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Avon Uomo (2000)
by Avon


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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Avon Uomo is a masculine fragrance by Avon. The scent was launched in 2000

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Reviews of Avon Uomo

The name "Uomo" is used quite a few times by various fashion houses, but usually Italian ones as relevant (outside Aramis' mock-Italian Tuscany Per Uomo from 1984), but Avon version launched right at the turn of the millennium is the most bizarre and the nomenclature seems almost arbitrary, as there is nothing even implying inspiration from Italy by it's design. Avon Uomo is part of an unofficial four-piece series of fresh, sometimed woodsy, sometimes herbal, and sometimes leathery "chypres" as labeled by Avon, which all share similar base notes, use cypress (thus getting away with the "chypre" label despite not having labdanum nor moss in most cases), and build up differently in the end. The other three selections in this strange happenstance series were Modern Balance (2001), Paradigm (2002 and which has been many times re-branded and re-released outside the US), then HisStory (2003), the most recent of the bunch. All 4 seem like variations on a theme, and have been discontinued for years in Avon's home market of North America, so expect some availability and price issues with this one. I don't know if it's all coincidence, or just sharing of research, but they all do seem built from the same scrap bin, a practice Claiborne and Calvin Klein also utilized at this time. Modern Balance is fresher and louder, the later Paradigm rings more formal with emphasis on woods and leather, and HisStory introduces a bit of swanky suede and is very green. This first of the 4 "chypres" in the bunch seems the most balanced for all seasons, but also the weakest by composition. It was a bold move for Avon to try reintroducing the long-dead chypre genre to mainstream men's fragrance ay this time, despite being in loosely-interpreted form, but it was really just a label for a sequence of creative but otherwise abstract aromatic scents that didn't fall into the categories of the day.

Uomo begins with pangs of basil and has a much more traditional accord than the other fragrances listed in this unofficial series save the aforementioned HisStory, then warms up a bit with a touch of musk and dries down to a faint almost incense-like quality. It reminds me greatly of a cross between the opening of Tsar by Van Cleef & Arpels (1989) and Jacques Bogart (1975) crossed with the dry down of King by Parfums de Coeur (2006), but only in a few instances, and doesn't contain those fragrance's longevity. In a way, it's the fragrance King accidently tries to be, but overshoots the mark by miles due to being a heavier aromatic fougère, whilst this stays pleasantly light. I also find this comparable to Aramis Havana (1994) in the drydown but again, only in abstract ways. Avon Uomo is a pretty well-blended chimera of 70's and 80's with 90's freshness that is hard to peg. I came across my first test of this as a sample towelette, and the Avon lady who was the boss's wife at the gas station where I first worked really rang my wallet good with all her charms, so I ended up with the entire early 2000's Avon men's selection before it was over. I regrettably dumped it in a move of snobbery later one, and now here I am having hunted down rare and considerably more expensive surviving bottles of this stuff to return them to my wardrobe, part of which is nostalgia and part of it actually wanting the scents for their quality of style in my life once again.

Is this good enough for a near designer-priced blind buy? Well, maybe. If you always wanted to know what a more modern, crisper, and stripped down take on the herbal scents of the mid and late 70's would smell like if channeled through the 80's but with the "powerhouse" projection removed, this might be a decent bit of exploration for you. It and it's brethren also come across like a poor man's "Gentleman's Collection" of sorts. If soft, mostly synthetic, and sweet are the name of your game, best avoid this one, because it's very anachronistic nature might turn heads for the wrong reasons, even if it contains some pretty 90's synthetic components. This one is mature, delightful, if a tad quick to fade, and more than likely the misled attempt to repack old fragrance designs in a then-modern presentation as Avon has done countless times. Is it really a chypre? I don't think so, but I can understand a company as old as Avon trying to think along the constraints of it's traditional mindset with categorization, even during this period of renaissance for the brand. A very distinct masculine from a designer that tends to eschew standing out, so it's more impressive than you'd expect but inevitably performs in typical Avon fashion, which is "good enough". Try before buy!
17th August, 2017 (last edited: 10th April, 2018)
I got lucky enough to find this on the cheap on Ebay.

Really lucky because from what I have found through google "shopping" or "product" searches is that they are hard to find even though says it is Still In Production. And not as cheap as an Avon cologne might go for.

I can't find it on Avon's official website.

Let me cut to the chase............Antonio Puig's Quorum.............that's what you got here, at least according to my nose and brain.

I don't know how else to put it, potent, so take it easy on the spraying or splashing!

Just like a review on Quorum might say, mature and more than just a casual event.

So if you are having a hard time finding this Avon item, just go and get yourself Puig's QUORUM.
16th May, 2010
Instead of classic with a twist... a modern fragrance with a classic twist. Inexpensive, but clean and somewhat formal, even heavy towards the end, due to very powerful woody notes. If it weren't that synthetic it would be pure bliss for the lovers of no-nonsense male scents. And one more thing, shouln't be confused with the androgynous Uomo by Moschino which is pretty much the opposite of this one.
20th April, 2006
Very warm, intensive fragrance. Smells like incense, tobacco. I think it's a scent for very mature men, I prefer more mellow perfumes. Original, like other Avon fragrances, but nothing to write home about.
13th October, 2005

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