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Brut (1964)
by Fabergé


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Year of Launch1964
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerKarl Mann
Parent CompanyPallinghurst Resources

About Brut

It's Brut! What more can be said....

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Whenever you wear your beloved la nuit,Dior homme or le male you should give a big shout-out to the BRUT.
All the contemporary sweeties are kids of Brut's family where Brut plays as the grandfather .

BRUT opens up sharp sweet and syrupy ,and goes ahead taking along its sweetness of the opening , but never forgets to get rid of that sticky syrupiness ,And dries down to a simple yet comforting and alluring aroma .



It's sweet , a little balsamic and powdery but its not your usual dry talc ,instead there's some sticky dampness that keeps it from going overly dusty, it's a soft magical aura around you, thats the vibe that makes people bieng nostalgic for it ,and push it apart from all the other classic fougeres.
its sweet but not in La nuit or CH men's bubbly ,naughty and overly extrovert way.

Its herbal in a "wet tree bark way" ,yet not so green.

There's a very soft but pronounced muskyness with a very thin green tone underneath, that wraps the whole composition, this musky blanket is the soul of great BRUT.

It's smell makes us feel it came from a long gone era ,but it still manages to smell quiet up-to-date compared to any other classics of its era ,and even leaves behind some of the big hits of the 70's & 80's when it comes to timeless-ness.

BRUT is one of the most classic and authentic barbershop smells you can find ,and its aromatic qualities ,sweet and wet talcum powder vibe ,subtle herbals and smooth over all effect declares it one of the best of its genre .

I usually wear and enjoy it after a shower in the shiny cool winter evening ,when sky is blue and and the sunlight has turned to orange ,sitting in the open under the sky in solitude, sun is landing in the west and full winter moon is rising from the east, it gives an strange feeling of relaxation and calmness, no rush , no one around .
this is the perfect environment for me to enjoy brut and other classics ,im enjoying Classic fragrances in the same way from years.
as oppose to the modern chaotic scents these oldies relaxes our minds.
So if you like old school classics ,get ready to be surprized by BRUT.
its not about "OLD OR NEW "
its all about "GOOD AND BAD" .

Classic green bottle with silver medallion.

16th June, 2019
Mens classic. Best smell ever. Fresh, manly. Lasts 30 minutes. Perfect after a shave. This is starting the day off right.
13th May, 2019
There was always a bottle of this floating around during my childhood and following a recent article I read about the comeback of these scents with the young hipster types I thought why not?

In the UK the most common products you see are the Antiperspirant, deodorant and the 100ML glass bottle Aftershave. I had bought the Antiperspirant some months ago. I quite liked it but moved on. So yesterday after having only smelled Brut Aftershave as a child I finally wore it. It's nowhere near as strong as I remember but that's not totally a bad thing in my view. There are some similarities to Rive Gauche Pour Homme but understand they are similar in the way a Timex can be modelled on a Rolex but they will never be equal in detail.

So it is with Brut. That classic smell is there but very much toned down from what I remember. Am I crazy about it? Not really. I've smelled better but I've certainly smelled worse. I slapped some more on again today before I went out. As I was walking down the street I could smell it around me. It was pleasant enough but that's all. I think this is a try-it-for-yourself fragrance. You may love it, you may loathe it or may just be OK with it. For me personally, it was good enough for Elvis who apparently used so much of it you could smell him before he walked into the room. So, if he liked it, it can't be all bad.

07th August, 2018
This is a review for Brut Prestige -

This stuff is nothing like the original. I wore Brut as a teen, and this modern version has neither the bite, the spice, and especially not the strength of the original. The original Brut was named aptly - it was brutish. This modern-day version should be renamed "Soy" or "Soy Boy".

The scent itself is a mild, weaker, version of the original. It did not impress me at all. As for strength, I tried this both on body as well as clothing. The scent dissipates in an hour or two. This scent almost perfectly mirrors the emasculation of the male gender in today's society. If you're a soy boy, snowflake, male-feminist, etc, who strongly believes that there is a patriarchy, and that the male gender is extremely oppressive, this is the scent for you. It's submissive and guaranteed not to offend.

Worthless, emasculated replica of the original. RIP Brut
25th July, 2018
This is for the Special Reserve cologne spray with the medallion.

I always dug Brut products. To me, the aftershave and deodorant used to be synonymous with getting clean, right after hitting the locker room showers. At least back in the day. I think Axe replaced Brut as the school athlete's choice of deodorant.

Anyway, this stuff is so much more potent and strong than the stuff they sell in the plastic bottle. This is more like an oriental fragrance to me. Really thick and heavy.
I think this stuff is too strong.
This smells very dated, especially when it gets down to that spicy powdery dry down phase.

The original Old Spice. Not exactly the same, but same vibe: powdery spicy.

It's a classic scent, but even for someone like me who typically likes classics, this one is just far too dated and heavy for me to enjoy.

07th July, 2018 (last edited: 12th September, 2018)
Green and lemony toned with both barbershop talc and wood in a powder structure with a little vanilla.Rich in dry lemon and some anise.This sits at a hard thumbs down for me...never cared for the way lemon and anise come off which is in a weird way.It smells like this is a rotten lemon pulled out of a dumpster getting baked in the summer heat.The bitter anise is the mold on the lemon which contributes that dried sunbaked feel and these two generate heat...nasty combination.If Brut replaced this with something nicer to flow with this manly barbershop feel it would get a thumbs up easily at the low price.I just can't work with that rancid lemon and anise at all.
27th May, 2018

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