Caractère (1989)
    by Daniel Hechter

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    Caractère Fragrance Notes

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    Caractère is a men's fragrance by Daniel Hechter. The scent was launched in 1989 and the bottle was designed by Pierre Dinand

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    England England

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    This (the aftershave version) is reminiscent of Paco rabanne, Kouros and Givenchy Gentleman, and for me closest to Gentleman. A litle sweeter than the other powerhouses and maybe a little more linear this appears to be available remarkably cheaply at the moment (though the bottle looks slightly different). A thumbs up.

    17 December, 2011

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    Italy Italy

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    Respectful powerhouse very, very leathery and velvety in its final development. The first blast is moderately green, citrusy and floral. I agree, since the beginning  and going on Caractere smells  less raucous, spicy and angular than the majority of its homologous from the same age and in light of this it is a less bold and brash kind of powerhouse fragrance. Carnation and jasmine start waving around since the beginning while a link of leather, animal notes, moss and jasmine endly projects a sort of vervety brown kind of smell less citrusy, spicy  and green than usual for the powerhouse fragrances of the era, on the contrary more brown, warm, leathery  and nutty of the average. I love the final link of oily patchouli, dusty amber and coconut which enhances the velvet of the leather, the viscosity, the animalism and the nutty sweetness. In its warm, slightly  resinous and animal final link of incensey and a bit resinous patchouli it reminds me more than vaguely the great and unfloral Mazzolari Lui which is a more smouldering, resinous and temperamental  kind of scent. This one smells obviously drier than the Mazzolari one. The projection is very close to the skin.

    14 September, 2011 (Last Edited: 15 September, 2011)

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    There is something very substantial beneath the surface of Caractere that is never brought into the open. Perhaps Hechter decided that at the end of a decade of excess, enough was enough. It’s a real shame as it is only a few clicks away from being something quite excellent. Instead, I find when I am wearing it that I am reminded of something else, and inevitably something better.

    Initially a flat citrus sheen is draped across a slightly dirty opening, but it’s quickly clear that it is obscuring a deep sonorous presence. The elongated cedarwood note that traverses the middle to late phases is likely to polarise opinion. Personally, I find it lends the fragrance a rather bland dry air for too long, and it is only when it recedes in the drydown that matters settle into a comforting leather and moss base.

    Hechter's Caractere mines the same fragrant seam as Antaeus, but without really producing the quality and output of Chanel.

    08 September, 2011

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    This is my prefer parfume, it's a synthony perfect with my style!

    19 January, 2011

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    Well, this one has eluded me for many years......until today!

    The phrase that springs to mind with this is "well groomed". It has a clean, mildly soapy but heavy smell to it. To me, it smells "expensive".

    Now, God help me for saying this but it reminds me of Black Suede by Avon (and I hate Black Suede by Avon) yet I really like this. I can pick out the lemon in this and it's of a Givenchy Monsieur style. It's a bit old school. A slight hint of YSL Rive Gauche Pour Homme as well but nowhere near as raucous.

    This kind of demands a nice Suit or a Tux as it is formal but in a warm, friendly, inviting sort of way.

    Let me sum it up by saying "I love it!". I'm so glad it's available in the U.K. This one will stay with me for as long as it's available.

    30th June, 2010

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    United States United States

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    Stays close to the skin. Came out the same year as Boss Spirit and smell almost exactly like it, just more leather. This is good stuff, too.

    03 August, 2008

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