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Aramis (1965)
by Aramis


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Year of Launch1965
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerBernard Chant
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances
Parent Company at launchEstee Lauder Companies

About Aramis

Aramis was launched by Estee Lauder Companies in September 1964 in New York and then in the UK, exclusively in Harrods at first in 1965. It has remained popular ever since and is a true classic fragrance. The Aramis range has grown and includes a wide range of shaving, hair, bath and body products. Aramis Gold was launched in 1998, which has a scent based on the original Aramis.

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Reviews of Aramis

The trick with Aramis is to apply it very sparingly.

It is less synthetic than many modern fragrances and the complex leathery note that appears in the dry down is long lasting and very appealing.

It smells expensive, and even for those who wouldn't know a base note from a bank note (and I include myself in that) can pick up that the fragrance evolves over time on the skin in a very satisfactory way.

In production for over half a century and always a big seller: the world is not mad, Aramis is indeed something special. A cologne classic that is a masterpiece of its type.
07th November, 2017
To me...there is nothing original about Aramis.It smells very identical to the 1930's created lemon/spice/musk/sandalwood body of Dunhill for Men by Alfred Dunhill...minus the musk.In place of that musk it seems Aramis put in rose and a lot of myrrh incense.

I take this down to a 'neutral' for being nothing more than mostly a copycat fragrance of a vintage lemon spice barbershop fragrance.It falls to 'thumbs down' for the disgustingly cloying incense and rose that makes my stomach churn.Once you smell Dunhill for Men,you'll realize Aramis should have been put down long ago.
04th October, 2017
I get a very strong anise top note that lingers way too long. I find the basenote excellent, but getting there takes too long for my tastes. Maybe if I were a runner again, I could put it on in the morning and run a 10K by the time I got back to the house it would be fine.
22nd May, 2017
Cat P*ss!!!!! I wore this in the early 80's and really gave it a try. It just smells like a dirty cat litter box!! Like a cat that pees all over the house then somebody sprays a cheap room air deodorozing spray to mask it. Perhaps my body chemistry and Aramis don't mix. I read about it in stories I read back in the day and how sophisticated it was and how people liked it. I got a bottle for Christmas in 1982 or 83. The cologne lingered in my clothes forever. I tried to like it, seriously tried. It just reminded me of going to my Aunts house in the city and she rarely cleaned the cats litter box and the whole house reeked of cat pee!! It just has this sharp, acrid smell to it.
16th May, 2017
Aramis starts off with a citrus and incense dominated vibe. The citrus fades straight away while leather and sandalwood notes soon express themselves. An animalistic note also develops which stays for the duration and is similar in the much later developed Kouros product by YSL.

I am pleased to note that the incense backs off to a supportive role and the animalistic vibe is also not strong enough to put me off, as it does strongly (public restroom) in Kouros. Good potency, projection and longevity at a bargain price. Quite masculine without all the heavy bluster of many full out powerhouse frags, although I think "powerhouse style" with this one too. As another reviewer has stated, along with Havana and Tuscany, this scent illustrates the ability of the Aramis house to produce very nice masculine scents that offer considerable appeal at a rock bottom price, bravo Aramis.
01st April, 2017 (last edited: 07th June, 2017)
Zowiee Show all reviews
United States
Been years since I have worn this fragrance, but picked up a bottle based on reviews and past experience. My wife used to beg me to wear this, so I did. Don't know why I stopped (due to too many other fragrances no doubt), but now I wearing it again! A fantastic fragrance at a fantastic price! What's not to love?!
08th February, 2017

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