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Aramis Gold (1998)
by Aramis


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Year of Launch1998
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Parent CompanyEstee Lauder Companies > Aramis and Designer Fragrances

About Aramis Gold

For the Aramis fan who wants a new, reworked Aramis. It seems to have a smoother scent to the original
The bottle is the same as Aramis, but is Gold in appearance.

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Reviews of Aramis Gold

Any revolution, simply a less oily, less brash and softer version of this great classic with a less strong  sillage and a smoother base of leather and suede. The dosage of elements is more moderated and less dense, the bergamot is far less present and oily (and this understates the typical deliberately retro feel of the original version), the aromatic-green edible notes of clary sage and myrtle, with all their charge of exoticism and floral- tobacco facets, are now replaced  by more herbaeous and light elements, the patchouli is less insolent, the cardamom adds a touch of "liquid-aromatic" modern vibe to a more leathery and less mossy-woody base. I prefer the original formula a bit more baroque and "fat" but far more epic.
01st November, 2011 (last edited: 07th November, 2014)
I picked this up in Kuwait when it first came out. I think it is better than the original because it seems greener not quite as lotion like as the original as it drys down.
05th November, 2010
I bought a bottle of Aramis Gold a few years ago at Neiman Marcus. The Aramis rep who sold it to me at that time told me that this fragrance was NOT a re-worked version of the juice that is currently sold in stores. Instead, it was the ORIGINAL Aramis that was created in 1965 that later was re-formulated in the 1980's with a bit more leather in its composition. I remember back in the '80's sensing that Aramis seemed to now be a bit bolder and stronger; but, I shrugged it off thinking that maybe it was just a twirk of my nose or something. In any case, I didn't like it as much, but I still bought it every now and then. Well, the rep went on to tell me that ever since they had added more leather to the juice, there had been a noticeable cry by many Aramis faithful calling for a return to the original "softer" Aramis under which it had been born back in the mid-1960's. Hence, it became reborn as "Aramis Gold". It is more costly than regular Aramis, but for me, it's worth having just for the memories of it being my first fragrance I used as a freshman in college in 1972. I've kept it in my wardrobe on a semi-regular basis ever since, but with Aramis Gold, it's once again a regular mainstay along with a few others I have and it'll remain so. I love it!
23rd November, 2009
I never bought it because it smelled so similar to Aramis, and while I did see it at Bergdorf's in New York, I don't seem to see it around too much. If you like Aramis you will certainly like this fragrance, but I'm not running for it.
12th February, 2001

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