Allure Homme (1999)
    by Chanel

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    Designed to build on the ready built market from Chanel's Allure for women, this fragrance has a wide appeal from young to old. A sensual fragrance in a square bottle with a champagne colour top.

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    150ml EdT
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    This is where I find myself in relation to the many reviews of this fragrance here:

    agree: warm, sweet/cloying, creamy, generic, feminine

    disagree: fresh, complex, masculine, classy, sexy, tobacco

    This fragrance was barely distinguishable from about a dozen others I smelled yesterday, but the opening appealed to me, so I put one spray on each wrist and went on my way. I was quickly enveloped in a sweet, thick, cloying cloud which did not evolve in any perceptible way over the next hour or so. I was in a museum, and Allure Homme did, indeed, turn heads. But not in a good way. I can't really speak for the dry down (except the bit remaining on my sleeve this morning, which is pleasant enough), because I was beginning to feel sick and had to find a bathroom and scrub this stuff off, which took some doing. I have never had to do that before.

    I found this fragrance terribly sweet, with little to recommend it. It reminded me of the fragrance department in a large, undistinguished department store. A kind of heavy mush of synthetic florals with vague hints of kitchen spices (and over-cooked vegetables?) lurking in the background. This is the fragrance on the middle-aged woman who plops down beside you on an airplane and you just want to...well, you know, you're not happy.

    Although I recognize how subjective this all is, I am a little shocked by the vast number of glowing reviews here. I do notice, though, that more than a few people with lukewarm reviews (and even some who seem to quite dislike this fragrance) for some reason give it the thumbs up. I can only think that's about the brand. Definitely not a fan.

    02 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 03 February, 2014)

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    Allure Homme is a creamy, green, citrusy fragrance that displays restrained elegance. Allure Homme is very "Chanel": smooth, classy and free of obvious flaws as it unfolds on my wrist. Safe? Yes. Boring? Maybe. Allure Homme is not exactly ground breaking, but it is a pleasure to wear. Good longevity and projection. I initially rated this "neutral". After additional testing, I've changed my rating to a "thumbs up". Not everything needs to be a masterpiece. Allure Homme isn't, it just smells nice. Sometimes that's all I need.

    06 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 12 January, 2014)

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    Allure Homme is a decent fragrance, but I much prefer either Sport or Edition Blanche. There's just nothing that stands out in this fragrance and the dry down doesn't make up for the mediocre opening. It's not a bad fragrance, but considering how highly it's ranked on here I would have to say this might be the most over rated fragrance I've come across.

    07 November, 2013

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    Peppercorns, Bergamot sandalwood. Put them together and you have the most generic fragrance i have ever smelled. I am not a 'fragrance snob' I own dept. store frags, but they need to put something together that I can differentiate from every other frag out there to win my vote.

    05 May, 2013

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    Great fragrance. Opens up fresh, gets really sexy smelling later on. Has good longevity (better than the sport version for sure).

    14 April, 2013

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    Pleasant but not amazing, a quality fragrance upon which one might rely for several hours of understated and possibly underwhelming performance Allure Homme is worth having. I keep it in the car for incidental use; consequently, the interior of my car smells very pleasant. Ultimately, it is a demure fragrance featuring tonka bean and a smattering of restrained versions of powerful elements.

    02 April, 2013

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