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Azzaro pour Homme (1978)
by Azzaro


Azzaro pour Homme information

Year of Launch1978
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 1051 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerGérard Anthony
PerfumerMartin Heiddenreich
PerfumerRichard Wirtz
PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins
Parent Company at launchMäurer & Wirtz

About Azzaro pour Homme

Launched in 1978, this masculine scent is one of Europe's biggest sellers. A true classic.

Azzaro pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Azzaro pour Homme

Among my favorite aromatic fougeres ever. Barbershop. Anise is well-blended. Versatile. Outstanding value. I know pre-2010. FUNCTIONAL. Wet shaver in his 50s here.
02nd November, 2017
Picked up a vintage flacon of this that's a pre-barcode atomized version with the rounded cap and to be completely honest... meh.

I live for 80's creations as I'm a child of the beginning of the 1980's and Azzaro doesn't move me one bit, in fact kinda turns my stomach, just a hair. Keep in mind for this review that what I'm smelling here is basically an original formula. It's 'tolerable' if I were to experience this on another individual but, I will never wear this, ever. To my nose there's not one iota of anything that I would consider as exciting in this mix. It smells like a slightly musty shaving creme of some sort that radiates strongly with a mild olfactory illusion of old lady lurking around in the background for the entire duration, that's the stomach churning part for me. The overall effect is that of a musty, non-descript soapiness, not really too appealing to my seasoned nose and nothing that I would ever have the desire to smell of. There's hardly any note separation whatsoever, it's just this blended up blob or better yet, the blending in this is to the max which results to being nauseatingly linear in nature. Azzaro creates a smell and that's it, very boring in my opinion. Also, the soapiness in this is strange that pretty much dominates everything from beginning to end. Excellent longevity and decent sillage though.

I really wouldn't use the term 'dated' per se because I've smelled some perfumes for men that take the cake in that department but I will say benign for sure. Sad really, that flacon is awesome but the liquid inside is something that I'll never ever wear, and why would I want to when there are a plethora of mind boggling 80's perfumes for men at my fingertips that make me giddy with joy for hours on end every single time I spray them on... like Kouros. I'll think I'll go bathe and then bask in the awesomeness of Kouros, or maybe even Macassar, that one really blows my mind. That's what I require and desire, complexity and the ultimate nirvana of olfactory pleasure, not sleepy boring soapy shaving creme time like Azzaro Pour Homme, what a lazy lame scent this is.

So sorry Azzaro but you my old friend are average at best, if that. I don't even want to think about how bad that reformulation is, God those reformulations scare me. I had high hopes for this one but in the end, it is what it is.
12th October, 2017
I was always a fan of old-school, barbershoplike gentlemen scents. However I never had the guts to use an actual one (except TF Men) due to extreme "old man", "dad" vibes they give.

Azzaro Pour Homme starts similar, but shortly after it turns into an amazing versatile thing! It's like, if you smell it on a youngster, you'd say hmm eh - if you'd smell it on a well dressed middle aged man, you'd say on spot! Perfect for office use, makes you feel the after-shave freshness all along. I don't like the first couple of minutes because it's too harsh, I think anise and levander makes it too crisp. But really in few minutes it settles into the ideal "man scent".

Longevity is a problem with this one, so I spray an extra one or two and it lasts for an entire office day. One thing to keep in mind that you can give headaches to some people if they are near in the initial blast!
04th July, 2017
Extremely unpleasant, importunate, hard-tone scent. Never more.
15th June, 2017
First time I smelled this on a blotter, I felt a tingling down my spine. I barely knew what an aromatic fougère was back then and all I cared about was that its herbal, vintage smell was truly captivating. Some months later a friend gave me his almost full 100ml bottle as a gift and I was more than excited. Sadly, the results on my skin were pretty disappointing.

Smell wise I mostly get anise, patchouli, basil and ambergris. It stars herbal, fresh and the opening makes quite an impression. As it gets to the heart the patchouli gets more and more prominent, until it takes the back seat and it lets a sweet amber lead the way. This is an all season friendly scent, but I find it to be a tad more enjoyable during the summer, unfolding its qualities best on cool summer evenings. Oddly enough for an all season friendly scent, I can’t quite fit this in my everyday rotation or find the right occasion to wear it. Too weak to be a signature scent, too mature for my looks (as other people have stated), so I prefer to wear this one at home, mostly.

I will probably never find out how vintage Azzaro pour Homme smells like, but I can really sense that this is a watered down version of a legend. The initial blast is strong and while this fragrance gives you the impression of a longevity/sillage monster, that’s far from the truth. After half an hour this stays extremely close to the skin and on some days it’s barely noticeable after the two hour mark. Quite sad, because this scent always gave me the impression that it wants to make a statement. I’m not one of those people that want to fill a room with their scents, but I expected a stronger presence out of this one.
30th May, 2017
I lived through the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's without even owning a bottle of Azzaro Pour Homme.
Tested numerous times and always came to the same conclusion of mediocrity. It's a generic non-offensive scent that actually smells nicer on others. *I once had a very young client back in the 80's that was on deaths door, and he smelled divine wearing A.P.H. It's a memory that will forever be imbedded in my mind; to look that bad but to smell that great!.....

From all the positive reviews here on Basenotes, and the fragrance notes listed above; I decided to purchase a bottle and thoroughly wear test. It's nice but linear. I can't say that it's great, nor can I say this is a milestone in men's perfumery. I can say that Azzaro is an affordable fragrance that's wildly available to the masses, and those that enjoy it are passionate about it. I just need more 'oomph' personally for my tastes.....
07th February, 2017

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