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Aspen for Men (1989)
by Coty (originally by Quintessence)


Aspen for Men information

Year of Launch1989
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

Originally byQuintessence
Parent CompanyBenckiser > Coty Inc > Coty Beauty
Parent Company at launchPfizer

About Aspen for Men

Aspen for Men is a masculine fragrance by Coty. The scent was launched in 1989

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Reviews of Aspen for Men

Awful, rank and putrid! Pine car freshener and Flexall!
17th May, 2015
I bought this cologne in the early 90's because the leaf on the bottle reminded me of the Super Leaf in Super Mario Bros 3. It smelled like what I expected a cologne to smell like. Now, I was in my tweens during that time. I knew nothing about cologne at all, other than I bought the thing that reminded me of a video game and I liked the way it smelled.

Fast forward 20 years. I've still got the same bottle. My collection has grown to about 30-40 bottles at the moment. I've been down the Creed path. And you know what? This stuff was a lucky first purchase. It smells like GIT/Coolwater, except it lasts all day. I sprayed it on this morning to try to lure on the Spring and to be a bit nostalgic. It's followed me everywhere I've lived, but rarely been used. I applied one spray to my chest at 7:45 am. It's 10:45 pm, and I just caught a whiff of it. I can't imagine I could say the same if I'd used CW. Perhaps GIT would still be present, but if this is the same formulation as what's available today, the inner miser in me must urge you to pick up a bottle and keep an open mind.

02nd April, 2015
This is my first review on Basenotes. I know a lot of people are into the super expensive fragrances and will often look down upon these so called cheapies. Don't get me wrong I love my Creeds, Herod and all those amazing frags but bottom line is I simply love this stuff and I can get a huge bottle of awesomess for $10-11. ASPEN to me is a awesome fresh and affordable men's fragrance that possesses a blend of outdoorsy scents including woods, citrus and spices. It has been around for a long time and probably will continue to stay around for a long time due to it's great smell and price. Every time I wear this fragrance I can count on comments about how good I smell. For the price you pay for this fragrance I would say Aspen Cologne is a no brainer. Try it and you will love it.
18th March, 2015
I'd been putting off a blind buy of Aspen for ages, but finally caved in and am very glad I did - this really does smell very similar to Green Irish Tweed - the difference being that in GIT the notes are much more natural, separate and pronounced. Obviously GIT is by far the better of the two fragrances but I can guarantee you that the vast majority of people smelling Aspen on you would never notice the difference.

I also find Aspen to be closer to Cool Water than GIT, but much superior to Cool Water, having a smoother and softer feel, without the shouty loud topnotes that CW has, and a pleasant woodsy drydown.

Personally I don't really get much in the way of pine from this but lots of others seem to. Longevity of around 2-3 hours, which I suppose is to be expected from a scent this cheap. Apart from that, big thumbs up, especially for an autumn daytime scent.
17th September, 2014 (last edited: 18th September, 2014)
Genre: Fougère

Having just subjected myself to a string of cynical abominations by designer houses of much greater pretense than Coty, Aspen comes as exactly the breath of fresh air its name implies. It may smell like a deodorant stick, but then so do a majority of new masculine designer releases at four or five times the price. At least with Aspen you get what you pay for, and not less.

The basic motif is a crisp, fruity fougère in the accustomed post-Cool Water/Green Irish Tweed manner, mercifully light on the overused aquatic Calone molecule. Aspen’s other distinguishing features are a refreshing pine sap and wintergreen accord in the top notes and a woody drydown that’s more subdued, less aggressively cloying, than the worst of its ilk. Not bad for under $20, and vastly preferable to the gruesome body sprays it competes with on the drugstore shelves.
08th June, 2014 (last edited: 24th July, 2014)
It seems a bit amusing to me that my very first review on Basenotes is for a men's fragrance, but here goes.

I'd been searching for a woodsy, fresh fragrance for a while but unfortunately none of the women's scents could give me what I was looking for. Finally one day, after seeing the name 'Aspen' on this lovely green bottle I sneaked a spray and immediately fell in love. This scent mirrored my thoughts of what a hike up a wooded mountain trail smells like, and I've been on quite a few. The most noticeable notes on my skin are the bergamot and the balsam fir along with a touch of lavender. I love this stuff, it's awesome!
19th May, 2014

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