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Armani Eau pour Homme (1984)
by Giorgio Armani


Armani Eau pour Homme information

Year of Launch1984
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

HouseGiorgio Armani
PerfumerRoger Pellegrino
PackagingAlain de Mourgues
Parent CompanyL'Oréal Group > Prestige & Collections
Parent Company at launchHelena Rubinstein

About Armani Eau pour Homme

Giorgio Armani's original men's fragrance.

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Reviews of Armani Eau pour Homme

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United Kingdom
I used to wear this in the late eighties and even then apart from saying ARMANI in the label it did very little for me...

A very ordinary citrus smell which does absolutely nothing for me personally...
It is fresh, citrus, innofensive, it could well have been an unbranded perfume from the jar of an old fashined village barber
06th January, 2018
Note: Review is of the current formulation.

Armani Eau pour Homme is a citrus aromatic fragrance. The citrus in the top notes is quite well done with prominent lemon and basil, and a mild spiciness. The similarities with Eau Sauvage are quite evident, though Armani pH is different enough to come across with its own personality, and not a mere copy. This enjoyable phase is followed by mild spices, but then suddenly the composition thins out to a nondescript woody base in about two hours. Sillage is good initially before quickly quietening down, and duration is low at around four hours.

Eventually Armani pour Homme is rather lacking. Eau Sauvage (lemon and basil), Blenheim Bouquet (lemon and spices), Chanel pour Monsieur (citrus), Bogart signature (citrus and leather), and Versace L'Homme (citrus and leathery woods) are much more compelling alternatives.

Given it's an Armani, it is surprising that the quality of materials is highly questionable - when contrasted with other compositions from their range. This further lends support to the possibility that this particular fragrance has suffered badly from reformulation.

04th May, 2017
The tangerine, lemon, and basil is delicious at the beginning reminding me of Eau de Guerlain. It quickly moves into lavender, clove and oakmoss giving it that classic 80's smoky masculine scent which is hit or miss depending on the wearer. The sandalwood is buried in there but it's not very prominent. Overall a good scent but not for me.
14th April, 2017
Reviewing the current formulation which just doesn't smell good to me. A mix of pure alcohol and "dad" cologne. Seems to be pretty potent with good longevity.
02nd March, 2017
Stardate 20161027:
Vintage Version (Black Bottom):

This screams Italian from the very first spray.
A bridge between classic Eau de Cologne (1916, 4711) and classic barbershop (Tuscany, APH).
You can smell both in it and if you try not to smell either (sorta like sniff squinting your nose) you get a new type of fragrance that is manly and soft.
I would urge you to try this. You will not be unhappy

27th October, 2016 (last edited: 03rd November, 2016)
The tangy basil - citrus - bergamot opening comes laced with cool spice. This is set over a base of lightly sweetened dark woody vetiver and patchouli. Coriander adds an air of aromatic sophistication but even a large dose of linalool can't stop the profile from quickly plunging into obscurity. It gets more and more muddied till the whole thing becomes just a featureless dark brown with a citrus tang rising up; like a brown bear in a bear pit, thrashing around on the mandarins put down for bait.

The recent fashion for adding piquant notes to the profile of designer masculines shows how, in theory, this type of thing could be improved. A hard edge at the top would add definition to the structure and could help to provide direction to its evolution. But the success of this strategy depends on material quality, whether its traditional incense or pepper etc, or even aldehydes that make the cut, or whether the option is for savage industrial chemicals.

After a promising opening vintage Eau pour Homme becomes a disappointing muddy brown mess; its dull and its boring, but it could be worse - at least it isn't offensive.

20th September, 2016 (last edited: 27th September, 2016)

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