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Boss Sport (1987)
by Hugo Boss


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Year of Launch1987
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HouseHugo Boss
Parent Company at launchBetrix > Eurocos

About Boss Sport

Boss Sport is a masculine fragrance by Hugo Boss. The scent was launched in 1987

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Reviews of Boss Sport

This may not be the right spot for this review: This is a review of the current Hugo Boss (Bottled) Sport in the white bottle.

The pyramid lists four notes: grapefruit, lavender, cardamom, and vetiver. Bottled Sport opens with the grapefruit accord that fairly fresh but partly carrying the lavender from the heart which interferes with the cleanliness of the the opening grapefruit by giving it a synthetic tinge. As the grapefruit note wears off, the lavender / cardamom takes full control of the fragrance and the synthetics are now in full control; the cardamom doesn’t help the situation. The vetiver of the base is quite weak and performs more as a skin scent – this is not bad because the vetiver is as bad as the other notes in the Bottled Sport. I’ve wondered why they included “Bottled” on the label of Bottled Sport: This is anything but the sport version of Boss Bottled… Boss Bottled was about the only Fragrance from Boss that I liked. This one’s a loser.
19th December, 2016
Nope, not really a "Sport" scent to me, maybe I've grown accustomed to 90's and newer sport fragrances that are pretty much aldehyde/citrus/marine note bombs.

This shows its age in being such a strong oakmoss/lavender smeller.

I'm actually wearing this as I write and cannot help but picture a barbershop and shaving cream products.

It's a classic, maybe for the over 30 crowd, nice projection and life on my epidermis.
23rd September, 2016
I bought a 50 ml after shave (splash) when i was still a student, it was the last bottle in a duty free shop and because it was cheap i took it. I didn't know then how much i would like this perfume later....
I totally agree with rbaker about the opening blast.
I am sad that i has been discontinued but lucky enough to have a piece of edt and one of after shave.
8-9/10 for me
24th January, 2015 (last edited: 27th February, 2015)
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
The opening blast is brilliant with its citrus-bergamot-juniper berry and later jasmine - a stunning opener. The middle phase adds herbal notes, mainly clary sage and tarragon, and floral undertones: I get geranium, and whiffs of rose and carnation. The base starts with woodsy impressions and a bit of a soft amber note, and about half-way through the voyage the musk takes over, paired by patchouli. This is a somewhat dirty but not too faecaloid note, a bit like Creed's Orange Spice without the orange but leaner, and lingers for ages. Very good silage and projection, with an astounding longevity of around eleven hours. One of the few convincing Sports flankers, although the base really has nothing to do with sports, apart from country sports.
11th May, 2014
Okay kids, it's time I took a stab at Boss Sport.

This is a fresh fougère that doesn't really act or feel like a "sport" fragrance, and certainly does not smell at all like toilet cleaner to me.

What it does smell like, on me, is a fresh and quick burst of citrus boosted by amber and a buttery-fig accord. I'm surprised the notes pyramid does not list fig, because that's what I get the most out of Boss Sport. It's not unpleasant by any means, just peculiar. It dries down to a smooth, subtle amber and moss base.

Unfortunately, Boss Sport poops out too soon on my skin - I get 5 hours at the most. Otherwise, I think it's a nice fresh fig fougère (there's a tongue twister for ya!), but I wouldn't fork over that much money to have a bottle of this, even if it is discontinued.
24th April, 2011
True story...I had dinner with my next door neighbor and I showed him my collection. This led to a discussion of fragrances, and he showed me his 2 bottles...Azzaro PH and Boss Sport after shave in a 4.2 oz bottle although it was half full. He mentioned he hadn't worn it in I asked if he is willing to part is now part of my collection

Gregy87 mentioned toilet cleaner...well, that is not too far off. There is a toilet relationship going on here...much like Yves Saint Laurent classic KOUROS. Except Boss Sport is not in yoru face and much weaker. It opens with a tinge of WD40 (lubricant for metals) or maybe my bottle is old. Then the Kouros shows up and stays until Boss No 1 (which sport is based on) shows up. I really like Boss No 1 and Kouros, so naturally this is a winner. Except for the WD40 note.

Is it worth the astronomical prcies some buyers are asking on eBay...NO!!! If you can find a decant seller or deal, take it. Otherwise...
22nd November, 2008

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