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    According to Chanel this was created by Henri Robert in 1955 and was launched as 'A Gentleman's Cologne' in the UK, 'Chanel for Men' in the USA and 'Chanel Pour Monsieur' in France. In 1989 it was relaunched with the name 'Chanel Pour Monsieur' worldwide. Chanel insist that the formula remains unchanged since its launch in 1955 -- though US beauty industry news reports in 1988 claim the scent is new and was created by 258s. Hmmmm.. curiouser and curiouser...

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    As a young man growing up in Southampton, Long Island, I was always shopping in Saks. Always being fragrance concious, I was always trying to find "my" cologne. My Mom wore Chanel 5 and while buying it for her for her birthday during the summer of my 18th birthday, I tried the men's Chanel. I LOVED it and continue using it to this day. I might add that I am will be 63 this summer! BRAVO Chanel, BRAVO!

    20th February, 2014

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    United States United States

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    A very nice, well-balanced, sophisticated chypre - perfect for summer wear due to its citrus accord and lightness.

    I agree with other reviewers that it has very poor silage and longevity, which are the reasons why I am giving it a neutral review.

    Also, there are so many other as good or better citrus chypres out there, that I really can't justify this being a classic or in a class by itself.

    I far prefer Homme de Gres as for me the perfect citrus chypre. Those interested should compare samples of the two before purchasing.

    15 January, 2014

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    Distinctive refinement. If this was a car it would be a Mercedes Pagoda. A classic

    14 December, 2013

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    tempest moon

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    What to say about this understated masterpiece? A true, grown-up gentleman's fragrance! I suppose there is not much more to add than what has already been said, but put simply, EVERY man should smell like this!

    Chanel pour Monsieur was made at a time when men were expected to be self-assured, professional, kind, caring individuals who treat women with respect, seldom raised their voice, always held doors open for people, offered a woman an umbrella in the pouring rain, who remembered to stand up when she entered the room. They were not meant to be ultra-macho or overly assert themselves in the face of others, because a real gentleman was secure in himself and did what he did because he believed in being a good human being.

    Created in 1955 by the great Henri Robert (the man behind the famous Chanel no. 19), he was master of the understatement, and understood the value of having simple, high quality ingredients that came together to form a whole picture, making the wearer feel self-assured and good about themselves.

    Rather than only having a single, overpowering note, the fragrance itself is extremely well balanced, so it's hard to pick out any individual notes, however the opening is one of a citrus/oakmoss wave that is both invigorating and at the same time extremely calming.

    What follows is (in typical Chanel fashion), a slightly bittersweet, almost (to my nose) singiature aldehyde-like hint, to which ginger, cardamom and fresh herbs come through. All before drying down to an amazing vetiver and cedarwood finish, which settles on your skin for the rest of the journey, as well as maintaining the oakmoss vibe throughout.

    There is nothing about this fragrance which is loud or in your face. This is in no way a powerhouse, it's very subtle and understated, but always lets you know that it is there (without overpowering those around you). It would be perfect on any formal occasion, along with a crisp shirt, suit, tie, and well-made shoes.

    There is also no reason to suggest that the adult men of this day and age should not wear this fragrance either. Because the values that were expected of men in 1955 are still relevant today! I believe that any man wearing this fragrance would also display a high level of maturity and exude self confidence, because he wouldn't need assert himself upon those around him, instead he could simply relax, be at ease with himself, and do what he has to do in life without over-proving himself to anyone and everyone.

    In a word, a TRUE gentleman's fragrance! Perfect for all clean, relaxed, confident men out there!

    21st November, 2013

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    style benchmark

    The perfect citrus chypre: bright lemon, bergamot and lemon verbena and other green, citrusy leaves and spices, basil, glowing orange, clove, peony, subtle fourgere accord, vetiver and cedar.

    An older cousin wore this when I was a teen. I always thought it smelled impossibly elegant: fresh, lush, and wonderful from start to finish; ideal for formal occasions, surprisingly intoxicating in hot and humid conditions.

    Pros: impossible grace, refinement
    Cons: none"

    17 October, 2013

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    United Kingdom United Kingdom

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    The Lovely Bones

    A bright, cheerful lemon opening, which soon fades, leaving a subtle mossy, mildly powdery drydown, warmed with a touch of civet (but not enough to risk offence).

    In its present incarnation, at least, this is something of a skeleton. It's like a chypre as re-imagined by J-C Ellena for his Hermessence Collection. Longevity is so-so, at 5 hours maximum (from 5 sprays) and projection is low. However I largely forgive it these failings as it smells so good. There is something timeless about it which transcends fashion.

    The bottle and sprayer are fine.

    Pros: A classic, with reason
    Cons: Lacks body"

    14 October, 2013

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