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Baby Blue Jeans (1995)
by Versace


Baby Blue Jeans information

Year of Launch1995
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PackagingGianni Versace
Parent CompanyEuroitalia
Parent Company at launchGiver Profumi

About Baby Blue Jeans

Baby Blue Jeans is a masculine fragrance by Versace. The scent was launched in 1995 and the bottle was designed by Gianni Versace

Baby Blue Jeans fragrance notes

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Reviews of Baby Blue Jeans

Not too bad. May not be the best in the "Jeans" series of Versace fragrances, but it has a distinct quality that is worthy of attention.

Baby Blue Jeans doesn't seem like a flanker of Blue Jeans (my most favorite in the Jeans series hands-down). Rather, it's heavily powdered and tart, like an in-your-face incense stick!

16th December, 2016
It's like rolling around in creamsicles all day! FOLKS!!! Love this one.
21st February, 2013
Sticks on you forever, wafting up and making you smile all day long. And it costs like $10. What's not to love? A feel good bottle of fluff.
08th December, 2012
This is the perfect summer citrus blend. It's got a sorbet kinda feel to it, with the musky vanilla dry down. It's a great smelling fragrance and its dirt cheap, I remember I used to drive girls crazy with this in HS it's very pleasant, you won't offend anyone with this thumbs up all the way
22nd November, 2012
Okay. I blind-bought this a loooong time ago based on reviews, etc. I finally got around to trying last year. I simply hated it and found myself really trying to pass the bottle off onto somebody else. I thought: "man, oh man... I smell like a baby with a freshly-changed diaper and a powdered bottom". Kind of made me a little sick... At first. It later turned into something completely unappealing, all sweet and non-threatening. I gave it another go, just to be sure, then put the bottle away altogether.

Now, the year has passed. I never thought about Baby Blue Jeans until a month or so ago. It sat, lonely and tucked away... its bright blue can lacking any real "reach for me!" flair. I picked it up... dusted it off, then lightly misted my wrist. I gave it a while before I really got into it... I started picking up notes that I had not noticed before. I was getting vanilla, smooth creamy lemon gelato with touches of real incense. This was pretty heavy stuff. I gave myself the 4-spray work-up, slapped my helmet on, jumped on my road bike, and headed off to somewhere or another. This takes on another life as the time passes... maybe warm up the body a bit... As I pedaled and body temp rose, this became a wonder of borderline gourmand-y scents, and exotic incense. A really good blend.

I know the reviews are mixed, and I HATED this at first. But I do find that this is a good scent for the warm weather, but works even better in the cooler, Mid/Late-Autumn days as well. I've come to appreciate Baby Blue Jeans quite a bit, and I agree that it's a great idea to, at least, keep a bottle around.
02nd October, 2012
Starts off as a slightly brighter version of Carrera Black -- same elements.. citrus (more lime), a little dark, powdery. The lemon opening is quite enjoyable.. but then it takes a turn for boredom in the mid notes. Strangely, the base comes back, intriguing me, with an unmentioned cinnamon note, woods, vanilla and musk; the result is somehow very smokey, sweet, and slightly creamy.

One of the few fragrances that takes me from like, to hate, to love. Three specific sets of notes, all doing something different. Like 3 fragrances in one! The base notes are very refined, which makes it feel powdery. It also smells a little powdery in the base, but not nearly as much as in the opening. The musk in the base notes comes out watery to my nose, which I actually enjoy.

Overall: IMO.. Baby Blue Jeans is an old school citrus fragrance. It may definitley feel dated to some, but others will love this. It projects nicely for the first 4 hours, then sits closer to the skin. The base notes can stay on my skin for 10 hours.
14th November, 2011 (last edited: 19th January, 2012)

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