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Boucheron pour Homme (1991)
by Boucheron


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Year of Launch1991
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerRaymond Chaillan
Parent CompanyInter Parfums

About Boucheron pour Homme

Boucheron pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Boucheron. The scent was launched in 1991 and the fragrance was created by perfumer Raymond Chaillan

Reviews of Boucheron pour Homme

Boucheron Pour Homme has been a mainstay in my fragrance wardrobe since 1991 and I've always relied on its sharp elegance to assure that I'm dressed for the occasion.

Many reviews have mentioned a reference to the classic Dior Eau Sauvage, and I cannot see it at all. Boucheron Pour Homme is much more akin to Chanel Pour Homme, Tiffany for Men, Coriolan by Guerlain and it even shares some similarities to Le 3e Homme de Caron.

According to Fragrantica:

Top notes are orange, lavender, mandarin orange, basil, lemon verbena, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are carnation, orris root, jasmine, ylang-ylang, lily-of-the-valley and rose; base notes are sandalwood, tonka bean, amber, musk, benzoin, oakmoss, vetiver and incense.

Silage and longevity are outstanding in both the edt and edp versions, but do go easy on application since Boucheron Pour Homme can be a monster if overapplied. A formal, dry citrus woody aromatic masterpiece of the highest quality!
17th February, 2017
Stardate 20170111:

As I was walking in Grand Central a waft in the air caught my attention and I started following it. There was a beautiful lady walking in front and my mind started conjuring up images of Sheeba and her palace (or was it Katherine Hepburn) . As I approached her I realized she was not the source. Perhaps the lady in front of her.
So I followed her but again she wasn't the one. I started chasing the scent trail but never found the one. Dejected I went to the donut shop and as I removed my jacket I realized what it must be to be a musk deer. Chasing and seeking pleasure without that has always been within.
I had forgotten about 2 sprays of Boucheron PH vintage in the morning.
11th January, 2017
Tmoran Show all reviews
United States
Boucheron Pour homme. Does it smell mature? yes. Does it smell bad? Not even close. Let me just put this right out there that if you have ever tried vintage or mature scents and just couldnt do it yet could appreciate them for what they are this might be the one to tip the scales in your favor.

It reminds me of a lot of things but done in a way that is much more palatable for those who dislike dated scents for their animal like qualities. It was just so intriguing for me to get this one because of the ultimate surprise it offered.

I saw it on clearance at a local store and looked it up and I really liked the note breakdown. But opening the box I could get that slight faint whiff of what was awaiting and I was immediately disappointed. The reason being is that is was familiar but all scents in this realm have been unbearable for me until the very last bit of the drydown. To my surprise this one starts strong and settles into a scent that is masculine to its very core yet very very pleasing. I cant even really describe it.

When you first spray it you are reminded of a few different fragrances. Paco Rabanne paco, Paul Sebastian. You know those juices that always get tossed in the old man category. But done in a way that just embraces you instead of punching you in the face. Its got a great natural lemon and orange that are very fresh and well done. No hint of astringency or of cleaning products. And when it dies down you get this really great vetiver wrapped in orris that is just killer. To sum it all up I would call this the classic vintage type scent for the person who doesnt really care for them. If you really like PS or Paco you may find this one a bit too boring especially if you like the vintage formulations of both those fragrances. I however fell in love at first smell. And it has prompted me to remember not to discount something with out actually smelling it.
08th September, 2015
Very powdery granny smelling fragrance. I'd pass on this if I knew in advance it smelled this way. I purchased based on the reviews. I don't like it. I'm not going to give up on it just yet though. I'll try it again this winter. I will update review when I do.

Jaipur is a next level fragrance. If you have to try one from Boucheron, make it Jaipur. You won't regret it.
24th August, 2015
Boucheron fragrances strike me as decidedly European, in that they tend towards spice and floral, rather than the sweet fruit and woods that seems to dominate the American market. Boucheron pH is a good example of a fragrance that while appealing, seems out of place in an American marketplace. Maybe that's why I like it. To my nose BpH is a spicy floral in a masculine old school style. While not a heavy scent, it does stand up on my skin and there's almost an animalistic quality to the opening. The main theme develops into a very nicely balanced spice with a light floral backing. The floral gradually takes over and a powdery sandalwood appears. It's all very masculine and has a classic gentleman feel. Very elegant and unique. Better for a mature man who's looking for something distinguished in a fragrance. Thumbs up.
26th May, 2015
Fresh, clean and sophisticated, a very nice fragrance indeed.
Start with a strong and zesty lemon/lime note reinforced with lemon verbena and some orange that becomes more flowery at the heart, to end in a vetiver/sandalwood drydown with a hint of incense and oakmoss balanced wth some sweetness.
A very complex scent, elegant and masculine, I like it a lot an so does my wife.
Longevity and sillage are better than average without becoming loud and intrusive.
A winner in my book.
04th April, 2015

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