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Chanel Pour Monsieur (1955)
by Chanel


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Year of Launch1955
AvailabilityIn Production
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People and companies

PerfumerHenri Robert
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Chanel Pour Monsieur

According to Chanel this was created by Henri Robert in 1955 and was launched as 'A Gentleman's Cologne' in the UK, 'Chanel for Men' in the USA and 'Chanel Pour Monsieur' in France. In 1989 it was relaunched with the name 'Chanel Pour Monsieur' worldwide. Chanel insist that the formula remains unchanged since its launch in 1955 -- though US beauty industry news reports in 1988 claim the scent is new and was created by 258s. Hmmmm.. curiouser and curiouser...

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Reviews of Chanel Pour Monsieur

Stardate 20161115:

This is a nice masculine fragrance and is recommended in all forms and vintages.
The common theme in all versions is citrus top and soft spices with Moss and little sweetness in drydown.
The newer vintages are less Mossy and more powdery - more like the discontinued Chanel PM Concentree.

I would recommend all the versions of this fragrances.
15th November, 2016
Chanel Pour Monsieur features one of the all-time great openings, a citric blast that feels powdery, playful and ticklish. After that life-affirming moment the scent turns into a perfectly calibrated soapy base which lasts longer than most people think. Indeed Chanel Pour Monsieur has a very strange habit of suddenly returning in strength after some hours of wear.

Classy and upbeat, you immediately notice it is made of the best materials. Very versatile and perfect for more discreet use (office). Probably best worn if you are 40+ or wear suits on a regular basis.

Chanel's masterpiece for men.
21st May, 2016
Start very citrusy and lemony, sharp and tangy. Drydown is soft and woody. Classy scent.
01st April, 2016
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United States
First, I am a huge fan of old school classic fragrances such as 4711, YSL Pour Homme, Moustache, Monsieur Musk, et cetera. I have none of the anti-age bias that some exhibit. Second, I enjoy the Chanel brand's cultural place and Antaeus and No. 5 are masterpieces in my book. All that said, I cannot wholeheartedly endorse Pour Monsieur due to the performance, as many others have noted. I don't care about sillage or compliments, frankly, but I do want to be able to detect a fragrance myself. CPM has an odd resume on my skin. It's grammar school years (the opening) are top notch, but the high school years (middle period) are invisible; he's cutting class, smoking in the boys' room or hiding in the lockers because he's absent on my skin. Later, though, as a middle-aged college student, he comes back with better grades and more participation in the class discussions. When I can smell it, it's a winner but for long stretches it's but a memory...
24th February, 2016
Class in a bottle. Classic haute couture in perfumery.

I am so great fun that reformulations have left this fragrance still smelling incredible.

That this fragrance was conceived in 1955 shows what could be achieved by perfumers when there wasn't the constant churn of new releases that we see today.

Longevity is gold for me, lasts for much of the work day.
14th December, 2015 (last edited: 05th January, 2016)
Between this, in Vintage and the Concentree, this takes the prize. It's subtler, more compact and drydown is suitably Chanel Elegance.This clearly has a better proportion of quality moss that allows it to plush out. While the contemporary still maintains distinct it's opening borders on the roughness of YSL Pour Homme and the lack of Natural Oakmoss stunts the beautiful expansive picture presented by the Vintage. There is less stiffness and a slight upping of the hints of skank. Development is quick and requires a reapplication.
Still mighty fine and hasn't been borderline emasculated. I'm talking to you, Dior (Eau Sauvage)
I have to thank fellow BN'er Bavard for this opportunity to play wjth the Vintage.
Thumb's up!!
08th December, 2015 (last edited: 16th December, 2016)

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