Bay Rum
    by Burt's Bees

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    If you like Patchouli this one will have you smiling. A SPICY scent with a lovely sweet patchouli dry down dangling with spices. You will smell like your Grandpa with this one. [AN]

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    I hated this scent at first, but over time it really grew on me and now it is one of my favorites! The other reviewers are right in that it has a very strong clove smell initially, but this wears off after about 20-30 minutes and leaves you with a beautiful bay rum scent that lasts most if the day. One tip I have is to always shake the bottle well before application, as this seems to mix the scent a lot better and you don't get as much of an overwhelming clove smell during application. I hate that this scent has been discontinued, however it is easily found on Amazon or EBay regularly if you want to pickup a bottle.

    15 October, 2012

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    this is absolutely the best bay rum ever produced. Too bad it has been discontinued, although I've been able to find plenty on ebay.
    I have had many,many compliments from women when I use this,so why should I care if men don't like it?

    14 April, 2011

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    This is one of the worst colognes I have ever smelled. It is nothing but a loud, spicy, boozy mess. It would be put to better use in a shot glass, or used to treat minor cuts and scrapes.

    Why would I ever want to smell like this? So people will think I bathed in Scotch and then rolled around in patchouli plants?

    14 January, 2010 (Last Edited: 16 January, 2010)

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    Mario Justiniani
    Cuba Cuba

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    Holy Pimenta Racemosa!

    Yes. There really is a West Indies Bay Tree and that's where Bay Rum comes from, not storks.

    The added spices; cinnamon, clove, lime or whatever serve to make it interesting--or just plain weird.

    Like CJ I wanted to like this one too but the clove/spices are set to overkill

    I tried 2 bottles from the shelf. It was obvious one had been there longer than it should have, but both smelled . . .
    It feels as if one is being uncivil by giving a bad review to a discontinued fragrance, rather like speaking ill of the dead, but you didn't have to scramble to wash this crap off your hands.
    And I do like Bay Rum.

    14 August, 2009

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    This is one of those fragrances that I really wanted to like. My first time smelling it out of the bottle had my sinuses cleared instantly. I then put some on, and noticed that wherever I put this stuff, my skin started itching instantly. My wife came home and asked why the house smelled like someone was cooking gingerbread. To make a long story short, my wife promised to buy me a bottle of anything I wanted, but only if I dumped the contents of this bottle down the sink. I asked her if I could just give it to a friend, and she said "Not if you want him to remain your friend." I poured it out as she watched, and was rewarded with a bottle of Green Irish Tweed, and I've never regretted it.

    26 November, 2002

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