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Carven Homme (original) (1999)
by Carven


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Year of Launch1999
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Parent CompanyArco International
Parent Company at launchDaniel Harlant

About Carven Homme (original)

Carven Homme (original) is a masculine fragrance by Carven. The scent was launched in 1999

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Reviews of Carven Homme (original)

I made the mistake of trying the similarly named Carven Pour Homme, which turned out to be one of the worst scents I've ever encountered. Only after nine months did I find out that Carven Homme is a totally different fragrance that has been discontinued. I wonder about the sanity of a company that would discontinue a scent this great. Somehow this seems like what Shalimar should be but isn't-- a wonderful oriental, spicy, woody, incense scent that on the first spray makes you say "Wow!", and on further uses go "Mmmmmmm!". I would say this is definitely a unisex scent. After finding one bottle at only $13 I immediately purchased two more. Easily in my top five right now.
31st August, 2016
Stardate 20160817:

A great rosewood fragrance. I, along with many other, find it very similar to Egoiste. I would go further to say that Carven is better than Egoiste as it does not have that weird ("BO") note that Egoiste does.
Should be in everyone's wardrobe and despite the name this is true Unisex fragrance.

17th August, 2016
i searched for this smell untill i found it , i had a frag called cherry man by via paris perfumes i knew that it is a knock off version of a gem and bingo i found this oriental gem for peanuts , capture if you find it before it is gone.
17th February, 2016 (last edited: 27th March, 2016)
So I forked out $15 dollars. This scent is worth every bit of the hard earned cash I paid for it.No wonder it has been discontinued. I applied it at 7am, gone by 10:30. I litrrally have to bury my nose into my skin. The top is to die for, after that, nothing. I will be using this for the gym....
16th November, 2015
Pure balance and kaleidoscopic airy sophistication. A light but surprisingly "presenceful" fragrance, a masterfully crafted combination of musks, wooods, leather/tobacco and "lymphatic" floral notes. Carven Homme is indeed an excellent green-woody aromatic composition really multifaceted and rich of nuances. There is a silky herbal-woody-floral substance which ideally connects this fragrance to Gucci Envy for Men (Humiecki&Graef Askew in part) and even more (under my nose) to further creations as the classic Nino Cerruti, Romeo Gigli Sud Est, Trussardi Action Uomo (just in part) and Canali Men.
The Envy Men's reference is frankly quite "moderate" (just partially reasonable) to me since, apart the common spicy-herbal opening, Envy Men deflects soon towards a more marked resinous-vanillic, constantly anisic and gingery patchouli (finally quite spicy-musky and vanillic) while Carven Homme holds on its extremely balanced, sharp and woody accord of aromatic/green and woody notes, finally embellished by a soapy-floral and musky wake, with its twist of fresh balmy tobacco, velvety soft leather and soapy-floral facets. Envy Men is finally glamour-lush-synthetic, mastered by this fluidy accord of anise/cardamom and somewhat anisic-spicy-vanillic while Carven Homme is still a sharp woody floral accord with a light leather presence and a fresh lavender-tobacco touch, which finally deflects towards a balanced level of exotic floral soapiness (coming straight from the tobacco's freshly balmy rendition). Anyway woods (patchouli as well), herbal/aromatic elements, tobacco and floral notes (geranium in particular, may be violet and cyclamen too) are in here dominant over whatever resinous or balmy-vanillic ingredient.
This fragrance is really excellent guys. There is an aura of freshly exotic distinction around the wearer and the aroma smells about soapy-spicy leather/tobacco, fresh lavender, cedarwood, herbal muskiness and sharp floral twists (I point out to catch almost exclusively geranium). Frankly I detect zero points of connection with Jaipur Homme, apart may be a vague touch of fresh cinnamonic powder. This fragrance is surprisingly versatile and easy to wear and provides an aura of great discreet distinction (and subtle sophistication) around the wearer (a dynamic and casual-elegant type of lifely man). Lavender (coriander as well) is a key note providing all around a sharply cool and airy vibe, namely a perfect background for tobacco and leather. Extreme quality of ingredients which perform in a light, "fragrant" and freshly realistic way. The combination of musk, vanilla, silky (leathery) tobacco and floral notes "nails down" a status of extreme sophistication which plays a sort of modern-chic spark (an undertone) enriching a woody-herbal main accord. Highly recommended, especially for all those living in sultry type of climates and love smelling always musky and clean in a perfectly balanced way.
04th August, 2015 (last edited: 06th February, 2016)
Carven Homme smells good. It smells like a mix of other fragrances I've tried recently, but it's one of the better ones. The opening is not a world away from Dior Ambre Nuit which I wore recently, although this is more masculine.

Updating over a year later: The top and the base are both great. There's a slightly sour smell from one of the ingredients giving this a complex, natural smell, and that's balanced by some sweetness. As good as this is, there's something that holds me back from a full bottle - something clearly present in the opening that gives this a "nearly there" smell for me, but a smell that could grow on me over time.
05th June, 2015 (last edited: 05th September, 2016)

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