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Aqua Quorum (1994)
by Antonio Puig


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Year of Launch1994
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseAntonio Puig
Parent CompanyPuig Beauty & Fashion Group > Puig Fragrance & Personal Care

About Aqua Quorum

Released in 1994 to try and capture a younger 'Quorum' user. A fougere fragrance, similar to the likes of 'Cool Water' by Davidoff and 'Eternity' by Klein. The bottle and box are the same as the original 'Quorum', but instead of brown, it is blue.

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Reviews of Aqua Quorum

A very dull and lifeless aquatic and I'll clarify why.Lavender there's nothing wrong with but combine it with grapefruit?bad results.Grapefruit is a prime note in a fair bit of Adidas scents like Ice Dive and Moves For Him.Clean and citrusy...but also bright and metallic smelling.I get an Alka Seltzer leather out of this I guess to simulate a bubbly effect of oceanic based scents and it's just...boring.
20th November, 2016
I actually had meant to buy Quorum Silver, which I may still try to get my hands on, but this stuff is at least serviceable. It smells cheap but not bad. It's an OK sweet aquatic, sort of reminding me of Polo Blue but with more sweet, floral top notes rather than the dry cucumber. It has a moderate amount of the fruity (apple?) component of Eternity or the old Nautica Competition, and initially this gets more intense as it progresses. The fruitiness almost reminds me of the shampoo-like components of Grabazzi or Horizon, which is a minor annoyance, but I don't find it to stick out as obtrusively as in those two. It's a bit metallic, but not as much as a lot of sweet aquatics or herbals/aromatics on the men's market. It ends up quite a bit soapier at the end, which I'm OK with, and keeps up its strength pretty well.
11th August, 2014
Great aquatic fragrance, nicely balanced with quality ingredients, in my opinión above Cool Water and Eternity, in some aspects very close to Bleu de Channel, but slightly sweeter, which might be a draw back for few of you. The opening is nice with a nice balance between lavander, citrus und freesia and then coming in geranium, grapefruit, cardamon and amber. The dry-down is nice, as the original scent does not alter into a soapy or even vanilla cheapy. Donm't know how Puig can get this result for the Price of the fragrance. Put a Channel label on it and it passes perfectly... Thumbs up for a nor very original, but nicely blended scent which is great for casual every day use, office or the gym.
30th May, 2014
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United States
Aqua Quorum has no resemblance to the original Quorum at all. AQ smells clean, fresh, a little fruity, and somewhat sweet… really brings back memories of Polo Sport. The main difference besides the cheap price is that Aqua Quorum performs way better.

In the midst of freshness, there's a non-persistent sour note that doesn't quite belong, but it is just brief. Some elements of Cool Water could be detected when the initial sharpness settles. In some reviews, AQ was even compared to Wings, but the latter is too sharp and highly synthetic, whereas AQ is softer, gentler, more natural, and smells ten times better off of skin.

Aqua Quorum is lively, casual, sporty, and versatile. A very pleasant scent to refresh with after a workout. Truly enjoyable and very easy to like. Blind-bought and will reorder again.
03rd April, 2014
This smells like the 90's but in a good way. If you ever wanted to take a trip down memory lane, but didn't want or were embarrassed to buy certain fragrances (Eternity, Cool Water etc) this is the cologne for you. Like its older brother, this is well made at a great price. Such a great price my wife uses it as air fresher all the time and I don't even freak out!
30th March, 2014
I bought this blind a few years ago and never regretted it! To me it's not an aquatic per se but more a 'fresh aromatic fougere' which can be used all year around actually but does best during warmer summer days as it's very refreshing!
It belongs to the same genre as eg. Cool water, Eternity and Polo Sport and it has a little of all these frags combined and costs like 1/3 of the price of the others. It's is compared mainly to Polo Sport, but AQ has no seaweed note.
It starts heavy and sharp and a little 'alcoholic' with lavender and flowers surrounded by grapefruit. The base of amber, leather and oakmoss do give a very masculine and spicy edge to this very fresh fragrance like the drydown of Cool Water has as well. This is far better than most aquatics thrown at the market last 15 years, especially looking at the price! It lasts for like 8 hours even and has above average sillage.
It's versatile and 100% masculine! The only drawback I can think of is that it's not that original as it seems it has copied and combined some of the best accords of Cool water, Eternity and Polo Sport together to create AQ but I don't care. Note that this frag is nothing similar to it's green brother Quorum!
Thumbs way up! Rated: 8/10
04th September, 2012

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