fragrance, this is the most unique scent I've ever worn and people are always asking me what it is as it drives women crazy, sadly discontinued now but can still be found on Ebay, Mr Delon please bring it back
01st April, 2013
Wonderful! It reminds me of Paco Rabanne for Men. I bought five bottles a couple of years ago and I am glad I did since it's now discontinued. A wonderful fragrance in a solid big square bottle! Long-lasting, too!
07th April, 2010
It opens with very nice spices and citrus in a typical 80s style, and within minutes on my skin, starts to reveal the slightly-candied sweetness of aldehydes. The aromatic woods in the base instantly reminds me of Rochas Lui, while retaining a good dose of the citrus in the background, and the benzoin gives it a nice incense-y and slightly powdery texture. There is very mild tint of green bitterness from the moss near the end. How this is discontinued is beyond me. IMO, this could do very well in this day and age.
10th January, 2010

I not sure about the sample I have… It doesn’t seem quite right and it’s even an official carded sample. The sample reminds me a lot of Yatagan, which I strongly dislike. It doesn’t remind me of 3rd Man or Santos, which are two of my favorites. Actually, my sample seems to be a sample gone horribly bad, but then, I think of my bottle of Yatagan as something gone horribly bad. I guess I need to find another source for a sample of this just to make sure… in the mean time I have to vote thumb’s down... That something in the top notes is just too annoying to me. It has a very good long, long lasting mossy / cedar drydown, though.

27th September, 2009

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