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Brut (1964)
by Fabergé


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Year of Launch1964
AvailabilityIn Production
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PerfumerKarl Mann
Parent CompanyPallinghurst Resources

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It's Brut! What more can be said....

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Stardate 20170330:

Fabrege Version:
When I was in middle school, my father got promoted to a new role in different part of the country. So when we were moving the main mover honcho was doing the dressing table and he saw my father's bottle of Brut. He did not know cologne and never wore them and so I spritzed some on him. He was happy and had a grin - a weird one.

A few days later when we were unpacking in our new home my father could not find his Brut. It never made it to our new place. My father chalked it up to things-that-go-missing-when-one-moves. I knew better.

To this day, whenever I smell Brut, I think of that episode in my life. I never could wear Brut since then. I recently got a Fabrege bottle for cheap (after Colin Maillard mentioned in one of the vintage threads ) hoping that I would be over it.
But no I still hate it.

But I love Rive Gauche PH - which is Brut minus Vanilla, SW, Ylang and Jasmine.
I think it is the vanilla and Ylang that make this fragrance a scrubber. They don't belong in this structure.
30th March, 2017
One of the first scents I had worn as a teen decades ago, and one that I still respect.

Brut is the embodiment of mass market fougere scents for men: Full, warm, bracing fragrances that weren't afraid to be noticed. Brut is spicy, woody, having a clean start and nice finish. As an after shave, it was a real gem to wear; I and other males in my family have used Brut many times in our lives, so there is that sentimental connection for me.

This one is a great cologne and after shave to wear when you just want to smell nice without being too hung up on brand name recognition. It does the job well, and is no doubt a legendary scent worth checking out.
14th March, 2017
The smell of a classic '60's era fougere fragrance with its deep baritone herbal signature. Today's Brut is close to the original in aroma with the exception of less oak moss whicch is replaced with a bit more tonka (powder) in the base. The essential low toned register of Brut is alive and well created with Basil + touch of anise to a lavender coumarin fougere and it does have that growl. Brut always reminds me of the era of muscle cars - revving of a SS396 or 442hemi - this is Brut. The scent of freshly plucked basil plus a roll in the hay. Brut still smells great all these years later.

As a side option I have found that a splash of Brut over a spritz of dry vetiver turns Brut into the finest smelling niche fougere aroma with very contemporary complexity. I use a skin toner after shaving called Face of Danger (really!) that is all vetiver with witch hazel and adding Brut to the top of this is magic in layering.
09th January, 2017 (last edited: 13th January, 2017)
Two sprigs of lavender in a fizzing glass of iced 7UP complete with hints of several background notes all at home in any good barbershop scent. There's quality here at practically no cost. If it wasn't so over exposed it could be a treasured gem for me. I (like a fellow reviewer) enjoy this one after a shower and worn about the house. I too feel clean and fresh with this one. I haven't taken to wearing this one out and about. Average projection and longevity, at best.

My juice is the current Special Reserve Brut cologne in a long necked glass bottle with a medal and a sprayer. It's a very impressive lighter weight scent, but; so very overexposed too.
28th December, 2016 (last edited: 02nd January, 2017)
not bad not great , I am not against cheap stuff but this was never one of my favorites. cant give it a thumbs down because of its history neutral
11th July, 2016
I recently ran into the medallion-bedecked glass bottle of Brut Classic (circa 2008)… Being a fan of vintage clothing and thrifting, I am always interested in the curious prickle one gets when stumbling across a find… the slightly out-of-date font on the box, that marvelously kitschy-but-good bottle design. When I first began getting into fragrances again a couple of years ago, I went through an aftershave phase (Pinaud Clubman, Florida Water, etc.) and tried the plastic-bottled aftershave version of Brut as well as something called 'special reserve.' Definitively: neither of them is half as good as Brut Classic. Sillage is fairly potent for the first 2-3 hours, and longevity is decent in this formulation at 5+ hours. It's surprisingly buoying as well and both pleasant and discreet at work if not over-applied (incidentally, it is similar enough to the aftershave and deodorant stick to make layering pleasant, but in both cases, discretion is paramount – go easy). It takes some work to set aside the cultural baggage you may have, depending upon your age (I'm 44, probably the generation most likely to be haunted by the ghosts of middling authority figures past), but if you can, this is a surprisingly wearable fougere, maybe even a little bit ‘classic’ …

The citric-herbal top notes of mint, basil and lemon are inviting, the lavender refreshing, and the geranium tantalizingly zingy; the yang-ylang and jasmine can take some getting used to, the former redolent of plastic-wrapped candy, and the latter indolic in a way that can remind me of white flowers on their way out, but - weirdly enough- these quickly become addictive, forming an almost honey-like accord with the powdery sweetness of coumarin. There are even hints of sandal and patchouli peaking through, producing moments of actual delight or deliciousness as the scent reacts to body heat (I can’t restate enough that this is NOT an experience I have with the plastic parody, but only Brut Classic). Anisic aldehydes keep things wet and tart in a barbershop mien for the first couple of hours, easing in to a pleasant powdery-fresh vs. musk continuum that emerges as a skin scent with a whiff of clean, keep-it-togetherness that helps ground your tenor when attempting to work well with others. There is something kind of clashing in the blend of fresh, sweet, musky and medicinal, but that may well be part of the appeal, depending on your perspective. I don’t think I have yet gotten to the end of how much culture and nature talk circles around one another as you try to decide how you feel about this fragrance (though cheap, it’s better than you think you think it is, but its cheapness is also a key ingredient to its being good design), but isn’t that part of what we’re learning about these things for, what they used to call ‘a sentimental education?’
19th May, 2016

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