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Aspen for Men (1989)
by Coty (originally by Quintessence)


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Year of Launch1989
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

Originally byQuintessence
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchPfizer

About Aspen for Men

Aspen for Men is a masculine fragrance by Coty. The scent was launched in 1989

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Reviews of Aspen for Men

Smells really uncannily similar to Davidoff Cool Water, except it's more green. There is no pine or fir note; it's a pleasant green fougiere aroma. Sillage is moderate but leaning weak, as is longevity. It has a powdery accord that smells kind of dated; like an 80's cologne. It smells very synthetic - but in a pleasant way. I think having this and Cool Water together is a redundant purchase as they both smell very similar (but Cool Water has more aquatic notes and is a bit more complex). But since this is so cheap it's probably worth getting as a sort of extension to your Cool Water supply. I do think that Cool Water is better to my nose however, due to its more aromatic opening and drydown (with the citrus and lavender notes). Overall I like it, and really enjoy the pretty sophisticated looking green glass bottle as well, but it's not as good as Cool Water at all (though smelling similar initially, Cool Water has a way more complex and less powdery dry-down). It was so similar to Cool Water that I ended up giving it to my dad. I just smelled both side by side on both arms (Aspen vs. Cool Water) and to my nose, Cool Water is far superior. It smells more lively with an aquatic calone note and more pronounced citrus. Aspen is greener but less intense in sillage and more powdery. However I do have to admit I really enjoy the drydown of Aspen. It's very green and pleasant (but with less sillage and projection than Cool Water).

03rd May, 2018
At times, Aspen comes off a little harsh but I still find it pleasant and in that same green/fresh/clean vein as Cool Water/GIT.

Aspen was the first fragrance I ever noticed and then asked someone what they were wearing. My older sister's boyfriend would wear it when he came over back when I was in junior high. I remember it being very fresh and distinctive, so one day I asked what it was and he told me Aspen. I recently revisited this when I saw a tester in a store and while it isn't something that I would buy now, it does have that Cool Water/GIT vibe and is still very fresh.

On my skin, even in the current formula, I get good projection and longevity.
26th April, 2018
The only thing Coty ever got right. Among the Coty fragrances that could be bought for under $10 at most drug stores, this has it's place among some legendary affordable colognes. Not certain if there was a reformulation but it seems to smell the same as it did in 1995 when I first smelled it. There are a lot of comparisons to Cool Water and I've even heard Green Irish Tweed by Creed. I like to freshen my linens and clothing with this fresh fragrance. It's super cheap but rightly so since it doesn't last very long. This is such a clean smelling fragrance and you won't forget it ever.
02nd July, 2017 (last edited: 03rd July, 2017)
One of the first fragrances I'd worn as a teenager, Aspen for Men always struck me as a pleasant pine scent done well. The recent Carven L'Eau Intense is remarkably similar in the fragrance note profile, and I get a whiff of Aspen in that scent which smells fresh and distinctive.

Sure, Aspen is a drug-store caliber scent that's quite inexpensive, but I think it has its place as a fairly legendary, enduring cologne to check out.
31st January, 2017
It's a little green, it's a little woody, it's a bit lavender-y, it's clean and soapy and not cloying.

I understand the comparisons and parallels to Cool Water, but it's definitely unique.

I don't get the pine or "forest-y" notes that some people point out.

It gets compliments and has yet to offend even after drowning in it, so long as you don't tell anyone between the ages of 25 and 40 what the scent they're enjoying so much is.

"Oh, you're wearing Aspen? I haven't been able to tolerate that since somebody spilled a bottle of Aspen on the floor of my 8th grade science class."
11th May, 2016
Aspen is a fragrance I would say regardless of it's dark green glass bottle...isn't related to the pine dedicated fragrances. But it's leafy green and fresh through sharp tones.

Lemon oil,mint,and a mildly soapy edge of lavender doing a similar take to Cool Water on the clean and fresh perspective.Mild hints of coniferous tones and very leafy/green qualities.Leather isn't listed as a note in Aspen but I've always gotten hints of it.Smells good for it's low price but has a flaw to it I think produced through the leaf and lemon oil synthetic notes...reminds me of petrol.A similar note people pay high prices for in Fahrenheit by Christian Dior...a love/hate note.

Aspen manages to lose my interest as I go on and off with this fragrance.Used to wear this quite a bit in my teens as a very adult scent back then.But I've never been able to completely part from it...just something about it.
31st January, 2016 (last edited: 22nd April, 2018)

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