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Amazing for Men (2000)
by Bill Blass


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Year of Launch2000
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People and companies

HouseBill Blass
Parent CompanyVapro International
Parent Company at launchQuality King Distributors > Five Star Fragrances

About Amazing for Men

Amazing for Men is a masculine fragrance by Bill Blass. The scent was launched in 2000

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Reviews of Amazing for Men

Like this one, although it wouldn't be the first scent that I'd grab on the go.

Amazing by Bill Blass has a strong citrus-musk quality, aided along by the ginger and sage notes in the heart. It's a decent fragrance that incorporates tangerine well, if that's a note you like.

Has a "young" wearer vibe to it, so as a 40-something guy I'd be rather picky as to when and where I'd put it on.

15th January, 2017
Amazing fails to amaze. In fact, it hardly makes an impression at all. Far from cringe-worthy, it remains anonymous, aloof, and is gone before anybody has a chance to notice it. Five minutes after applying, Amazing, like a high school senior with a full-ride scholarship in the second week of June, leaves the faintest impression of itself and little to no evidence it had, in fact, actually been there. The worst part is, while it may stray towards the pedestrian and banal end of the fragrance spectrum, it's not a terrible scent. As for the name, it's a complete misnomer. "Below-standard" or "Opposite of Amazing" would have been more accurate. However the name came to be (Bill Blass had a particularly dark sense of humor? An exercise in post-modern marketing? A knowing wink to the irony-laden hipsters and cynical bastards who would pay for something "amazing" in name precisely because they knew it wasn't?), the scent elicits nothing but ambivalence and antipathy. And that, to me, is its greatest crime and most-telling indictment.
19th January, 2015
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United States
Amazing is anything but. The name is pretentious by definition, the longevity is mediocre and the fragrance is dull and uninspired. If you have some of the Jordan fragrances such as Jordan by Michael or the Perry Ellis bottles that come in similar columnar packages, then you don't need this redundant offering. Mr. Blass is the one from this house that is worth a sniff.
17th April, 2013
I didn't know for the longest time what this actually smelled like. I finally concluded that the top is some kind of tropical fruit liqueur, maybe mango? Kiwi? It starts to turn a little less tropical, perhaps into orange or tangerine, and then just briefly it seems like the fruit is going rotten as it transitions into a fruity, boozy leather base and then resolves itself. Even though it doesn't feel unmasculine to me, I thought that the top was more typical of women's perfume...then later the base becomes more "standardly" masculine. I thought I'd keep it around for variety and to figure it out, but I eventually gave up. Really fun bottle, though!
25th April, 2009
Cheap, aromatic fougere like Coty's Avatar. Typical musky drydown. Not much to it.
01st November, 2008
I have no qualms with the smell of the fragrance, in fact, I really like it. However, it does not like me! Almost immediately after applying this, I had one of the worst allergy attacks in my life. Anytime I am near it, I can not breathe. Never has this happened with a fragrance to this extent with me before. Allergy sufferers beware!
17th July, 2008

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