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Avon Musk for Men
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About Avon Musk for Men

Avon Musk for Men is a masculine fragrance by Avon.

Reviews of Avon Musk for Men

By far my favorite musk fragrance. Simple and perfect. Better than all the niche musks I've tried (I'm looking at you TF and Montale). A beautiful creamy sweet and slightly woody musk. I have the original Monsieur Houbigant Musk, and I love it, but I even prefer Avon to that. Sometimes perfection can be simple and inexpensive, though not often enough. This is the exception. Get the vintage, it's worth the trouble, and people are letting it go at ridiculously cheap prices if you look hard enough.
20th December, 2011
Rossi46 Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I absolutely love this musk. I haven't tried Kiehl's but I do prefer Avon to the very excellent Jovan musk. to me it's altogether warmer and I like the slightly piney accords that have been pointed out in other reviews.

As you can pick up Avon musk for such ridiculously low prices (as with a lot of excellent Avon products), I think it's an absolute steal!
01st March, 2011
This review is for the original version. The current Avon Musk is a reformulation and is not as dark or rich (and is a different colour), but it's still not bad. As with many an Avon release, Musk (the original) was incredibly under-rated and under-appreciated and also spectacular value for money, given the number of true musk ingredients that it was made with (the reformulation is, I think, entirely synthetic). Very animalic with lots of mossy and smoky accords and there's also a distinct powdery addition that follows from top to bottom to avoid that frequent danger of musks - fecal and uriney notes - and, for once, the sweet powder works. But it should be noted that it wasn't a bright and fresh musk like The Body Shop's offering. No, this was very definitely a brooding, masculine musk that punched way above its weight class, but was ignored and forgotten thanks to the Avon name, the plain box and unimaginitive bottle. A classic.
05th May, 2010
Musk? Yes. Oddly foresty and pineconey. Other than that, rather ok. Decent musk.
06th September, 2009
Well, it's back on sale in the UK as of 26th June 2010 and for the first time ever it's available in aftershave splash and aftershave spray versions. All good!!

I can't help but think there's been a wee bit of an adjustment/minor reformulation here. It's as a I remember it but the leather seems more prominent to me. Perhaps it's just the same as it ever was but not having smelled it in such a long time my nose is playing tricks.

Avon list the notes as Leather, Musk, Neroli, Bergamot. Nice and simple.

As noted in a previous review of mine, this fragrance has some sentimental value for me though I do like it in itself. I was disappointed when they discontinued it and equally delighted recently when I saw it was available again. Thank you Avon.

Do not be fooled by the low price! This is one of those diamonds that manages to dodge the spotlight. It is clean, sweet, refined and I think pretty suave. I don't often find myself writing such things about a fragrance at this price but credit where credit is due, Avon got it all so right with this one. I think anybody could get away with this and yet it would give a different account of itself on each person.

It does require discretion in use. Too much and you will ruin it but just a little bit and I promise you, people will ask. I can't make out the Neroli or the Bergamot too well but the interplay of the Leather and the Musk are just so good, so well executed. For sure, it's a little bit old school but it is good. There's a little harshness when it goes on but it very quickly settles down (matter of minutes) and starts to let it's mellow charms develop.

Let me do some word association; Warm, Inviting, Intriguing, Interesting, Refined, Sophisticated, Reassuring, Comforting, Beguiling, Provocative.

I strongly believe you could re-bottle and re-badge this with a bigger name, sell it at 7 or 8 times the price and nobody would question it's quality. I've tried Jovan and even Kiehl's in the absence of this baby. Now it's back and I for one couldn't be happier.

Again, to the peeps at Avon. Thank you. You have made me one happy customer :-)
12th July, 2008 (last edited: 26th June, 2010)
This inexpensive scent is a clean musk. Slightly piney as well, it's one of my favorite musks. Ashame it's discontinued (I emailed Avon and they confirmed this) as I've been wearing it for years, always taking for granted that it would be there for me.
The duration is good. The packaging has changed some over the years, but the bottle remains the same. The splash has more of a pine note/accord than the spray for some reason. I'm well stocked on both now, but when it's gone it's gone. How Wild Country survives while this dies I don't know.
27th April, 2003

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