Balenciaga pour Homme (1990)
    by Balenciaga

    Balenciaga pour Homme Fragrance Notes

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    Like Scooptn I read Jack Hunter's review and was intrigued. First blast to me reminded me of the smell of Noxzema ointment. It then bursts into a kaleidoscope of scents and flavours much like the pyramid above. I have yet to identify the caramel. I agree with Hunter, it is a brilliant blend. I love it!! My girl hates it! I wear it when alone for my own pleasure.

    31st March, 2014 (Last Edited: 02 April, 2014)

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    United States United States

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    Balenciaga pour Homme opens with an aromatic lavender, carnation and rose floral accord with supporting green oakmoss rising all the way from the base. As the composition enters its early heart the floral trio and oakmoss remain, now joined by a very strong patchouli, cinnamon and leathery styrax starring trio with the composition turning slightly sweet, primarily derived from supporting honey and tonka bean. During the late dry-down the floral aspects and patchouli gradually dissipate as creamy, slightly sweet sandalwood joins supporting slightly powdery mild vanilla from the base, with traces of the earlier cinnamon remaining in additional support through the finish. Projection is outstanding and longevity average at 7-8 hours on skin.

    Balenciaga pour Homme is a powerhouse lover's dream come true. It has all the hallmarks of the great 80s compositions (though it was actually released in 1990). Powerful projection, check, strong patchouli and spice-laden floral heart, check, plenty of oakmoss, check... The list goes on and on. I absolutely adore the stuff, finding it one of the best compositions I have sniffed from the 90s. Despite its genuine powerhouse credentials, somehow the late dry-down pulls in the reigns as the composition becomes much more controlled and tame. That said, even the more subdued late sandalwood and spiced vanilla driven dry-down, while probably my least favorite aspect of the composition is amazing in its own right. The bottom line is the sadly discontinued but still available on the aftermarket for about $1 per ml Balenciaga pour Homme is a masterpiece caliber composition by the great Gerard Anthony that demands any powerhouse lover's attention, earning a 4.5 star out of 5 rating and an extremely strong recommendation.

    26 January, 2014

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    I made a blind buy based on Jack Hunter's review and comments in the forums and I'm so glad I did! I can't really put it any better than Jack, but I will say after one wearing, I have bought a backup bottle.

    Still taken with this fragrance, and I have increased my stock to 150 ml all at a reasonable price.

    25 January, 2014 (Last Edited: 14 March, 2014)

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    Jack Hunter
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    This is a magnificent fragrance that has a symphony of notes of the highest quality. It is a real beauty and a pleasure to smell.

    It opens with the smoothest best quality incense I have smelled in a fragrance coupled with patchouli. This is backed up with citrus notes.From this opening it smells like a spicy apple cider aroma but in a really good way.

    This is quickly followed by a sweet lavender note as well as cinnamon. As time passes you can pick up leather and floral notes all mixed in with the patchouli and incense in a olfactory smelling harmony.

    I get a amazing sixteen hours longevity with above average projection. I have to say I have never smelled anything like this it is quite unequal.

    Hand on my heart this is one of the very best high quality fragrances I have ever smelled. It's a pity that this was discontinued in the late Nineties as it is Magnificent.

    A perfect 10 out of 10.

    18 January, 2014

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    This is a powerful fougere, beginning with a minty menthol blast, followed by the classic combo of lavender, oakmoss and bergamot, rounded by a bit of thyme and cinnamon. It then places these notes in the background, but ever there, as it slowly dries down to a sweet evergreen forest (heated by the sun, then cooled by a breeze). At least this is what comes to my nose.

    There are many additional notes (middles of Muguet, Jasmine, Caramel and Honey and bases of Patchouli, Vanilla, Sandalwood, Cypress, Cedar, Musk, Styrax, Benzoin and Civet).

    This creation took a great deal of care and skill and is to be highly respected. It is a shame that it is discontinued. One of the best fougeres ever created.

    07 November, 2013

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    Put on your seat belt, you're going for a ride!

    Hello Gents,

    This fragrance is not for the faint-of-heart! This fragrance is not only unique, but it transcends the boundaries of olfaction by leaps and bounds. For starters, my nose is nowhere near as well-trained as some here on Basenotes, but here's my take...

    The initial blast is that of Bergamot, Coriander with a nicely done dash of cinnamon. In the mid-notes, I get a substantial wood-oriented influence, namely sandalwood and cedar. In the basenotes I get a rich velvety oakmoss that is wrapped with a vanilla, musk and amber bow.

    It's one of those fragrances that I probably don't wear often enough, then again, I can honestly say that my daily life doesn't warrant me wearing an elixir of such magnitude. I reserve this fragrance for when I am looking to impress or really want to differentiate myself "fragrantly" from those in a crowd. Like I'd said in my opening, this is absolutely not for the faint-of-heart. This is a fragrance that exudes confidence, class and distinction. If you're not prepared for this one, you won't wear Balenciaga PH, it'll wear you!

    I only have one word of caution, or consider it a piece of advice... Apply this one sparingly, otherwise you'll be transported quickly from captivating to overbearing in just one spray.


    Pros: Complex, unique, distinguished
    Cons: Can be easily over-applied if you're not careful"

    25 September, 2013

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