Avatar (1997)
    by Coty

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    The name Avatar means "the incarnation of God in human form". This fresh aromatic scent was launched by Coty in 1997.

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    For the price I really like this scent. The longevity is terrible though. If this scent would last a little longer I would definately wear it as a everyday scent.

    12 August, 2012

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    My thumbs-up here is based on the fact that this is a "bargain scent", and should be taken accordingly. For the price, this is a good, basic fragrance. Nothing fancy, and yet, as several other reviewers have noted, for some reason I get as much attention from the ladies when wearing this as I do when sporting some of my favorite (yet *much* more expensive) scents.

    My dad used to wear Old Spice every day (with the occasional jaunt into Aqua Velva territory -- or something equally as mainstream, haha), but I was never so much of a snob that I couldn't appreciate Old Spice as a decent everyday use cologne -- and so I guess Avatar is my version of my father's OS. ;-)

    31st May, 2012

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    I first smelled this on a coworker and asked what it was. Later, I noticed I'd try to "get a whiff" of him every time he passed by...so I had to get my hubby a bottle. For an inexpensive cologne I think it's wonderfully clean and sexy.

    07 June, 2011

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    Antarctica Antarctica

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    HaHa!! It's funny that the reviews below give this "economy" fragrance a thumbs down but if you look around, it's hard to get this cologne for dirt cheap like other Coty or Dana scents. And it is not so common on ebay like those "entry level" colognes.

    I just tried it today and it permeates the surrounding area immediately, don't over spray or splash this! If you were to blindfold some folks out there they would probably swear it is a pricier brand.

    It is not "synthetic" or like Cool Water or very common in my opinion. I had some chick approach me at the bar tonight and I gotta wonder if the Avatar might have had something to do with it?

    A cheaper scent like this is probably not going to have "sample' vials available so you gotta jump in and purchase it, go for the .50 oz; my opinion says you will not be disappointed.

    25 September, 2010

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    To my nose, Avatar smells like half Cool Water and half Tommy. What bothers me most about Avatar is the pineapple note.. I'm not a fan of pineapple in fragrances whatsoever. The pineapple note in Avatar is done horribly and actually smells like onions! Barf. I like the smell of Avatar in the air though, as it's quite aromatic, and the onion accord isn't noticeable. The fragrance itself is actually pretty sexy, just not on my skin.

    28 February, 2010 (Last Edited: 18 November, 2010)

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    Cheap, metallic, and rather poorly done. I didn't even like it when I was younger.
    Horrible fragrance

    21st January, 2010

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