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Capucci pour Homme (1967)
by Roberto Capucci


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Year of Launch1967
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

HouseRoberto Capucci
Parent CompanyWeruska & Joel

About Capucci pour Homme

Capucci pour Homme is a masculine fragrance by Roberto Capucci. The scent was launched in 1967

Capucci pour Homme fragrance notes

Reviews of Capucci pour Homme

Very good, a more bitter aromatic/ herbal Eau Sauvage / Monsieur de Givenchy, closer to Givenchy actually. I own both but this is sufficiently different to join the collection, I am a big fan of the genre though.
More Mediterranean and rugged than both, where Givenchy and Dior are dapper Parisians, Capucci is a stylish Napolitano. Great moss too.
22nd June, 2018
Oviatt Show all reviews
United States
Capucci Pour Homme often gets compared to the great Eau Sauvage and the equally great Chanel Pour Monsieur. I sort of get that, but to me it smells like Monsieur de Givenchy and YSL Pour Homme merged into one. This is a delightful, old fashioned, citrus chypre with elegant, dry herbs. Capucci would later explore this herbal, mossy element in greater detail with 1985's R de Capucci and to great effect. Capucci Pour Homme has an Italian elegance to it much like we find in Bugatti and later in Ferre for Man. This is what the lunch crowd at Rome's Hotel Hassler smells like as they settle into an aperitivo, what linen-suited natives of the Amalfi Coast smell like as they drink Limoncello and it is what the busy Milanesi smell like as they go about their day. A perfect way to bring a little masculine Italian elegance into everyone's life.
31st May, 2018 (last edited: 04th June, 2018)
This smells a lot like Dior's Eau Sauvage, but at a fraction of the price. It's a very old-world citrus aromatic cologne, and leans very masculine. It opens with very bitter and tart lemon, lime, and oakmoss, with hints of leather. This aroma is extremely masculine and also greatly pleasant to my nose; however it won't be for everyone as this is very bitter and has no sweetness whatsoever. It's 100% old-school green chypre and is not a modern sporty citrus or aquatic fragrance whatsoever. This aroma then changes on drydown to basically very green and slightly citric oakmoss with leather and hints of basil, anise, Indian bay, and patchouli. Mostly oakmoss though. The whole thing smells 'green' and bitter. Sillage is moderate while longevity is also moderate at around 4-5 hours. Overall, this is a really nice old-school masculine citrus cologne in the same line as Acqua di Parma Colonia and Dior Eau Sauvage (both of which smell somewhat like Capucci pour Homme).

03rd May, 2018
Stardate 20170630:

There are 2 fragrances that bear this name and packaging. This is why the reviews are all over the place.
Well actually there is just one but it was reformulated drastically in late 90s that people who think they have real vintage do not.
And then there is the post IFRA shite.
So a 3 ingredient box does not guarantee that you have the original.
You can read more about it at the raiders.

On to the review

1) Original Vintage- Leather Chypre. A great leather. Think burberrys for men and add chypre to it. A man's cologne

2) Reformed version- Citrusy Chypre. No leather but a more manly citrus. None of the sweetness and dandiness of typical citruses.

Get either. Get both

01st July, 2017
Very classy. Masculine, "old school" and great! I have gotten many compliments while wearing this... great "layered" with oud, with sandalwood and I really like it with Tabu. Great by itself, too!
10th April, 2015
drseid Show all reviews
United States
*This is a review of vintage Capucci pour Homme

Capucci pour Homme opens with a nose tingling sharp lemon and green petitgrain tandem with a mild supporting herbal accord. As the composition moves to is early heart the lemon and mild herbs remain as the lemon turns less sharp, with gentle oakmoss rising from the base coupling with moderate aromatic lavender as joint support. During the late dry-down the lemon and herbal aspects vacate as the composition turns slightly musky and woody with leather-like labdanum taking over as star through the finish. Projection is average and longevity excellent at well over 12 hours on skin.

Capucci pour Homme is one of those compositions that is extremely pleasant smelling, making it very difficult to over-spray. The composition has been likened by many to Channel pour Monsieur, but honestly I don't smell much of a similarity between the two. To my nose it is much closer to vintage YSL pour Homme, with what can best be described as a mutual sweaty herbal lemon accord. No, the two are not the same, becoming all the more clear as the herbal lemon morphs to leathery labdanum and smooth musky woods in Capucci pour Homme, but their respective first halves of development definitely occupy similar space. In short, Capucci pour Homme is a very impressive, relatively light, easy to wear composition, making it great for just about any occasion imaginable year-round. The bottom line is the discontinued vintage Capucci pour Homme is a great offering from the house that should appeal to fans of old school compositions, vintage YSL in particular, earning it an "excellent" 4 stars out of 5 and a strong recommendation. Vintage and original formula bottles can be found on the aftermarket for under $1 per ml making Capucci pour Homme a good blind buy candidate.
27th February, 2015 (last edited: 28th February, 2015)

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