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    Iran Iran

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    A really great oriental spicy fragrance with modern scent but at the same time shadow of the classic fragrances casting upon it.
    At the opening I can smell lots of dried fruits followed by strong spices and some sweetness.
    Dried fruits all together remind me of the taste and smell of apricot fruit roll and it's very tasty!
    This fruity opening also has lots of spices.
    I can smell cumin and pepper and I don't know, maybe other spices and there is a creamy sandalwood in the background too.
    The sweetness is buttery and creamy and give the whole scent a sensual aroma and also tune down the spices very well.
    The scent is linear and only gets smoother as time goes by.
    Both projection and longevity is great.
    People can smell it and it gives me around 7-9 hours of longevity.
    A great fragrance for cold days of fall and winter. don't use it in the high heat!

    30th January, 2014

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    United States United States

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    love this, particularly the dry-down.

    the trick is in DABBING this (sparingly) -- not spraying (which is entirely too much.)

    kissing cousins with rochas femme -- so if you love the one, you will probably love the other.

    29 January, 2014

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    Switzerland Switzerland

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    I got the lovely rich smell of dates when I tried this. Like many other Lutens fragrances I have tried, this is rich and has a thickness to it. It's on the sweet side and a bit gourmand but really the most striking aspect to it is the smell of dates. So I agree with other posters regarding what they describe as the smell of dried fruits but again to my nose that is the smell of dates. There are also some spices but they are mild and do not stand out to my nose.

    It reminds me of Eid, breaking fast with Medjool dates and thus to my nose the connection to Arabia is clear in this fragrance. It's a good one but it would probably be a bit too much for Summer, cooler weather would keep this calm otherwise I could see how it can become cloying.

    11th November, 2013

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    Pakistan Pakistan

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    Intense and intelligent

    Arabie's first impression of a souk (marketplace) is instant and forceful, and the coarseness of the spicy/sweet and completely inedible opening gives way to a wonderful tension held up on the one side by the sweet and on the other by the astringent, all underscored by harmonic, ever-so-slightly smoky woods.

    That tension, delicious yet inedible, sweet yet astringent, is maintained throughout with a melodic intensity (little more now, then a little less) and slowly fades until only the woods remain, with some fruity sweetness.

    Arabie fulfills many of the Serge Lutens perfume criteria (the evocation of a time and place, an abstract work of art, a focus on a primary ingredient) and like many Lutens works best when worn completely out of context (for me, as black-tie perfume). Infinitely alluring. Lasts 10+ hours on skin.

    Pros: unique, geographically accurate, maintains tension
    Cons: restricted usage, requires some love of warm, un-peppery spices"

    09 July, 2013

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    Canada Canada

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    I received a sample of Arabie about a week ago and I have a hard time identifying the notes in this oriental blend. I tried it on my skin, and really didn't like it. It was part new-car-smell that made me nauseous.

    My sister came over for a visit (and she was fragrance-free because she knew she was coming over to try out a few new scents of mine) and I had to show her this new revolting fragrance. I put a good amount on her arm, waited, and asked her what she thought. She liked it! So I took a sniff, and it wasn't at all bad on her! I then applied some to myself, waited, and have her sniff Arabie on me. She made an unpleasant face, and said it smelled horrible on me.

    I've always thought that the whole fragrance-changes-with-body-chemistry had some truth but was overly blown out of proportion but this experience cemented the statement for me.

    It can work on the right person, and it's a well-blended fragrance.

    20th February, 2013

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    Australia Australia

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    Oh god, with the curry again (that's for the Archer fans).

    Wood, cloves and LOTS of spices. I'm not such a fan of the savoury gourmand category of fragrances, into which Arabie proudly and loudly plonks itself.

    The caraway and nutmeg in this fragrance are too strong to make this a wearable fragrance for me. They get cloying and feel like they hang about the wearer like a haze....a haze that smells like curry.

    There will be occasions for some of us on which this fragrance is a suitable wear. I can't think of any for me, though.

    If you like a spicy oriental that has savoury gourmand accords, you might really like this.
    I'm giving Arabie a wide berth, though.

    16 November, 2012

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