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Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée (1989)
by Chanel


Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée information

Year of Launch1989
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People and companies

PerfumerJacques Polge
Parent CompanyWertheimer

About Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée

A longer lasting interpretation of the original Chanel Pour Monsieur. It has fresher notes and deepened base notes.

Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée fragrance notes

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Reviews of Chanel Pour Monsieur Concentrée

Yves Montand
08th March, 2018
Very earthy, animalic scent that I can't stop sniffing!

CpMC is a classy blend of spices and wood that is musky but not overbearing. The top notes give way quickly to the spicy heart (cardamom and nutmeg - tasty!) that is anchored in the vanilla, oakmoss, and vetiver. Clean and masculine, great for formal wear.
10th December, 2016
In rating this fragrance, it's hard not to bear in mind Luca Turin's respective reviews of CPM and CPM concentre (as was then); and whether the concentre is the same as the contemporary parfum, or what - there seems to be no consensus on this on these or any other pages.

Assuming a strong fraternity between the concentre and the parfum, it's difficult to come to terms with Turin's one-star review, when the EDT receives the full five. My view is that the stronger version is still worthy of say four stars (and a thumbs up here).

From the EDT, I get an immediate, pervasive, and disconcertingly accurate version of Pledge (or furniture polish, for you non-Brits). However, over time it dries down to a superb rendition of dry, crisp woods that suit my taste exactly.

The EDP / Concentre performs on me in a more linear fashion, immediately front-loading those components that are meant to 'strengthen' or 'concentrate' the blend. That means, not least, that a dose of vanilla is there from the very beginning and I imagine for some would mean a rather choked or heavy effect. However, the flip-side is that no one will ever mistake this for any kind of household cleaning product. The end result is of a pleasant, full, and smooth scent that doesn't develop much and is of high quality but hard to love. I also find that the EDP is not, for me, a great choice for casual wear, but good for work or formal situations.

I'll happily get the use out of the bottle but the payoff is that I want to explore the EDT version in much more detail.
08th May, 2016
Great old style frag. Citrus top vanilla drydown. Not unlike Eau Sauvage. Has more spices and animalic element (I have vintage 1989 version) . Great longevity.
22nd December, 2015
Early 80's I received a gift of Pour Monsieur. Dismissed it as I had Eau Sauvage for this kind of thing. Traded it off for a small bottle of Grand Marnier.
Dismissed the Concentree as I was a Tiffany guy.
Fast forward 30 odd years and a whiff of this in Vintage and I'm shaking my head at my ignorance.
This is absolutely stunning. It's Eau Sauvage in tails. Gonna get me some of that!!
07th December, 2015
CPM is a very nice woodsy oriental with a powdery vanilla base. It's an excellent composition of very high quality, but it reminds me of several fragrances that I already own. Most notably, I get a strong sense of Chanel's Allure Homme, especially in the dry down. I own Allure and find it to be one of my most versatile year round fragrances. However, I don't want to purchase a fragrance from the very same house and designer that conjures such olfactory affiliation. Good fragrance none the less, thumbs up, but a non-buy for me.
03rd September, 2015

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