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Boucheron pour Homme (1991)
by Boucheron


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Year of Launch1991
AvailabilityIn Production
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Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Boucheron pour Homme

Boucheron pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Boucheron. The scent was launched in 1991

Reviews of Boucheron pour Homme

Boucheron fragrances strike me as decidedly European, in that they tend towards spice and floral, rather than the sweet fruit and woods that seems to dominate the American market. Boucheron pH is a good example of a fragrance that while appealing, seems out of place in an American marketplace. Maybe that's why I like it. To my nose BpH is a spicy floral in a masculine old school style. While not a heavy scent, it does stand up on my skin and there's almost an animalistic quality to the opening. The main theme develops into a very nicely balanced spice with a light floral backing. The floral gradually takes over and a powdery sandalwood appears. It's all very masculine and has a classic gentleman feel. Very elegant and unique. Better for a mature man who's looking for something distinguished in a fragrance. Thumbs up.
26th May, 2015
Fresh, clean and sophisticated, a very nice fragrance indeed.
Start with a strong and zesty lemon/lime note reinforced with lemon verbena and some orange that becomes more flowery at the heart, to end in a vetiver/sandalwood drydown with a hint of incense and oakmoss balanced wth some sweetness.
A very complex scent, elegant and masculine, I like it a lot an so does my wife.
Longevity and sillage are better than average without becoming loud and intrusive.
A winner in my book.
04th April, 2015
I got a sample of this from MyPerfumeSamples and gave it a go last night. When trying new fragrances, I like to review their notes on BN and then write my own impressions as I experience the fragrance. I began this process but soon stopped. This fragrance just blew me away with its beauty and uniqueness. Rarely can a fragrance transport me into some imaginary world outside of time and space, but this one achieved it. I imagined a spring day on some sunny hillside in Pennsylvania. I pictured a girl just in the first blush of womanhood frolicking, laughing on the hillside. I imagined the girl and a boy, about her age, in love, but awkward about it. All this from a mere sequence of smells. Remarkable.

After the vision passed, I immediately bought a full bottle online.
04th February, 2015
I first bought Boucheron Pour Homme (EDT) back in the 90's. Now I own the EDP and it is exquisite. I love the citrusy smell of this fragrance. I save it for special occasions but today I wore it to the office. Two, three sprays are enough with the "parfum" version. I find it to be luxurious and elegant. It lasts a long time on me and I love that.

14th November, 2014
Boucheron Pour Homme is another take on the sophisticated male cologne / fougere genre, but there is not much to recommend it over and above comparable fragrances like Cerruti 1881 (which is also even cheaper), let alone classics like Eau Sauvage. It isn't at all unpleasant, with a nice citrus opening and herbal centre and it persists subtly and warmly without over-projection. But, there are simply many better scents of the same genre as this. Boucheron's Jaipur Pour Homme, on the other hand - now, that is something more interesting.
19th September, 2014
I remain agnostic about this one. However, my main memory of this fragrance was an attendant at a perfume counter trying to tell me this was a better scent than Chanel Pour Monsieur, which she insisted was "for old men." (We disagreed). And although I think this does smell "professional," I also thought it smelled like an executive who unfortunately had just soaped-up in the hotel shower, when suddenly the water main broke and he couldn't rinse off. The soapy-detergenty scent was too much for me.

However, "de gustibus non est disputandum." And I'll leave it at that.
19th April, 2014

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