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Bogart (1975)
by Jacques Bogart


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Year of Launch1975
AvailabilityIn Production
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HouseJacques Bogart
Parent CompanyBogart Group

About Bogart

Bogart is a masculine fragrance by Jacques Bogart. The scent was launched in 1975

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I always considered Aramis to be the torch bearer of good quality affordable fragrances that are reformulated well.
I think Bogart is right there with Aramis with even better affordability.

This one starts like Gray Flannel. That is its only fault. Then after a minute it starts developing and keeps getting better. The spices come in and then the leather.
This is very similar to vintage Z-14. And better than current Z-14.

I would love to try the vintage version of it.

Again at less than $20/90ml, it should be a fragrance crime to not buy.

23rd January, 2017 (last edited: 20th September, 2017)
A powerful scent indeed. The Initial spray smells similar to Aura for Men by Jacomo (which I do not like). Bogart for men fills the air with just one spray.. It has a cheapish smell that is on the verge of being headache inducing. After roughly 10 minutes it settles down into a smooth scent (constructed much better than Aura for sure) with a great leather accord. I would say it is very close on dry down to the original Polo (but no where near as Awesome). My rating is neutral for now but I plan on possibly adjusting based on my next few experiences with Bogart.
14th July, 2015
One of the best ever from the great little house of Bogart. Even though it was released a while back, this spicy masculine fragrance themed around a smooth leather is still relevant. I get an incredible blend of lavender, herbs and leather with hints of citrus and perhaps rose. Great for daytime wear, and is perfect for both work and casual weekends. Projects well and lasts a reasonable amount of time on my skin.

If this was some 2015 niche release, it would be selling like hot cakes at 100 bucks per bottle. But life is much better: it is surprisingly inexpensive.

A great, great fragrance.
31st January, 2015
ad_scott Show all reviews
United Kingdom
Remarkable old skool bouquet packed with leather and macho vigor. Redolent of Denim by Faberge but with extra fortitude. The aura is in-between a lowrider biker and a conservative in suit and tie - rugged/sophisticated. Dust, amber, leather, slightly floral. This is an evocative and timeless piece of art which always gets compliments.
30th November, 2014 (last edited: 23rd December, 2014)
One of my all-time favorites, maybe because my father already used it before leaving to his office. Such a wonderful, classic and timeless scent reflecting elegant understatement.
The opening is quite fresh with various citrus notes and herbal ingredients, a little bit like Paco Rabanne Pour Homme, however less "soapy", but pretty soon shows up from the background the rosemary, some clove and geranium, maybe some cinnamon, definitively treemoss and oakmoss and notes of coumarin.
During dry-down it develops into a fantastic leather fragrance, smooth, manly, fortunatelly not a smoky leather, but a nice and new elegant leather with the always present nice and green herbal notes that stay present almost until the end.
Bogart is a very artfully balanced fragrance, not a bit dusty or old fashioned as some may think, taking into account that it was created in the 70's, it really is one of the finest gentlemen classics still around, a timeless masterpiece which I hope will not be discontinued or reformulated.
The bottle is quite ugly, but the content is unique.

9,8 / 10
22nd October, 2014 (last edited: 17th November, 2014)
Bogart Man is a good old classic fougère scent, fresh and elegant, a masculine pillar build on lavender, citrus, herbs, oak moss, a subtle leather base and floral notes (probably carnation, rose). The perfect all-year male scent: pleasant, unobtrusive, refined and clean, perfect for all circumstances and situations – from the more relaxed to the more formal ones. The drydown is woodier, darker and more "macho", but it's always refined and restrained enough to keep it discreet and distinguished. Another great example of that kind of simple, versatile and effortless first-class timeless elegance which apparently most brands are not interested in producing anymore.

07th September, 2014

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