Avon Uomo (2000)
    by Avon

    Avon Uomo Fragrance Notes

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    Antarctica Antarctica

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    I got lucky enough to find this on the cheap on Ebay.

    Really lucky because from what I have found through google "shopping" or "product" searches is that they are hard to find even though Basenotes.com says it is Still In Production. And not as cheap as an Avon cologne might go for.

    I can't find it on Avon's official website.

    Let me cut to the chase............Antonio Puig's Quorum.............that's what you got here, at least according to my nose and brain.

    I don't know how else to put it, potent, so take it easy on the spraying or splashing!

    Just like a review on Quorum might say, mature and more than just a casual event.

    So if you are having a hard time finding this Avon item, just go and get yourself Puig's QUORUM.

    16 May, 2010

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    Romania Romania

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    Instead of classic with a twist... a modern fragrance with a classic twist. Inexpensive, but clean and somewhat formal, even heavy towards the end, due to very powerful woody notes. If it weren't that synthetic it would be pure bliss for the lovers of no-nonsense male scents. And one more thing, shouln't be confused with the androgynous Uomo by Moschino which is pretty much the opposite of this one.

    20th April, 2006

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    Very warm, intensive fragrance. Smells like incense, tobacco. I think it's a scent for very mature men, I prefer more mellow perfumes. Original, like other Avon fragrances, but nothing to write home about.

    13 October, 2005

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