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Baie de Genièvre (1982)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1982
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Baie de Genièvre

Baie de Genièvre is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 1982

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Reviews of Baie de Genièvre

Baie de Genièvre to me is soapy, spicy, and 100% masculine. I can't help but to compare it to Creed's other 100% masculine offering: Bois du Portugal. They aren't really similar, but they would probably appeal to the same audience. Where Bois du Portugal is for a very important man or for a very important occasion, Baie de Genièvre is a more casual, everyday, everyman fragrance. I can understand why it was discontinued as I doubt that it would at all appeal to a modern audience. But to call it dated is unfair. It still works today, but I guess it takes a special man (like me!) to pull it off. I get excellent performance. It projects all day for me. If you like 1970's style masculines, then this vaulted EDT deserves a place in your wardrobe.
26th July, 2016
BLUF: A warm, dry, herbal, spicy, incredibly unique masculine offering from Creed. Bordering on hyper-masculine, but not in a brash, hairy-chested manner. It's more of a refined sense of capable and confident masculinity.

The opening blast of dry resinous juniper berry is accompanied by a restrained light sweetness and simple but remarkably natural-smelling spicy cinnamon leaf that almost has a smokiness to it. I didn't experience a "syrupy" sweetness, as a previous reviewer did, but a sweetness is there throughout. The whole scent carries a smooth, warm dryness and has a bit of a fougère leaning. I also agree that there is a bit of a fuzzy barbershop facet, but it's far from a full-blown barbershop. The base of earthy, dirty, crunchy vetiver compliments the scent and becomes more present as it develops.

It's a very simple structure, but immensely enjoyable. Although discontinued and typically expensive, I was able to pick up a barely-used full presentation specimen in an eBay auction for ~$130, but would probably have paid more. I recommend keeping an eye out for this gem, which I consider to be one of the best of the Creed line.

I suppose it's dated in the sense that some of the best masculine fragrances were conceived decades ago and in line with the lamentation that "they don't make 'em like they used to". And it's a shame they don't, because this is just plain excellent.
24th May, 2016
Beautiful opening from Baie de Genievre. A sparkling juniper note that brought an instant smile. A tiny bit soapy, but nothing compared to the nuclear soap bomb that is Creed's Cypres Musc. Baie de Genievre has an Itasca vibe, but is less spicy to my nose, even though the middle notes of Bair de Genievre are cinnamon, this smells mainly to me of juniper with some vetiver. Very clean smelling and enjoyable. I feel like there's a hint of citrus too, but just a hint, nothing more than that. I've read many people say they think this is a "dated" scent, but I think it's weathered extremely well since 1982. I feel this could be worn in warm weather or cold weather. It's a fresh, clean alternative to a pure citrus or a neroli for summer, and it would be great in the winter months too in my opinion. If it were more readily available, I would consider a purchase...I really like it! I found the longevity and sillage to be much shorter than I would have liked, but I will apply moisturizer to my skin before trying again. I was happy to find such an enjoyable fragrance after the last few I've tried. This could be a gem of a fragrance if I can get it to last longer on my skin...
19th May, 2016
I was in a dentist office. Walking away after my appointment and the dentist assistant said - what is that great smell? I just smiled and kept on walking.
24th April, 2016
Another discontinued Creed scent way superior to the near majority of their current abysmally insipid range. Baie de Genièvre is an impressively solid masculine spicy fougère straight out of the early 1980’s (still quite 1970’s-inspired, with all that herbal-stale dryness) with some quite peculiar features making it surely worthy a sniff at least – not a purchase at those “vaulted” prices, but surely a try. I mean, it’s very good, it’s a Creed, that’s already quite something.

What I really enjoy about Baie is how simple, robust yet very inspired it smells: basically it’s a crisp, tasteful blend of citrus-infused, herbal juniper notes with their recognizable sort of very aromatic, edgy, bitter, metallic, super dry and dark-boozy nature; then some sharp, earthy, smoky and salty vetiver (“the vintage kind”, rooty and dirty, such as in Maitre’s Route du Vetiver or Goutal’s Vetiver), some very well-fitting sort of sweet-spicy dash of Oriental aromatic powder (they say cinnamon, I trust that, although it smells a bit more generic to me – just something slightly sweet, lukewarm and exotic, even slightly fruity at first) and a light note of lavender - which isn’t listed, but I think I smell it. A sharp, dry, distinguished and very aromatic blend with a palpable sort of “antique” vibe – rusty metal, smoky old woods, sharp herbal spirits. With just the right amount of late-1970’s mojo. There’s some evolution, too: it gets progressively warmer, gentler, powderier, less dry and bitter and a bit smoother and smoky-sweeter, with vetiver and herbs creating a sort of “powdery barbershop” mood. Nina Ricci’s Phileas is maybe a distant relative of this, mostly for the same bold herbal-spicy vein and a very similar sort of “rusty” feel – Phileas is more complex than this, but I think they’ve something in common.

So that’s it, a very old-school, refined yet quite “rugged”, extremely vibrant and very natural-smelling gentleman’s scent with nothing wrong in it – it smells just very good, period. Maybe not overly exciting, but truly impeccable, with solid materials (juniper and vetiver especially!) and a totally neat composition. Very “vintage”, and probably a bit dated for many fans of today’s Creed’s offerings, but definitely a nice option for all fans of classic masculine stuff (nothing macho, but definitely a “virile” blend). By the way, by “vintage” and “dated” I don’t mean generic or boring, though: it’s actually quite of a “statement” scent, due to its metallic-smoky-spicy edginess and sharpness which creates a dark, “raw” vein brilliantly contrasting with its subtle, warm Oriental sweeter side. Extremely versatile as well, it projects quite good without getting too obtrusive. Totally recommended – again, not at full vintage prices though: it’s good, even very good, but not a Holy Grail.

06th April, 2016
Baie de Genievere is a lost gem from the classic Creeds that is very much underrated. To me this one defines elegance, masculinity, and classiness. While there are several notes listed for BDG, only three of them stood out: cinnamon, juniper berries, and vetiver. The other notes were more subtle and remained largely in the background during the entirety of the scent but nonetheless contributed to enhancing the overall richness of the fragrance. Upon application, I got a huge a blast of sweet cinnamon with traces of short-lived bergamot the helped brightened the opening a bit. The cinnamon will stick around into the heart where it’s met by juniper berry and clove notes. The juniper berries brings out an herbal/medicine aroma to the scent. The clove, although not a dominating note here, helps add a subdued spicy twist to the scent. As a couple of other reviewers have mentioned the cinnamon and juniper berry notes creates a barbershop smell and I could see that. At the base both notes of vetiver and ambergris are introduced. This kind of vetiver detected in BDG is rather earthy and woody which gives a woody dry-green finish to the scent. The ambergris, although more subdued, contributed to the classic creed drydown. Longevity and silage are great, with 6-8 of longevity and above average silage for the first 3-4 hours before staying closer to the skin. Given that it’s from Creed’s EDT line, it’s quite dense and potent. With that said cooler weather conditions is more ideal for BDG. The best occasions to wear this would be on special occasions where either formal or semi-formal attire is necessary. As I said previously, this scent defines elegance. I personally consider BDG one of the better fragrances from their EDT line and a bottle worth owning if one is into classic Creeds. BDG is a wonderful scent that is definitely worth trying.
04th May, 2015

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