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Bay Rum
by Geo F Trumper


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About Bay Rum

Bay Rum is a masculine fragrance by Geo F Trumper.

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Marais Show all reviews
United Kingdom
A fairly straightforward concoction of bay, rum (fancy that!) and yes, clove. Every bay rum scent I have come across contains clove so you expect that, but it is quite loud here. However I would place this some way above pricier clove scents (like the dire Serge Noire) as well as most of the widely available barbershop bay rums; this one lasts longer and the rum scent is stronger than most, offering a bit of sweetness which goes some way to balance the spice.
10th February, 2013

Frankly more than a disaster. A spicy mess with some faint bay leaves and probably mint and cedawood in the blend. Effectively a clove bomb which anyway lasts on my skin less than 40 minutes. The beginning is effectively weird for a couple of minutes with a strange detergent/mossy and vaguely alcoholic/boozy blast but in a while a cloves tornado plus a touch of nutmeg starts to prickle your nose reminding me the far in the memory Christmas's aroma produced by a local (in my area) preparation of spicy dry figs wrapped by leaves of laurel. Anyway an un worthy experiment for sure. Pass by.
25th January, 2013
Well, is this made out of clove? You can sewar it! The opening left me perplexed for a few seconds as it smelled unpleasantly familiar but couldn't exactly detect what it was about. Then a big clove started to materialize in front of me. Huge, brown and running towards me at 200mph speed. Scary...Clove is all I get, sorry! I quite like clove, but this interpreation is definitely crude and very (very) linear. I had no guts to try it on my skin.
03rd May, 2011
I'm not the expert on Bay Rum scents, but are they supposed to be just clove? Not that I mind clove, especially when it's so accurate, but this is like an entire meal of clove soup with clove sticks, clove salad, roast clove with a side of mashed cloves and iced clove tea, followed by a clove pie. I doubt that I'll be dining here again. I'd like a word with the manager. And it's pink. I don't get it.

That being said, what's presented here is subjectively a clean and clear, airy spice scent with implicit wood notes, and it's fairly refreshing and ethereal when you sniff it from right up close.
11th April, 2011
Well this one is exactly what it says on the front of the bottle. Initially bay rum scent with cloves lingering in the background. After about 30 minutes the bay rum scent is mostly gone and you're left with the faint scent of clove for a couple hours (on me at least). Completely gone after that so longevity is pretty sure. Straight forward, linear and does exactly what it says on the bottle.

I'm generally not a bay rum fan, but this one was light enough that I could wear it.
28th March, 2011
calero Show all reviews
United States
Geo F. Trumper's Bay Rum is a simple cologne that smells like rum and cloves and not much else. This IS one of those colognes that lasts for about a half hour and if you want to continue smelling good, you will have to re-apply it in large doses and apply it often. It smells good, but there are better offerings from Trumper that are more interesting and last a bit longer, i.e. Eucris.
13th October, 2010

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