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Burberry for Men (1995)
by Burberry


Burberry for Men information

Year of Launch1995
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

SupplierCreations Aromatiques
PackagingPierre Dinand
Parent CompanyInter Parfums
Parent Company at launchJean Philippe > Inter Parfums

About Burberry for Men

Burberry for Men is a masculine fragrance by Burberry. The scent was launched in 1995 and the bottle was designed by Pierre Dinand

Burberry for Men fragrance notes

Reviews of Burberry for Men

Burberry for Men, is a clean, masculine fragrance that probably deserves more attention than it receives. The composition is commonplace, with fruit, spicy wood, lavender and vanilla as the main themes from top to base. It reminds me of spiced honey apples in a slight way. It's all nicely executed and nothing overwhelms or offends. Average projection and great longevity.

I like this as an office scent, but will wear it to a nice dinner out as well.
22nd March, 2015
Elzéard Show all reviews
United Kingdom
I have just poured milk all over my cereal, but at the first mouthful, I realise that the milk has turned and gone sour. So I heap on about 5 spoons of sugar in an unfortunately vain attempt at salvaging the soggy mess.
26th December, 2014 (last edited: 17th January, 2015)
Genre: Fougère

Ignore the man behind the curtain – the one wearing Cool Water.

Bright, sweet, and pleasantly juicy top notes of mixed fruit and bergamot combine in a beautifully composed opening gesture that persists beyond all reasonable expectations. (Ah, the power of modern synthetics!) Spices and floral notes come very slowly into focus over the first half hour of wear, but these work to season the opening fruity accord, not supplant it. Nutmeg and cinnamon eventually detach themselves from the nebulous spice ensemble, while the floral accord coalesces into a clean, cheerful jasmine.

So far, so good: it seems as if Burberry for Men might evolve into a light, fruity oriental scent. Alas, that’s not what happens. Before the first hour out of the bottle is up the mask drops, a huge lavender note wells up to establish a conventional fougère accord, and Burberry for Men reveals itself as yet another fruity fougère Cool Water clone. Granted it’s richer and less crass in its execution than most, but it’s still profoundly derivative, and adds nothing of interest to the realm of masculine perfumery.

Not satisfied with being merely insipid, Burberry for Men is also loud – very loud. It carries for yards and leaves a great cloud of generic men’s cologne vapor behind it. The drydown, which Burberry recycled for its equally uninspired Brit for Men, consists largely the same chalky, raspy, synthesized woody base that perfumers have dumped by the gallon into nearly every designer masculine since 1990, apparently fearing that without it their products won’t be recognized as scents for men. In sum, Burberry for Men is far from the worst of its prolific ilk, but it still has no valid reason to exist.
09th June, 2014
one of the classiest scents ever

This is one of the classiest scents for men ever made. Only Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men can compare, though they smell nothing alike. The Guerlains, Givenchys, Carons and other supposedly respectable fragrances I've smelled are NOT EVEN IN THE SAME LEAGUE. Last but not least, women seem to love it too. A lot.

A wonderful classic.

Pros: classy, unique, manly

03rd August, 2013
Why Bother?

Same old, same old, fairly weak..

Tiresome, boring, not much tweak..

This Burberry Men is not unique.

06th June, 2013
rbaker Show all reviews
United Kingdom
An all right scent

Although I get quite a bit of apple freshness in the top note, this scent never becomes sweet or overly fruity. In the drydown flowery touches with a woody note emerge, and some vanilla and lavender too, the latter quite faint on my skin. Pleasant but with a longevity of about two hours only. Not bad, but not brilliant either.

21st May, 2013

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