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Aramis (1965)
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Year of Launch1965
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerBernard Chant
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances
Parent Company at launchEstee Lauder Companies

About Aramis

Aramis was launched by Estee Lauder Companies in September 1964 in New York and then in the UK, exclusively in Harrods at first in 1965. It has remained popular ever since and is a true classic fragrance. The Aramis range has grown and includes a wide range of shaving, hair, bath and body products. Aramis Gold was launched in 1998, which has a scent based on the original Aramis.

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Reviews of Aramis

Probably because I was enamored in the Dior Eau Sauvage in the 60's, my first recollection of this had me dismiss it as a "Brash" concoction made for an American market. By the early 70's I was taken by Givenchy Gentleman's civet driven Patchouli European brashness.
Turned my nose up at Aramis for years. I was lucky enough to pick up a sample from the 80's that is quite enjoyable.
I'll still wear Cabochard or Lauder for Men or the other Lauder bitter greens instead.
26th October, 2016
I have an old 240 ml eau de cologne splash. I get a little kouros with the honey & animalics.i get an ambery tobacco & aldehydes like lagerfeld cologne & a little Versace l'homme original .
All with added spice & Clove. I've had it 3 days & I feel it has turned slightly but I'm getting occasional wafts of pure perfection
02nd September, 2016
Great perfume for the price and some.
Nothing more to add than has been said by others. This is the old style fougere scent which I love (and for some reason young whipper-snappers don't).
18th November, 2015
I remember this the first time from about 1978, when I was 11. I went on a school trip to London and went into the perfumery in Harrods or possibly Selfridges. I remember thinking "pepper" (black pepper). To be honest I wouldn't have recognised it today without seeing the bottle.
It's soapy (I think I mean oakmoss when I say that), spicy, masculine, very dated. Reminds me oddly of Aramis 900 at the start in it's old fashioned soapiness. But also brings to mind Kouros or better Polo Green with fresh tobacco and it's unapologetic strength. It's like smelling an old-fashioned cologne off a leather jacket. It's powerful and lasts for hours.
I love this. I love it because it takes me back in time to a decade (1970s) that I experienced first hand as a child, and the fragrance now allows me to imagine it as an adult.
Oddly enough it reminded me too that in those days the smell of cigarette smoke was everywhere. Nowadays like most people I've learned to find the smell of cigarette smoke disgusting, but somehow I miss it when I wear this fragrance.
I see a man in his early 30s, in a smart leather jacket and open necked shirt, in a night club, handlebar moustache , sideburns, gold chain, hairy chest, a pack of Benson and Hedges. His Ford Capri is parked outside and he'll drive home later quite drunk, along with most of the other guys in the joint. It's 1975. He's still oozing confidence and chatting up the ladies. In a few years the music and fashions of the next decade will be weird and alien to him, as will the new materialism to come. He'll lose his hair and gain a belly. He won't get to buy a Golf Gti cabriolet because by then he needs a practical family car. But his children will remember "that aftershave" well into the next century.
A true classic. August 2015
28th August, 2015
My father used to wear this in the 70's and I would occasionally sneak a spray or two before school, just to feel mature. It's a nice leather chypre, but in today's age of synthetic reformulation it smells phony and not the rich leathery depth I recall from childhood. To be fair, I have some much better versions of this theme in Bel Ami, Anateus and the like. If you are looking for a budget leather, you won't find better at this price. If you have the money, better quality is abundant. A classic still the same, so I give it a Thumbs Up.
16th August, 2015
This is the first "Big Boy" cologne I ever had (1982 at 12 years old). Rocking Aramis at 12 now seems odd but I have fond memories of walking down the halls of Jr High School wearing this. Spicy and heavy. A GREAT fall/winter scent. A classic for sure.
10th August, 2015

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