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Baie de Genièvre (1982)
by Creed


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Year of Launch1982
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyCreed

About Baie de Genièvre

Baie de Genièvre is a masculine fragrance by Creed. The scent was launched in 1982

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Reviews of Baie de Genièvre

Just received a sample from a fellow ebaye generous enough to send some. So, I am in love with BdG; a world of difference than that of BdP; I get woodsy, light, syrupy sweet-this fragrance reminds me of MB Rogart in a sweet syrupy kinda way, although Rogart has a bit more punch. That's not to say BdG has less punch, it's punch is different. BdG packs a huge Polo masculine bite in the very beginning and if impatient you will dislike and disregard this gem before giving this a few moments to settle into something really nice!!

As I sit and sniff with my wife, she suggests light, woodsy, sweet/syrupy even powdery mixture, she also mentioned that this would work for a neutral audience marketing to/for both sexes, maybe 25-35 age group. I look forward to getting my 35 yr old hands on a bottle soon!!!
21st February, 2015
This is definitely a unique pleasant scent. It starts out with a dry toasty berry smell and there is a spiciness I think can be attributed to the cinnamon leaves but the toasty berry smell dominates. The clove is less powerful but does help the berry scent. As it dries down the vetiver increases, and freshens things up along with the warmth of ambergris.
23rd November, 2014
Genre: Woody Oriental

This is juniper berry meltdown right from the start! Way potent and hardly diluted by any other distracting notes. When the cinnamon appears, it's hot and dry, and its combination with the juniper makes an accord that's oddly suggestive of clean hospital bandages! Baie de Genievre is a spare, tough, and unyielding fragrance that walks right in, stares you in the eye, and sits without blinking for quite some time. Baie de Genievre has often been called "formal." I actually find it distant, and even a bit arrogant, traits it shares with Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet. In other words, it's a great scent to to wear when you're out to impress or intimidate.

Baie de Genievre dries down in an interesting direction, with lots of earthy vetiver. In fact, after about two hours this smells like a straight vetiver to me, albeit a very fine one. I wish there were more going on in the base here, and I lose interest once the vetiver has come to dominate. That aside, this is a remarkably dignified scent that oozes quality. I can recommend it heartily for business wear and formal dress occasions.
10th June, 2014
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United States
Slightly ginny juniper, hint of barbershop bay, warm cinnamon and clove, and a woody base with a hint of vetiver. Near perfect. Good formal frag, with a touch of edge and swagger.
01st November, 2013
A throwback to when there was a thing called a 'masculine' fragrance. This isn't a fresh aquatic, no oud or incense. It's simply a great smelling fragrance a man can feel like a man wearing. As with mostly all the creed fragrances, it's very natural smelling. This blend of cinnamon leaves, juniper, and vetiver is absolutely stunning. It has a fruity spicy vibe to it, it doesn't have huge staying power, but it's ok it lasts long enough. I hope creed goes back to making classy manly scents in the future. I mean their stuff is awesome now but outside of bdp, everything else in their lineup can be stolen by a wife or gf..
03rd March, 2013
An interesting one in Creed's pre-aquatic classic style.

It kicks off with an odd mix. Imagine Diptyque's Vinaigre du Toilette (actual vinegar seeped with herbs) mixed with a Creed-smelling lemony chypre. With time, as the vinegar smell fades, a rather sweaty B.O. stink comes through, along with some flowers. Soon, the herbal mix is joined by a vaguely evergreen dark smell, which I assume is the juniper berry after which this is named. Given some time, it dries down to a fairly standard chypre base (with no hint of Creed's usual ambrox - which would have gone a long way to give some much-needed richness and longevity), with a touch of lingering juniper berry and quite a bit of that sweaty smell left over.

Being an old Creed, it does all of this fairly quickly and doesn't last very long. I don't mind the short longevity, but the sweaty B.O. smell was fairly gross and felt unbalanced. As such, I give it a neutral rating. For a much better vinegary chypre, I'd suggest Molinard Homme I, which I just wore a few days ago and enjoyed much more.
28th December, 2012

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