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British Sterling (1965)
by Dana (originally by MEM Company)


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Year of Launch1965
AvailabilityIn Production
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Originally byMEM Company
Parent CompanyPatriarch Partners > Dana Classics

About British Sterling

British Sterling is a masculine fragrance by Dana. The scent was launched in 1965

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Reviews of British Sterling

My grandfather used to wear this, and always smelled like he was fresh out of the barber shop. I can across a discounted gift set in December and had to jump at it. It's a perfect daily scent, at work or play. So soft and powdery. Not a night owl, but, a pleasant one to wear and smell on yourself. Proudly in my rotation.
01st February, 2016
Forget all the previous reviews bashing BS. They all bitch about its cheap smelling, but that's not true! I've tried a lot of expensive niche fragrances and recent launches and BS knocks half of them down easily. Is It a bit dated? Yes, due to its slightly powdery smell. But if you like well praised old school stuff as Chanel pour monsieur, you'll definitely like this one. It's spicy, sweet and slightly powdery although truly masculine. It's a bargain and won't let you down in casual/office situations.
24th January, 2015 (last edited: 10th April, 2015)
To begin with British Sterling was not originated by was Speidel/Textron.MEM picked up for manufacturing of this cologne and kept the scent the same.So I'll be reviewing the original formula of British Sterling by Speidel...

It smells very much of moss,wood,and lavender.So aside from being a bitter green scent it's a soapy/floral/powdery combination in tune with barbershop scents.Creamy vanilla and nutmeg shapes out a very sweet and spicy tone to this scent which is just a bit stronger over the green barbershop quality.I never got musk,amber,cedar,or oak.Possibly some cinnamon resides in the unlisted vanilla similar to Old Spice...I'll agree with that regarding the notes.

I used to wear British Sterling for quite a few years both in it's Speidel and MEM years and it smelled the same to me.Nothing wrong it other than trying new scents deters one's attention away from what they commonly liked.But once or twice a month I can't resist splashing some on.In the winter time it goes perfectly with the atmosphere of Christmas trees,spices,sweetness,and a fresh cigarette in the cold December air.And that time of year I smile on it the most.
21st January, 2015 (last edited: 20th November, 2016)
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United States
I first tried a Dana formulation that is several years old and then an original. The smell, at least beyond the top notes, is similar, but the original has more depth and complexity to it (it also lasts longer). It's simple yet the quality of the ingredients must be what makes it so enjoyable! Basically, it's a vanillic/spicy/musky scent with a hint of wood (just a bit sweet). If you think a scent like Jaipur Homme is great you might want to give this one a try. There's something in Jaipur that doesn't work for me (I think it's a synthetic wood molecule used), but this one is just right. Moreover, you could use this for layering. You can still get Mem or Speidel formulations on ebay for reasonable prices, if you have some patience.
09th May, 2014
The original formula of British Sterling was subtle, classy, yet not overly formal, and it sill holds up today. I can't speak for any of the reformulations, but the original had a fresh lavender/citrus opening that included some floral notes (lilac?), transitioning into a spicy middle that undoubtedly includes carnation as well as clove, nutmeg and cinnamon. It is a sweet-spicy oriental in the mode of Zizanie, Old Spice or Evyan's The Baron (though I'll take British Sterling over the Baron any time!)

Originally distributed by Speidel, the watchband maker, it was touted as "so fine a gift, it's sold in jewelry stores," and one could get a set of initials engraved onto the metal top of the bottle. It wasn't until years later that it was downmarketed to turn up in drugstores.
10th March, 2014
british sterling is another classic of the drugstore colognes but not as strong as english leather. I use to own a bottle of british sterling and I remember liking it. over the years some of the classic brands changed such as brut and old spice. I am happy that a lot are still available in stores even if some are not like they once were.
06th January, 2014

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