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Aramis 900 (1973)
by Aramis


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Year of Launch1973
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerBernard Chant
Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances
Parent Company at launchEstee Lauder Companies

About Aramis 900

Described by Aramis as "Tradition with a dash of the unexpected."

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Reviews of Aramis 900

Smells exactly the same as Boucheron pour Homme. Soapy. Not a wrong scent but nothing special.
18th August, 2016
Stardate 20160726:
Vintage Version.

So I did not like it the first 2 times I tried. But that was in the winter.
Today is a hot and humid day and boy does this shine.
The green and the rose singing in unison. A fresh soapiness that is much desired in this 90+F (30+C) weather.
Like Lauder for Men don't try this during winter.

A masterpiece.
26th July, 2016
My first fragrance purchase many years ago (having taken many samples of my dad's Brut). I bought this in duty free on my first foreign holiday as I thought the bottle looked sophisticated. A superb scent, leather with superb rosewood, strong, dominating, long lasting, unique, gentlemanly. Many fragrances on since then, my son bought me a bottle of the new Gentleman's Collection 900. It brought back may memories on first spray and still smells remarkably similar to the original. Perhaps lacks the depth and oomph of the original, but still streets ahead of most modern frags.
05th March, 2016
Wow, this is good. Bright and floral at first. I had to wait and keep smelling. It gets more masculine very quickly and dries down to a clean soap smell. Subtle after three hours, you smell clean and well groomed. I can't believe this was formulated in 1973 and wonder if it's been tweaked. I bought this blind and love it.
24th November, 2015
I recently blind bought a 100ml bottle of this because it's one of the scents I remember from my youth, and I felt it had to be in my new and rapidly expanding collection. The last time I tried it was approximately 1990, so 25 years ago. It is and it isn't how I remember. I think I would have recognised it and dare to say been able to name it, but I remember something more fruity, more intensely herbal too.
Now: yes herby at the start. I thought rosemary, but it's not listed as an ingredient I think, so I'm wrong there. Rose from start to finish, but not the flower rose, once I thought Turkish Delight, but mostly it reminds me of old fashioned rose soap. Having said that it's not feminine, definitely masculine. To me it's an honest, clean, wholesome scent.
This is the picture it gives to me: a large but quite stark hotel room, white walls, bright, a B&B, England, about 1950, a bright summer morning, but it rained the night before, the large sash window is wide open to a garden. A man, about 35, clean shaven, dark hair, wearing trousers and braces hanging down, shirtless, standing at a white porcelain sink in front of a small mirror washing his body with the rose-fragrance soap provided by the hotel. The water is cold. The bed behind him is empty. He'll put his white shirt, tie and blazer on, pay at reception and never return.
Silage is good (it always is on me as I'm trigger happy) and it fades completely after about 5 hours. Definitely a thumbs up from me.
July 2015.
Later edit: forgot one thing. The original green fluted bottle was so much better. The current one is a but rubbish in comparison 😞
04th July, 2015
Genre: Leather/Chypre

Someday the Aramis brand will get it’s due. Between 1965 and 1995 the house introduced a series of distinctive and affordable fragrances for men, made with outstanding materials and composed by some of the world’s most talented noses. Granted, the brand management has been, shall we say, inconsistent (OK, idiotic), with greats like Havana and Tuscany Forte discontinued and many of the others hidden in the most obscure corners of the men’s fragrance shelves. But still: Aramis, Devin, Aramis 900, Tuscany, Tuscany Forte, JHL, Havana…who else has that kind of track record for masculine scents? Even when it comes to women’s fragrances, few firms besides Chanel, Guerlain, and Dior have turned out scents of such consistent quality.

Aramis 900 is one of the easier of the Aramis scents to find, and along with Tuscany, one of the easiest to wear. In structure it hovers somewhere between an ambery patchouli and a green floral chypre in the manner of Givenchy III or Azzaro Couture. The contrast between Aramis 900’s sweet amber and its bitter green floral accord enlivens the entire composition, engendering a tension that drives the scent in a grand arc from aromatic bergamot opening to mossy balsamic drydown. Given its vintage and its general style I’d have expected Aramis 900 to be loud, or even overbearing, but it’s surprisingly suave and understated. While hardly weak, it does wear comfortably close to the skin, just bold enough to make its presence known, but never so boisterous as to offend. In sum, Aramis 900 is a rounded, satisfying, and sophisticated scent for grownups, one that’s at once wearable, versatile, and rather sadly underrated.
09th June, 2014

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