Chaleur d'Animale pour Homme (2000)
    by Animale Parfums

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    Chaleur d'Animale pour Homme Fragrance Notes

    Chaleur d'Animale pour Homme information

    Chaleur d'Animale pour Homme is a men's fragrance by Animale Parfums. The scent was launched in 2000

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    Sweet Heat

    This scent sounds rather fearsome:

    An animale in heat!

    Methinks the beast is tamer,

    As I find it rather sweet.

    But since I'm fairly thrifty,

    The beast did make me pounce

    To find a scent that saves a cent,

    A bargain by the ounce.

    I wear it on occasion

    Though it leaves me in a quandary:

    How an animal in rutting heat

    Can smell like fresh, clean laundry.

    24 May, 2013

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    United States United States

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    A very pleasant scent that does not deserve the trashing it is getting here.
    Granted, is not a Creed or Guerlain, but for the money, you get a pretty decent deal.
    Bergamot is the dominant note on opening but it is well spiced up by the white sage, then it turns into this "clean" vibe, I have to agree that smells a bit like fresh laundry, but that doesn't mean cheap, or "Cheer" like. It feels fresh, green and slightly spiced, then goes into a green/woody/sweet drydown.
    Sillage is not that bad but longevity is kinda poor.
    Can't really give it my thumbs up, but gets a very high neutral from me.

    21st November, 2011

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    Sweet and cheap animal heat. Chaleur d'Animale has an unctuous personality. Tide or Cheer might have been the inspiration for this one. This type of fragrance goes well with $20 Rolexes, velvet zebra-print outfits, or anything garish. Actually, smelling it as I write, I am beginning to like it. Well, I've betrayed myself again.

    29 November, 2009 (Last Edited: 21st March, 2010)

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    As has been said, this starts off sharp green and a bit "soapy." Within an hour or two it softens up and becomes a "skin musk" type of frag (depends upon how much you use). It doesn't have a "cheap drugstore" smell to me, just very sharp. I really don't like "green" frags and I hate the geranium/sandalwood combination, as is the case here, so it's hard for me to say how this compares to other, similar frags, because I try to avoid them. For the price, though, it seems to be a good buy for those who seek this kind of frag and want to keep the costs down. I guess the chain connected to it is a "conversation piece," at no extra charge. LOL.

    02 December, 2008

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    Why the chain? Chaleur díAnimale opens with a green / citrus / herbal accord that is sharp to the point of seeming cheap Ė itís that thin, piercing, meaningless sharpness that inhabits so many of the drugstore fragrances. It does settle down to a more acceptable sharpness as it moves into the middle accords of spice and florals Ė sharp but okay. This middle is not especially endearing, itís not strongly either floral or spicy but it is a nice green that has a non-offending sort of way about it. The base doesnít change much from what went before, except that it becomes woodier Ė a sort of Ehhh woodiness. I donít really think of Chaleur díAnimale as being strongly sweet; I think its sweetness is kept well under control. It is not very challenging nor is it very unique. Itís okay, but, why the chain?

    23 August, 2008

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    one of the worst green scents ever. very sharp and strong. smells like dog vomit and burning hay. terrible that's why it's so cheap. i got a used bottle on ebay for 7 bucks and that was too much. definately a repulsive and nasty scent here guys.

    05 August, 2008

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