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Bulgari pour Homme (1995)
by Bulgari


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Year of Launch1995
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Cavallier
Parent CompanyBulgari

About Bulgari pour Homme

The man's musk! Sparkling citrus notes merge with tea notes into a musky skin scent that lasts and lasts. A very intimate fragrance. [AN]

Reviews of Bulgari pour Homme

Tea, citrus, woods and oakmoss, in a summer-friendly and subtle delivery. Undoubted masculinity has never been so understated. Highly refreshing. Looking forward to a fuller review in time, but right now, thumbs up.
06th August, 2016

Tea, bergamot and musk - you can't go wrong, really. That would be my main criticism, the fact that it's so darn likable. I usually like my smells a lot more edgy, so I was surprised how much I love in. It's the most wonderful, lovely scent there is. It makes me feel in love. So perfect, so balanced, and so downright wearable - every season, every part of the day. If you're a little shy about smelling too weird, this one's for you, after all, we can't all wear Encre Noir or Yatagan. Yes, the longevity is lousy. The good news is, you can spray it as often as you like. I keep a bottle in the office and one at home. I get a lot of pleasant reactions and, well, what's wrong with being liked?
18th September, 2015
A neutral rating from me, only because on my skin it is a little too sweet for my liking.
Pleasant sweet citrus tea scent, unoffensive, clean feeling, easy to wear.
23rd August, 2015 (last edited: 24th August, 2015)
There are a lot of notes listed for this one and I wondered quite where they were all hiding because the first blast is lemon, lemon, and lemon again. Or maybe it's bergamot and orange because there's no lemon listed. Nevertheless it's a brisk citrus entrance that lasts for some time.
I think I get the darjeeling tea, but I'm not sure. My experience was the aroma of well-steeped tepid tea (or even used bags taken from the pot), rather than the lightly bitter fragrance of darjeeling. Not necessarily bad. It's peppery too and mildly spicy in the fleeting middle notes.
I wore this on a summer day that had some dampness in the air, there'd been a storm in the early morning and the dry-down mingled perfectly with it; mimicking the after-the-rain aroma with a mossy-woody backdrop. The muskiness rounds everything off nicely.

I liked this scent even though it is pretty low-key, though rather gentlemanly too. It's a good all-rounder and would likely work through the seasons if chosen with care.
01st August, 2015
Genre: Citrus

I’ve never quite understood the appeal of this one myself. Sure, it’s nice enough, with an extended crisp citrus opening, an eminently civilized woody-aromatic heart, and a dusty cedar drydown, but…but it’s not enough for me. The whole composition is so staid and so restrained that it winds up smelling like a constipated Eau Sauvage. A fundamental structure this conservative needs to blow the competition out of the water with sheer quality, as in Eau de Guerlain, or offer a new twist to distinguish it from the rest of the pack, as in Eau Sauvage. Bvlgari pour Homme doesn’t quite manage either, so it’s something of a yawn for me. A good office scent if you want to smell like part of the furniture.
09th June, 2014
Seventy pound weakling

Bulgari Pour Homme is the weedy seventy pound weakling who got sand kicked in his face by a well endowed muscle man, something like Declaration perhaps. He's a really nice guy, likes oranges and milky tea and doesn't reek of the demon drink. He's a bookeeper at the Returned Serviceman's Club and gets on well with old people who dislike strong smells. He will never get the girl and will marry his cousin. When you want to play it safe, when your bookie is after you for bad debts, he's your man.

Pros: Safe, Gentle, Inoffensive
Cons: Retiring and timid"

04th September, 2013

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