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Banana Republic Classic (1995)
by Banana Republic


Banana Republic Classic information

Year of Launch1995
GenderShared / Unisex
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 83 votes)

People and companies

HouseBanana Republic
PerfumerJean-Claude Delville
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchGap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division > Gap > Gap Bath and Body Division

About Banana Republic Classic

Banana Republic Classic is a shared / unisex perfume by Banana Republic. The scent was launched in 1995 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Jean-Claude Delville

Banana Republic Classic fragrance notes

Reviews of Banana Republic Classic

I feel like I keep getting ripped off with these citrus scents. Just like the others I've tried, it has horrible staying power and poor projection. You'd have to keep a small bottle with you and keep reapplying it every hour or so to keep it going.

The scent itself is pleasant. It's one of those clean scents that tells everybody you just got out of the shower. The clementine really sticks out. Unfortunately, and I'll say it again, it DOESN'T LAST. I would absolutely not recommend it.
18th April, 2017
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United Kingdom
This is effortless to wear, and distinctly fresh and clean smelling. I need never shower again!
16th December, 2014
One wears Banana Republic Classic with no expectations to break new ground or to floor anyone with a unique scent. This is a great daily work horse for people who are not necessarily into fragrance. Wear it to the office, wear it to an interview, wear it to church, wear it with a white button down and jeans. It's sharp at the start, citrusy crisp, mellows out and becomes a skin scent soon enough. I appreciate it for what it is - easy and uncomplicated with just enough character to not be dull. Come to think of it, it's a great complement to their clothing.
24th July, 2014
A nice, casual, citrus/floral.

Classic is an appropriate name for this one. To me, this is a classic scent, or event classy. Sophisticated, refined, elegant; can be dressed up or down, yet very simple, versatile, and appealing to everyone. In fact, I don't know a single person that doesn't like this one. While it doesn't really garner compliments to me, because of its lack in projection.. those who I have asked to smell it on me, have given nothing but positive feedback.

Classic opens up with a lot of bergamot. Bergamot, bergamot, bergamot. Nothing but bergamot really. You wanna know what bergamot oil smells like? Check out this one. Within 10 minutes, the other notes begin to emerge. Still mostly bergamot, some other citrus notes, the smell of cotton, and then a huge blast of honeysuckle, about 30 minutes in. Along with the honeysuckle, a nice dose of musk that ties the base together. It stays like this for a good 8-10 hours on me, but projection is pretty weak. It smells really similar to something that I just can't quite put my finger on; I am tempted to say Versace pour Homme.

If you can find it on sale at discounters, it's a good, safe blind buy. I was able to get a 2-pack of 1.7 oz bottles at TJ Maxx for 20 bucks. Great deal.

Pros: Simple, versatile, longevity.
Cons: Projection, availability."

08th August, 2013
A soapy classic lemonade. Clean and woody/green in a light way.
19th October, 2012
Very nice. Citrusy, summery, subtle and clean. Does not last long but the bassnotes are heavenly fresh. I find the smell lingers longer on clothing than it does on my skin. Doesn't stand out in terms of longevity or pungence, but doesn't offend either. B+/A-
08th September, 2011

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