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Silver Cristal Men (1998)
by Amouage


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Year of Launch1998
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About Silver Cristal Men

Silver Cristal Men is a masculine fragrance by Amouage. The scent was launched in 1998

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Reviews of Silver Cristal Men

Ahhh... This is more like it. As others have said, Silver Cristal has an animal dirtiness that Silver Cologne doesn’t have. For some reason Amouage saw fit to clean up Silver Cristal. Why they took a challenging and edgy scent like Silver Cristal and made it into Silver Snuggles is beyond me. I like Silver, but not enough to consider buying it. Silver Cristal is a different story…I would think long and hard about purchasing this one even at its Amouage price, and in the end I know that it would make it on my to purchase list. I find the accords intriguing: The animal rawness in the opening saves Cristal from its inherent powderiness, making the accord quite masculine as well as more interesting. The primary accord—rose, sandalwood, and frankincense—would be very much like silver’s “dryer sheet” accord, but, again, the potential dullness is defeated by the dirty rawness offered by the abundant spices in the Cristal heart accord. The floral elements and the sandalwood are rich but discreet. The frankincense is very elegant, and the whole woody base accord is smooth and creamy, masculine and compelling. When Amouage took out the interesting aggressive notes in the opening, they also removed the longevity of the fragrance. My primary complaint about Silver is that it has very little lasting power. Silver Cristal has phenomenal longevity—the mid and base notes are still performing fifteen hours after application. I find that this is the only intriguing Amouage men’s fragrance…and it’s discontinued.
11th June, 2007
I agree with IPaidForThisName - this is the heaviest and roughest Amouage, and therefore, I would say, the best. I can't take Gold or Dia, as they smell to way too feminine to me. Silver is ok, but Silver Cristal cranks the animalic note way up and has a heavier and more complex base. It also has great staying power and sillage.
15th March, 2007
This stuff packs a punch upon first spray and takes some time to settle. When it does, the fragrance is a melange of spices with an accent on white frankincense. The effect is quite gothic, reminding me of a European cathedral. Not the easiest of scents to wear, but magnificent nonetheless and completely unique. Gold is a warmer, more ambery scent, whereas silver tends to be a bit colder, less sweet, but just as animalic.
15th January, 2006
This is a slightly heavier and a little rougher version of Silver Cologne. It doesn’t have the citrus notes, and has a slightly animalic note. Like Silver Cologne, this is a winner of a fragrance.
28th September, 2005
My favorite of the line. Sporty. Not overbearing. Not so serious but it says "hey I'm here with sillage and smell great." This is Amouage, which means it has power, and a touch of the frankensence base. Worth every penny. Many compliments with Silver.
17th December, 2004
If one has sampled the Amouage line, one can immediately detect the kinship between this and the gold items, YET there is a lighter, fruitier essence about this one for which "silver" is an apt title. I'd almost say that this one is more of a day scent where as the golds are more evening based. Just my perception though.
27th November, 2002

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