Burberry for Men (1995)
    by Burberry

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    Formerly known as Burberry, then Burberry London, but then back to plain ol' Burberry in late 2005 to make way for new Burberry London scents.

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    TW Bolek
    Poland Poland

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    one of the classiest scents ever

    This is one of the classiest scents for men ever made. Only Giorgio Beverly Hills for Men can compare, though they smell nothing alike. The Guerlains, Givenchys, Carons and other supposedly respectable fragrances I've smelled are NOT EVEN IN THE SAME LEAGUE. Last but not least, women seem to love it too. A lot.

    A wonderful classic.

    Pros: classy, unique, manly

    03 August, 2013

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    Why Bother?

    Same old, same old, fairly weak..

    Tiresome, boring, not much tweak..

    This Burberry Men is not unique.

    06 June, 2013

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    An all right scent

    Although I get quite a bit of apple freshness in the top note, this scent never becomes sweet or overly fruity. In the drydown flowery touches with a woody note emerge, and some vanilla and lavender too, the latter quite faint on my skin. Pleasant but with a longevity of about two hours only. Not bad, but not brilliant either.

    21st May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    Man smell. Good stuff. Lasts a good minute. Versatile and awesome. FOLKS!!!

    13 February, 2013 (Last Edited: 21st February, 2013)

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    United States United States

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    Burberry for Men wasn't really on my radar, but I liked Brit and London, and someone was selling a new bottle of this at a dirt cheap price ($7 for an unopened, 1.7 oz bottle), so I bought it blind.

    Due to the price, I don't regret the purchase, but there's nothing about Burberry for Men that stands out. Fruity to start...faded fast...disappeared after a couple hours. What I liked about it, was another couple hours after it disappeared, it returned: clean and sweet and close to the skin.

    I'm a teacher, and I could see this being okay for school. But there's that word again--okay. Decent. I like it...but I don't love it.

    17 August, 2012

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    United States United States

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    Burberry...just Burberry! An excellent, classic "thinking man's" fragrance. Apple, orange, lavendar, and a mild tea note all pervade. I tend to dislike "fruity" fragrances, but this one is unmistakably masculine. It may be linear and fleeting. It has only a fair longevity and sometimes projects more of a vanilla note at the end, but it is a great stand-by that should be respected.

    07 August, 2012

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