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Bijan for Men (1981)
by Bijan


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Year of Launch1981
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyQuality King Distributors > Perfumania Holdings > Five Star Fragrances
Parent Company at launchBijan

About Bijan for Men

Bijan for Men is a masculine fragrance by Bijan. The scent was launched in 1981

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Reviews of Bijan for Men

I still remember buying a copy of GQ as a teenager and rubbing the little strip of Bijan for Men on myself, obsessed with what seemed at the time like the most luxurious thing I'd ever experienced. Decades later, when I started collecting scents, I had to pick up a bottle.

Knowing what I know now, and with a more refined concept of luxury, I still find Bijan weirdly compelling. It's from such a different time and different mindset, a carefully crafted exercise in rough unpleasantness as an expression of 80's macho masculinity. Nothing here smells good, in a technical sense. The chypre topnotes are sharp and medicinal, like an unpleasant mentholated lemon eucalyptus cough drop, while herbs are soaked in gasoline fumes, and a rough hawthorn gives a scratchy abrasiveness to the heart. Meanwhile, the powerhouse chypre base comes off like a pile of oily, soiled, mouldering rags.

All that being said, it's still a fascinating smell. There isn't a mistake in here - it's just a scent from a time that valued abrasive unpleasantness as a desirable masculine trait. As a perfectly crafted time capsule, and as a nostalgic personal favorite, I have no choice but to give Bijan a thumbs up, but with a warning that younger folks or fans of more pleasant retro sscents probably won't like it much.
11th April, 2017
Just barely a thumbs up, as Bijan for Men wouldn't be the first of my mossy woods / woody oriental colognes that I'd wear.

I have the original formulation that I'd purchased over a decade ago, which is a wall of strong nutmeg and patchouli right in line with the brash men's scents of the 1980's. (I haven't ventured to check out the recent version of Bijan for Men.)

Loud composition meant for more mature wearers wanting boldly to go old school!
27th January, 2017
Bijan Men is a loud, brash, wall of spice not to be worn in polite company. Whether the 'five star' iteration or earlier 1 oz. cologne spray in the 'b' bottle, the smell is unmistakably unique: As if Dr. Bruce Banner took a spice giant ala One Man Show, Quorum, Bel Ami, etc., and gamma-ray'd it into something your stereotypical unbuttoned-polyester-nik-nik & metal-chain-wearing, furry-chested, medicine-ball-bellied, southern-comfort-carrying male specimen would use in abundance. Good stuff for those of us with a little of that guy still in our system.

update/edit: definitely getting some carnation and nutmeg.
27th December, 2015 (last edited: 02nd October, 2017)
I dont like analyzing this fragrance, because there are a million notes in it, and it has been reformulated a few times. But I would NEVER not have it in my 'collection'. Im in love with it. And if you use is with some common sense, its STILL a very elegant perfume.

when it bottoms out at the end, it smells like a very well made lemon/patchouli/sandlewood soap. I have two bottles of it. One of which is half full, now. And Ive had both bottles for nearly 7 yrs, and there has been no dropoff in performance. The essence of the vintage Bijan scent, is still there.

I was surprised by its integrity. I think this scent gets a bad rap sometimes, because you can often find it in your run of the mill CVS or Walgreens. But this is one of those 'drugstore' scents that would still sell like pancakes, if it had Tom Ford' name on it, and had a price point, 20 times for what its sold, today.

Bijan for Men, is a very chic, formal scent that I tend to wear when I feel like wearing all black. A keeper, for me.
24th November, 2015
I bought a mini of this from the saddest place on earth, Burlington Coat Factory, because of my love of garish 80s things. It is so tawdry and sleazy I actually had a mundane realistic nightmare I owned a large bottle of it and everyone hated me. I like smelling it--it's sort of a Tabu for men, sneezy peppery patchouli and dusty spices blared at shocking volume, with plenty of the plastic note that makes many otherwise interesting cheap perfumes unwearable. The first time I smelled it I thought, "This is like if Designer Imposter Magie Noire from the 80s was sprayed on a male crotch," so there is certainly something sexually suggestive about it. I like it but it's embarrassing, so I just sniff at it or wear it on walks. As with the similarly bowling alley-ish Ceasar's Palace perfumes, there are bizarre pallet loads of it in grim overstock stores. Where do they come from? Who buys it? There is so much of it!
02nd October, 2015 (last edited: 01st May, 2017)

BIJAN is A famous Cologne in my Country.a very Cute Oriental Too.Fashionable and Classic.

The begining was fruity and Strong,Then A Seductive and Charming scent in midle notes,definitely with Honey and Rose.Patchouli,Musk and Vanilla in the base notes is so Nice balanced.

It is delightful Classic type scent which i Love it.Perfect for a man with Posture and Elegance.It remindes me of a Lovely winter.

I wore often in Intimate Occasion.One of those fragrances which always brings me compliments.In my opinion it is actually ahead of your time.Good Sillage and Longevity.

01st June, 2015

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