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    Amber, Cistus, Vanilla

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    United States United States

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    This is one of the most delicious fragrances I have ever tried. As a fan of the amber style accord (what does amber truly smell like? it's a fossilized resin...) - this is quite possibly my favorite take on amber as of yet.

    What really impresses me with Ambre Sultan is the three-dimensional way the fragrance works on me. Up close I can smell the herbs/oregano/spice that some have noted - but a foot or so away I get the sweetness and syrup.

    I am just at the start of what may be a long fragrant journey for me, but the Serge Lutens fragrances I have started with are all quite good (AS, Chergui, Daim Blond) -- but Ambre Sultan has made it into my top five of all time pretty quickly. Seriously bottle worthy!

    19 March, 2014

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    Iran Iran

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    This is the third Serge Lutens fragrance that I'm testing.
    First one was Cuir Mauresque , second one was Chergui and now this one and I must say I'm quite impressed with all of them!
    It's a fragrance for women and I was expecting something very sweet and feminine, but dude is this really a fragrance for women?!
    I'm sure a man can wear it easily!
    The opening is very strong resinous spicy scent with some woods in the background.
    It does have a bitter spicy smell and I must say the opening is completely masculine! nothing feminine here!
    After a while and in the dry down, that resinous smell settled down a bit and spicy scent became a little stronger. I can smell some kind of dirty animalistic feeling too but it's weak.
    Now you can feel also some sweetness that gave the scent a really nice kick!
    In the base you have a sweet (but not too much) yummy scent with some spices and that resinous and animalistic smell completely in the background.
    It's quite sensual and beautiful.
    Projection is above average and longevity is good.
    It's a great quality fragrance that you can easily put unisex sticker on it!
    I love it.

    07 February, 2014 (Last Edited: 16 February, 2014)

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    Colin Maillard
    Italy Italy

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    To me, this is *the* quintessential smoky, boisé, herbal scent. Simple, powerful, perfect, elegant, bitter and sweet at the same time.


    09 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 05 April, 2014)

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    For me this opened with a strong pleasant burnt caramel blast, followed closely by the central amber. Cedar entered after ten minutes and a slightly acrid vetiver note joined it. A dry herbal note then appeared (thyme?). After half an hour the overall effect was that of being in a small chapel where the smoke of a fine incense floated in the space.

    The incense note is dry and dusky, not sweet.

    My partner's reaction to it was that of a dusty, dry amber with a bouquet garni herbal note. He detected a wood note, but did not believe it was cedar. He would have liked it better if there was a more pronounced sandalwood/frankincense presence. Overall he found it to be dry, powdery, linear and herbal/amber.

    After an hour both our skins smelled of "a cedar box in which amber and frankincense had been stored."

    My summation is that of a very nice amber incense, but nothing outstanding or revolutionary. Recommended as a good purchase if you are fond of the amber/incense notes.

    24 December, 2013

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    tempest moon

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    This is a superb scent. My first impressions upon sampling was a very herbal, medicinal vibe which immediately hit me upon application. However this is not a bad thing, as it gradually settled into a very warm and aromatic herbal dry down. I think this scent is very very well made and it reminds me of incense and herbs (but not in an overwhelming way), just in a really well blended sense. Depending on your tastes. I would suggest trying or sampling at least once to appreciate this (especially in the dry down). Extremely well made. If you appreciate Serge Lutens I think this is one of his best.

    21st November, 2013

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    Just got a sample of this and am very pleasantly surprised..I am female and don't usually like "unisex" scents but this is somehow different. A fine amber and woods in good proportion with an incense note. USE SPARINGLY however.

    03 November, 2013

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