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Arabie (2000)
by Serge Lutens


Arabie information

Year of Launch2000
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseSerge Lutens
PerfumerChristopher Sheldrake

About Arabie

Arabie is a shared / unisex perfume by Serge Lutens. The scent was launched in 2000 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Christopher Sheldrake

Reviews of Arabie

Arabie certainly has clove in it, but the clove doesn’t overpower the rest of the notes, although very noticeable. In a small way, it reminds me of L’Artisan’s Piment Brulant, but only because they both share a clove note. Arabie is definitely gourmand, while PB is more like a vegetable garden, raw and uncooked. Also, Arabie is definitely sweeter than PB because PB isn’t sweet at all. I suspect most people will either love it or hate it. It seems to drown itself, during drydown, in a watery base, as I suspect is typical with most Serge Lutens scents. Overall, during drydown, any pleasant smell is gone. I can certainly live without Arabie.
31st December, 2014
I was initially concerned about some of the other reviews stating this wonderful perfume
has a "curry tang" with regards to the cumin i presume.I found this not to be to my nose.Arabie has a wonderful notes of fruits dates,figs,mandarin it evokes memories of North Africa.Sandalwood and vanilla in the dry down this to me is quite sublime.I was sitting on the fence so to speak wondering whether to give this a try and I'm glad i have it;s a unique perfume.
07th December, 2014
Arabie is so very sweet and fragrant. It is one of my favorite gourmands. Like all the Serge Lutens fragrances that I have, a little goes a long way. I love the spicy and oriental aura. It lasts a very long time on my skin 10+ hours. I get many compliments every time I wear it.
22nd April, 2014
A really great oriental spicy fragrance with modern scent but at the same time shadow of the classic fragrances casting upon it.
At the opening I can smell lots of dried fruits followed by strong spices and some sweetness.
Dried fruits all together remind me of the taste and smell of apricot fruit roll and it's very tasty!
This fruity opening also has lots of spices.
I can smell cumin and pepper and I don't know, maybe other spices and there is a creamy sandalwood in the background too.
The sweetness is buttery and creamy and give the whole scent a sensual aroma and also tune down the spices very well.
The scent is linear and only gets smoother as time goes by.
Both projection and longevity is great.
People can smell it and it gives me around 7-9 hours of longevity.
A great fragrance for cold days of fall and winter. don't use it in the high heat!
30th January, 2014
harper Show all reviews
United States
love this, particularly the dry-down.

the trick is in DABBING this (sparingly) -- not spraying (which is entirely too much.)

kissing cousins with rochas femme -- so if you love the one, you will probably love the other.
29th January, 2014
I got the lovely rich smell of dates when I tried this. Like many other Lutens fragrances I have tried, this is rich and has a thickness to it. It's on the sweet side and a bit gourmand but really the most striking aspect to it is the smell of dates. So I agree with other posters regarding what they describe as the smell of dried fruits but again to my nose that is the smell of dates. There are also some spices but they are mild and do not stand out to my nose.

It reminds me of Eid, breaking fast with Medjool dates and thus to my nose the connection to Arabia is clear in this fragrance. It's a good one but it would probably be a bit too much for Summer, cooler weather would keep this calm otherwise I could see how it can become cloying.
11th November, 2013

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