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Micaelangelo Bellagio Uomo (2000)
by Fragluxe


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Year of Launch2000
AvailabilityIn Production
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About Micaelangelo Bellagio Uomo

Micaelangelo Bellagio Uomo is a masculine fragrance by Fragluxe. The scent was launched in 2000

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Reviews of Micaelangelo Bellagio Uomo

On first spray there's no doubt that this is copying off of Issey Miyake L'eau D'Issey. What I didn't expect is that I actually like this better. This is more like what vintage L'eau D'Issey and Bellagio Uomo skips the aquatic element that many didn't care for in L'eau D'Issey such as drseid. I also think the floral notes work better in this. If you enjoy clean and fresh fragrances this is a great buy. If you like L'eau D'Issey your also going to like this.
07th November, 2013
EdwinJ Show all reviews
United States
I'm going through a citrusy phase and keep reaching for Bellagio. Long lasting on me, very "cool" smelling and not overpowering. I also have the shaving lotion and shower gel. I won't get bored with this one any time soon.
17th April, 2013
drseid Show all reviews
United States
Nice simple and pleasing alternative to L'eau d'Issey pour Homme. The fruity/peppery top notes are really nice on this one, and while the aquatic dry-down is nothing special, it is very accessible and pleasant. I can't stand L'eau d'Issey, but I like this one and would choose it easily between the two at any price (but even more-so as it is 1/4 or less the cost). A very good 3.5 stars out of 5 rating for the scent outright, but top marks for its stellar value.
25th July, 2011 (last edited: 02nd January, 2013)
Izzy Show all reviews
United States
Awesome scent! & for the price even better! 8-10 hours superb because you can easily get the fragrance for about $20 or less!
21st July, 2011
A strong blast of Grapefruit followed by a long lasting Violet to end woody with Cedar as the dominant wood sweetened somewhat by hints of amber and musk.
Not a bad scent, specially if you consider the price, but nothing to write home about either. To me, at least is better than L'Eau d"Issey that costs at least 5 times more and lasts less than half.
Can't give my thumbs up to this perfume, it is not that good, but can't give it my thumbs down either because the price. It is a good scent for its price and does not smell cheap.
18th May, 2011
Not bad for a cheapy, a bit underrated to be honest. Those who label this an aquatic and compare it to AdG need to have their heads examined. This is a partial aquatic, but smells NOTHING like AdG. Not even close.

What I get in the opening is a slightly tangy citrus and floral blend. It's light and uplifting, and you can really smell the violets. The violets then dominate the middle, accompanied by a soapy, sort of metallic odor, it's actually kind of nice.

The base is mostly woodsy, I pick up on the sandalwood more than anything. The base notes are pretty faint though, so it almost ends with the middle notes. The middle notes (mostly violet) last a good 3 hours. The entire fragrance lasts about 4 usually, on my skin.

Personally, I could take or leave this one, it was cheap enough for me to buy a bottle and add to my collection. I don't reach for it often, but let me tell ya, when I do, it scores big compliments. Again, I can't say why, but every time I have worn this out, I have gotten at least 1 compliment. One woman told me I smelled amazing, she had a sparkle in her eye and smile on her face. Maybe the smell invoked some type of memory for her. Again, I see this fragrance as just mediocre, but there seems to be something about it, that the ladies love. Granted they get a whiff of you in the first hour, because after then, it isn't projecting very much.
07th April, 2011

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