Bulgari Black (1998)
    by Bulgari

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    A Woody Smoked fragrance. The bottle is rounded and designed to fit the hand. A combination of metal, glass and rubber. Like most of the Bulgari fragrances, it contains a tea note.

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    75ml EdT
    75ml EdT
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    Rubber, but not the type of rubber of a car tire; More like the less grippy, smoother plasticy rubber used in trim. Somehow this then reminds me of anise and the smell of Diesel Fuel for Life, slightly rootbeer-like as the rubbery smell fades or my nose accommodates to it -- the smell of bonded black leather mixed with vanilla. This certainly gets better with extended wear time but I don't imagine I'd reach for it over others in my collection. This is definitely not a blind-buy safe scent.

    26 March, 2014

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    Well, it certainly contains a sort-of burnt rubber accord that I actually wish was a bit more prominent. The note doesn't dissipate as much as the vanilla completely envelopes the other notes.

    Maybe my sinuses and the cold weather have contributed poorly to my ability to detect the scent, but it also seems that the sillage is rather poor. Longevity seems to be mediocre, extending as far as 6 hours before taking a nosedive into nothing territory.

    Randy's Rundown: Take a notably synthetic vanilla bean body wash, cook something indian inspired after applying it, and then perform an oil change on your car. Three days later, the remnant scent on your clothing may match what Bvgalri Black has got going on here.


    20th January, 2014

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    Don Corleone

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    I like many of Annick Menardo's creations an own several, but I can't get past the powerful tire-shop smell of this one as it opens up. The drydown becomes more pleasant, smooth and Vanillic, but for me, the opening kills it. Reeking of a fresh Firestone tire doesn't appeal to me, even for a little while. I blind-bought a 1.3 oz. on close-out for about $15 and I actually consider it a blind-buy failure.

    12 January, 2014

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    This isn't love/hate, it's boring, bland and innocuous. No rubber, no leather, all I get is vanilla huh. I'm so sad, it's nothing special. I seriously wanted burnt rubber!

    06 December, 2013 (Last Edited: 03 April, 2014)

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    Smoked tea

    In the Bulgari line-up are quite some tea scents, one of them is BLACK, evoking the smell of Lapsang Souchong, a Chinese black tea dried over pine wood smoke, a note which is very dominant in this perfume.

    This smoky note, also identified as rubber or tire, stays on strong for a long while until the vanilla note shows in the dry down and and adds a slight sweetness and powdery touch. I do not get any floral notes.

    It is very suitable for summer and humid climate as it does not fade so easily as other perfumes and I wonder if the humidity amplifies the smoked tea note.

    Pros: Smoky tea note, great longvity

    12 October, 2013

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    The bottled energy of a global city

    Overall rating: * * * * * (masterpiece)

    Bvlgari Black is New York (or any other global metropolis, really) in a bottle. Hot pavement, steam rising from the subway, ambient sweet food smells, and...noise. Yes, a fragrance can have a sound, and the sound of Bvlgari Black is the din of the city at lunchtime.

    It took me a couple of wearings to fall in love with Bvlgari; my first reaction was negative: "Hot Rubber? In a fragrance? Is this some kind of joke?" The sensation was not unlike listening to Achtung Baby for the first time many years ago. I thought my stereo was broken! At any rate, BIack has become one of my top 10 fragrances of all time. Totally energizing, stimulating, sexy--a scent that, like a big city, is all about possibilities and self-transformation/self-invention.

    A brief word about the nose behind Black, Annick Menardo. This fragrance is the crowing achievement of her remarkable career. It has her signature drydown (familiar to wearers of Jaipur) of spiced vanilla and musk. I can only imagine how magnificent this must have been back before IFRA began treating oakmoss as a schedule 1 controlled substance.

    If you love your nose and believe that anything is possible in life, you need to try Bvlgari Black. It is a masterpiece

    Pros: The perfect Annick Mendardo drydown
    Cons: none"

    26 August, 2013

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