Aquaman (2001)
    by Rochas

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    A fresh, clean, uplifting fragrance in a marine-blue bottle. Ideal for the Summer.

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    This is a spicy aquatic, and generally speaking I am ambivalent to this type of fragrance. I get plenty of cardamom here along with aquatic notes. If this is your type of thing, give it a try. It isnít for me though.

    17 January, 2010

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    I owned this for awhile and thought it was pretty nice and very versatile. I wouldn't call it "aquatic." It's very very dry and spicy, if not especially attractive. The topnotes are bracing and refreshing - especially the sparking grapefruit/eucalyptus top, which I really enjoy. Longevity is minimal.

    11th November, 2009

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    Finland Finland

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    I remember that I liked this one quite a bit when it came out, but after sometime I got tired of it and eventually throw my bottle away.

    Nostrils burningly sharp blend of grapefruits, eucalyptus, cardamom and spiky woods that hasnít been polished. Kind of entertaining juice, and even quite unique, but very annoying and tiring in a long run. Worth to try, though.

    Bottle looks very good but I had a serious leaking problem with mine; that is why I couldnít sell it onwards but I had to put into a garbage can.

    03 February, 2009

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    Oh look, another dull faceless aquatic men fragrance. Not awful but not in the slightest bit interesting.

    20th October, 2008

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    Huge watery spice in the beginning that remains throughout. More spice than aquatics. This is loud but submerses itself underwater.. The spices want room to breathe but they can;t quaite make i to the surface and ends up being a rather bland scent with subdued wet herbal qualities.

    16 June, 2008

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    Brilliant composition? No. Rochas' best? By no means. But a pleasant fragrance nevertheless -- a peppery aquatic whose longevity could be better. (Far better than many out there on the market, somewhat worse than many others.)

    Great bottle, by the way -- it looks like something straight out of a Flash Gordon flick.

    20th December, 2007

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