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Allure Homme (1999)
by Chanel


Allure Homme information

Year of Launch1999
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
PackagingJacques Helleu
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Allure Homme

Designed to build on the ready built market from Chanel's Allure for women, this fragrance has a wide appeal from young to old. A sensual fragrance in a square bottle with a champagne colour top.

Allure Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Allure Homme

This is a very light melange of citrus notes laid over a non-descript woody base. It has a slight tendency during the approach to dry down to smell like freshly applied latex paint drying on a wall, but that soon passes.

It is far too simple a formula to come from a house like Chanel. Turin gave it one star, dubbed it a "woody amber," and summed it up as "competent, utterly dull, and unworthy of Chanel." We agree on the statement, but I would not be so harsh as to give it one star. Two or three perhaps, as it is not downright bad, just not very interesting and a bit one dimensional.

Not really worth seeking out, even if you are a Chanel fan.
06th October, 2015
Hi All,
After so much reading of rave reviews about the allure line of chanel I ordered some decant samples and this was one of them ..and I must say I am glad that I didn't blind buy to my nose it didn't really exhibit the famed impressions it invoked in other reviewers ...agreed that it opened to a somewhat sweet ( chemically induced citrus type ) note ...I could feel nothing fresh ..nothing natural about this fragrance me it was synthetic chemical all the way ...and its quite sweet / bland / safe /creamy -office type of scent ..which is not going to feel very distinct as it smells like the perfume section of a dept. store wherein you enter u can smell fragrance but you cant decipher the notes as there are too many of them being sprayed around ..its a one in a crowd and not "THE ONE" in the crowd.
If you are looking to get your senses jolted / awed in a good way through a scent then this is not for you smelled more feminine to my nose and didn't capture my sense of smell ...too bland and dare I add safe .... All in all a big thumbs down ...and I cant imagine that the house of chanel will have something as chemically induced synthetic concoction bandied about like a perfume ...a let down indeed !

In conclusion : safe / unrecognizable notes which just give me a feel of creamy chemical ..little citrus..a very bland cheapie synthetic notes ..and I will not recommend this.
20th August, 2015
ALLURE line is a Great line of Fragrances offered by CHANEL and Definitely This one is The best From this line for me. It is Like smelling Heaven on Earth.ALLURE has Essence of perfection,The Name,The Bottle and The Scent. Captivating,Warm,Romantic,Woody, Complex,Irresistible,Seductive and Manly.

Top notes is Green and fresh due Bergamot,Peach and Mandarin Orange They fade quickly opening to a Charming Spicy Floral Heart and Dreamy Patchouli. The base Contains Exciting Woody smells and has a Depth That attracts Ladies to you and Lasts all day.It smells Perfect balance between a Classic Style and a Modern Way.

I would say this is best for the AUTUMN/WINTER seasons due to the Woody base. ALLURE is a Scent that never go out of Style.It is for someone over the age of 25,not good for a youngster. Perfect for a Confident Character who trust their own oomph and Charisma. Great for a SPECIAL EVENINIG Especially when you are with a SEDUCTRESS.


Longevity?Very Good on my skin.

13th June, 2015
A nice, wearbale fragrance. Big projection for an hour, and then it wears lightly, but the smell is hard not to like.
12th May, 2015
Channel Allure may be the perfect men's office fragrance and is one of my favorite fragrances that can be worn year round. Wonderful citrus opening that fades slowly over several hours rather than disappearing after the first minute. Soft woods, vetiver and patchouli base that's exquisitely balanced. Average sillage and 6+ hours of longevity. The rest of the Allure line may be more interesting and appeal to more specific tastes, but AH is by far the most versatile. Worth it's price IMO.
15th April, 2015
If the factor Price could count on rating I would have given to all Chanel products thump down...
they are so damn great creations but so expensive,What can I say for this gem...
fresh,citrus,woody all kind of fragrance types in a juice!
Amazing stuff but I dont buy it again since there are so many great scents with better pricing.
04th October, 2014

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