Armand Basi Homme (2000)
    by Armand Basi

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    This fragrance is the first from the house of Armand Basi, which was set up in the eighties. It has a female counterpart "Armand Basi Femme". The Bottle is half black / half white, and the fragrance is a pleasing light oriental style scent.

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    Simply one of THE best scents for men. A fabulous long lasting smooth oriental. Got loads of character and is brill for Winter. Better than Le Male in my opinion!

    19 June, 2012 (Last Edited: 13 October, 2012)

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    United States United States

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    Sometimes this stuff really shines and sometimes I just can't stand it. My main problem is that it gets rubbery, but in a very awkward, peppery way compared to the benchmark Bulgari Black. In the top, I'm finding a pleasant vanillic wood scent with a set of spices (clove?) similar to what I found in Cacharel Nemo. But as it progresses, it gets deeper, darker and mustier, more like licorice which I don't like. The pattern seems to be that when I've been sniffing and contemplating for a while, it's all licorice and rubber, but when I come and sniff it for the first time after a short break, it's woods and spices like a slightly harsher Nemo. My mild dislike for the smell pales in comparison to my frustration with its inconsistency, even though it's probably my own fault for letting myself get fatigued to the very notes that I like the most.

    16 January, 2011

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    It smells sweet and musky with a soft luxurious undertone, but the projection and longevity are terrible.

    24 April, 2010

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    Slovakia Slovakia

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    oh my god!!!! no, once again... oh my god!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i didin t really expected so much from this scent, but lord,, this is simply superb!!!!!!! this is just one of the best scents iny the whole wide world!!/WWW :D/ s fantastic, sexy, addictive...ok calm down.. let s start ffrom beginning..amand basi homme is sweet, but light, but in the same way very nice, very intersting and... oh, i must say it one more time,, sexy!!! my mother asked me, when i gave her this scent to a try---oh, this is great, what s the price of this??? she never, i say never asked me this question, which mean basi is absolutely fantastic according her....i have a bigger collection of scents,, ok some really bad , some great scents, but this one is georgeous...i mean Cresp is absolutely lunatic, b cause normal guy would never created a stuff like this... very simple, but at the same time very very interesting and lucky, that on my skin this holds very long time.. ok alll the armani, boss, versace and dior,,,if you d have a scent like this in your collection, you d be a best selling brand in the world... am i overstating??? maybe, but i am in euphoria, so big euphoria, that maybe my senses are not so clear... but i am sure, when i come around, i will be praise this one to heaven..... for me this is holy grail of all men scents...

    17 October, 2009 (Last Edited: 02 March, 2010)

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    Somerville Metro Man
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    Armand Basi Homme

    I hold a soft spot in my heart for masculine orientals. Calvin Klein Obsession for Men and YSl Opium pour Homme were two of my early favorites in this category but those are powerhouse scents and there are times I want that oriental feeling but without the volume turned up to full. For those times I turn to Armand Basi Homme which was created by Olivier Cresp in 2000 for the Spanish designer. Armand Basi Homme is like switching from the hard-rock radio station to the adult contemporary station on your radio. There is still some music that rocks but there are some more soothing quieter moments to guide you through your day. M. Cresp has created an oriental which manages to capture all the construction hallmarks of the class without taking over the room. This scent is closer in style to Obsession for Men than Opium pour Homme. If you like the feel of Obsession I think it likely you’ll like this one, too. The top of Armand Basi Homme blows in on the lightest of spices particularly an application of cardamom and cinnamon mixed with a lavender. The floral component shifts in the heart to lily of the valley along with the sweeter of the spices nutmeg and tonka. When I first wore this it felt like this scent was headed firmly towards gourmand territory but the base stays pure oriental. The base takes a woody turn with a mix of cedar, guaiac and sandalwood. The sweet theme of the heart is echoed in some presence of vanilla but the base is a woody wonderland most of all. Because the volume is turned down Armand Basi Homme tends to be a closer wearing scent than other orientals but its longevity is quite good despite being so close wearing. So for those days when your scent radio is more attuned to Matchbox 20 than Blink-182 give Armand Basi Homme a spin on your scent radio dial.

    19 July, 2009

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    I love this fragrance - since I first picked it up at an airport in 2000. The Cardamon is brilliant and its a lovely fresh smell that stays with you for many hours. I like to mix it with a bit of Jo Malones Pomegranate Noir. I made the mistake of getting In Red - awful; stuff. I went back to this one again very recently - unfortunately only limited availability in the UK.

    05 September, 2008

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