Caesars Man (1988)
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    Manly & 2 strong like drakkar noir

    Basically a copy of Drakkar Noir.

    very Manly but 2 strong 4 me to wear.

    Pros: lasts all day
    Cons: Not Original"

    17 September, 2013

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    Vintage Drakkar Noir In A Bottle...

    Caesars Man opens with a gentle aromatic lavender and herb-laced citric bergamot with faint traces of slightly soapy oakmoss rising all the way from the base. As it enters the early heart phase the lavender remains along with the now much more prominent slightly soapy oakmoss joining green slightly astringent coniferous accord with a semi-sweet almost candied amber undertone. The fragrance remains linear through the late dry-down as it stays green through the end as the lavender finally fades late. Projection is excellent and longevity is outstanding at 12+ hours on skin.

    I could wax-on as to all the characteristics I love and admire about powerhouse extraordinaire Caesars Man like its slightly soapy aromatic herbal green nature, but the truth is the composition really is extremely similar to vintage Drakkar Noir and if you have sniffed that classic you should have a very good idea what Caesars Man smells like. I *will* say that while I don't know how old my recently acquired bottle is, but I am very impressed as to the amount of oakmoss that is readily apparent on first sniff here, only gaining in intensity as time passes. No, this is not a huge oakmoss bomb like vintage Captain Molyneux, but there is plenty of the real stuff in here for sure. The bottom line is Caesars Man does not break any new ground, instead copying one of the all-time greats... extremely well. As 120ml bottles of Caesars Man can be had from discounters for approximately $15, acquiring this "excellent" smelling 4 star out of 5 rated powerhouse is a relatively easy decision for powerhouse fans (assuming you don't already own vintage Drakkar Noir).

    Pros: An amazing amount of oakmoss that I didn't think was still possible... Outstanding performance metrics and value.
    Cons: Lacks innovation.

    15 July, 2013 (Last Edited: 13 December, 2013)

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    clean and refreshing

    I enjoy this frag. Very clean and smells better then many newer expensive scents. For 8.99 for 4 oz its a steal...lasts a long time and is not harsh to my nose.

    Pros: inexpensive

    11th June, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    The old, stronger than the current, formula of Drakkar Noir but with a greener, less leathery and may be denser sillage, this is Caesars Man. The notes are pratically identical with those of the more notorious homologous aromatic fougere from Laroche. Very hard to find, an italian collector introduced me to smell granting to know the features. Not particulary compelling but a good stuff in any case.

    19 September, 2011

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    Not much to say about Caesars Man. Two things:

    1) Caesars Man is a good fragrance. A (by all means) cheap aromatic/green fougère that smells way much better than the majority of today's masculines.

    2) It's definitely derivative (Drakkar Noir anyone?).

    Said that, if you find it on a shelf, don't miss the chance to take it home as it sells ridicolously cheap and smells cheap but good.

    10th August, 2011

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    I visit Las Vegas quite often and in 3 occasions I tried this perfume that sells for 10 bucks at the Caesar's Palace and 3 times I decided not to buy because I thought it was not worthwhile, I could get knock offs of Drakkar Noir for half that price.
    Few months ago I was at my local Marshall's and as I was running out of Drakkar Noir I went to the perfume section and the 1.7 oz bottle of DN was $19.99 and just next to it was a 4.0 oz. Caesar's Man at just $9.99, well, could not help it but my hand reached for the cheaper juice LOL.
    I took it home and after spraying it for the first time I was furious, how could I be so stupid buying the cheap knock off when I could have bought the real thing. Since then I've worn CM a couple of times and I've learned to appreciate this perfume and now I have not regrets, after doing the math DN costs $11.76/oz vs. 2.5 for CM, and DN is NOT 4.7 times better than CM, actually in a blind test probably I would not be able to tell the difference. So, "Ave Ceasar"

    12 June, 2011

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