Baryshnikov Sport (1996)
    by Mikhail Baryshnikov

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    Baryshnikov Sport is a men's fragrance by Mikhail Baryshnikov. The scent was launched in 1996

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    While not identical to PE360, it is very, very, very similar. The notes are actually better balanced than PE360 and less headache-inducing; lighter and softer.

    20th February, 2013

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    I'm with DULLAH on this one --- one of the nicer 90's fresh light scents. The top notes have grapefruit and a touch of mint along with the "usual suspects," and a nicely balanced green accord as well. As a "Sport" fragrance (whatever that means), I'd expect it to be a light formulation that doesn't necessarily last long, but it actually holds up quite well at a low level. The synthetic aqueous notes aren't overdone and fade quickly, leaving the citrus and green notes to blend with some subtle woods and a bit of vetiver as it dries.

    This isn't the kind of fragrance that burns itself into your memory, but it's not trying to be that, and it succeeds very well at being a refreshingly light scent with a more distinctive personality than many of its 90's brethren. Very wearable!

    04th April, 2010

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    Turkey Turkey

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    Still like this one more than all the other 90's "aqua Blue" colored fresh synthetic scents (see: Nautica, PE360, etc). SHares what could be the same old synthetic tangerine note with erolfa, and to that adds Armoise Mugwort, Ginger, fresh aquatic notes, and a cooling eucalyptus. It's held up better than you'd think. Underrated 90's fresh.

    03rd July, 2009

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    This has kind of an unpleasant, 'sticky' scent to it. Hard to describe. There's a sour mid-note that really makes me think, maybe this is sweat and a touch of body odor? Maybe this is what Baryshnikov smells like after an afternoon of hard dancing practice. So I get this impression of a cheap, synthetic bottle of EdT that smells like a stinky man just after exercise (or yard work) with some cheap cologne sprayed on - it's all in there! You don't even need to do the yard work to accomplish the effect.

    It's not a catastrophic negative, just barely negative - but it's so uninspired, so utterly boring, that that makes it a neutral - and that crummy mid-note takes it to a clear "stay away" recommendation - don't bother. I'm not sure there IS any base note for this thing. It's gone in minutes. So you're left with a fragrance that makes you think, WTF? Then disappears. Bewildering!

    24th May, 2009

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