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Andron for Men (1981)
by Jovan


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Year of Launch1981
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Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchBeecham Cosmetics

About Andron for Men

Andron for men contained pheromone and was designed to attract the ladies. Whether it worked or not, we don't know. Sadly, no longer on the market, but occasionally pops up on e-bay.

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United Kingdom
A fresh citrus and herbal note merge inoperable a light patchouli and a gentle white musk. Sandalwood is transient and weak on my skin, with castoreum and civet giving the base a firmer and edgier backbone. Overall a pleasant scent, but with very limited silage and projection. Longevity is around three hours. This scent is meant to attract, but after sniffing my wrist many times it did not look nicer to me. Maybe this effect is gender-specific.
05th November, 2013
I too had Andron when it came available on the shelves..I got many many compliments from complete strangers and women I dated. As of now Candies for men is the closest thing I have found. I also love California by Dana.. I found after it stayed on my skin it reminded me of my old long gone Andron.. Check out the Base notes in California for men, and you will agree the woodsy, musky scents are there.
29th July, 2012 (last edited: 03rd November, 2012)
This was the Best! Wish I had a few cases of this juice. I would love to know why it was discontinued. It got compliments galore and I loved the smell on me. Damn fine fragrance for the money. Alas, pleasures to experience no more, but sweet are the memories.
29th November, 2011
Sad this is a endangered scent. Andron was one of those colognes that stayed with you for a long time (and in memory to boot). I still have the empty bottle which I smell occasionally.

I can only hope to find it at a flea market as I once did in 1997. but since never again.

15th April, 2009
I have used Andron since it first came out.....It is fantastic and works better than advertised. I let my 23 year old son wear it to a local VFW with many older ladies and he was shocked at the attention it drew from them. If Jovan would sell me the formular I would put it back on the market.....or if they would concider a re-release I can tell them the "secret" of why it works and why it failed on some people. I would love to have some more.
13th March, 2009
No idea why this was discontinued, this one is great and better than most of the stuff that's still out. It reminds me of the best parts of Boss One and Givenchy Gentleman mixed, yet alltogether a different scent. Lots of patchouli, musk and castoreum in the drydown.
13th January, 2009

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