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Azzaro pour Homme (1978)
by Azzaro


Azzaro pour Homme information

Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 1097 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerGérard Anthony
PerfumerMartin Heiddenreich
PerfumerRichard Wirtz
PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins
Parent Company at launchMäurer & Wirtz

About Azzaro pour Homme

Launched in 1978, this masculine scent is one of Europe's biggest sellers. A true classic.

Reviews of Azzaro pour Homme

Reminds me of a better version of Brut. If you're into the whole classic barber shop style vibe, I'd check this one out. You can get it for fairly cheap as well. My only complaint is the spray nozzle. It's very cheap but what do you expect for the price?

04th July, 2018
Ifti Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Pleased to add a positive review!
An so worthy it is APH!
I have a sample vial, that broke over me hand , what little remained I managed to pop into another vial for a proper wearing.
This is just right.
Initial blast, I had dismissed this as another old school generic 'old man' frag.
Yet on drying down, I kept sniffing at it, a lovely masculine dry and warm waft kept coming up.
Kinda muted barbershop.
Not beastly, not overpowering.
Soothing lavender, dry woodsy, a little spicy bite.
I can see why it has such acclaim.
I can see this would be easy to wear and gives a gentle, reassuring and accomplished hum.
Sampled alongside, Jaguar classic, Equus, L'instant, and declaration... Initially I placed it middling, but quickly rose to the top!
Could easily become a signature, I keep going back to the image of it just fitting a favorite jumper. Masculine, accomplished, not in yet face, refined gentleman's, a reassuring hum.
Thumb zup :)
25th May, 2018
hcr Show all reviews
United States
Not as strong as some of the other powerhouses if you want to go for the retro vibe without knocking people's socks off.
20th May, 2018
Diddy Show all reviews
United States
Although technically my 2nd "review", I'm choosing this as a 1st official review in what will perhaps become many. And I can think of nothing more fitting to start the process than Azzaro Pour Homme. This will be based on 1st and 2nd editions. I wont try to impress anyone with note breakdowns, as that can be misleading and I don't have a 'golden nose'. I'll just focus on overall feel and thoughts.

If there could be only one fragrance to live with, look no further. Who am I kidding? That's not possible for us! Nonetheless, APH can easily handle this task if asked. It's not polarizing in any way. And yet it will get your attention. It is masculine, easy, beautiful. I've seen it recommended SO many times as a "barbershop" style fragrance. Yea, ok. It's that. But I can't help but realize that those fighting for it to be crowned as THE barbershop fragrance also have likely not smelled it in 1st edition. Or perhaps it's been a while. At first sniff, you'll think barbershop. But stick around for a rewarding drydown. No, don't just smell it and think, "smells nice". Find a quiet spot and really smell it. Smell beyond the warm anise. There's more going on here, but it's so well blended and rich that it can be easy to miss this wonderful story. The sum is warm, glowing, reflective, manly, and captivating. You're not just smelling nice here. APH is a young Cary Grant on vacation in Spain, enjoying a beautiful sunset across El Tajo canyon. It is an iconic masterpiece of perfumery. If you want to smell nice, check it out in current release. However, if you want to embrace the artist's true vision, do yourself a favor and experience the 1st (or 2nd) edition of this timeless fragrance.

A dear friend once said of APH, "It reminds me so much of my dad." She wasn't meaning it as "dated", "old man", "boring", "_________". Rather of an intelligent, strong, secure, polished, worldly man who knew himself. He knows where he has been, and where he is going. And you feel safe going with him. Take the journey.
10th April, 2018
This is it. Why did I wait so long to try it?

I loved Calvin and Drakkar Noir back in the day, but never came across this one. My dad had a bottle of Aramis he never wore, but I used to sneak into the room and smell it.

This takes me back to that time. When I used to wander down the aftershave and cologne isle at our local drug store and gaze at the mix of blues, greens other colors, along with their soapy, spicy scents.

Years later wandering the department store cologne counters, nothing ever reached out to me like I remembered back in my younger days.

This one takes me right back to when I started becoming interested in fragrance. Those little plastic travel bottles of English Leather and Timberline in my Christmas stocking. The little glass bottles of Brut and Jovan Musk.

This is all that and more. So glad I finally took the plunge.
17th March, 2018 (last edited: 18th March, 2018)
Boldly going where many men have been before, I venture to review this 80's classic scent in its current reformulation.

The initial blast is a combination of citrus and anise, a heavy synthetic blend mixing with a top note of lavender. It has an overwhelming dosage of artificiality that I don't particular enjoy, but it dries down to something much better: an oakmoss, earthy green scent with hints of basil and berries. Very pleasant after the initial 20 minutes.

The longevity is fine: I only put on 4-5 sprays and probably could have added a few more more, it projects for several hours and dries down shortly after. What you would expect for an EdT. The sillage is good-just past an arm's length. Nothing about either of those two categories screams monstrous to me, the most beastial aspect being how overly synthesized and artificial the scent is.

It has more depth to it than modern fragrances that you'll pay 2-3 times as much for: there are a variety of notes that play together well that add together for a somewhat complex scent. Much better than some of the current "club" scents of a younger audience. It smells more vintage than dated to my nose, as it doesn't have some of the powdery backdrop of its 1970-80s peers (which is a good thing).

It has its place, and that place is as a somewhat above average fougere that could easily belong in any professional man's scent collection.

28th February, 2018

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