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    by Clinique

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    Clinique's second male fragrance. Packaged in a plain boring white box, with a boring cylindrical bottle. All a bit clinical for me: Reminds me of Chemisty lessons back at school! Hmmm! maybe that's the idea ;)

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    Not a fan, I don't like the way this one smells on my skin or on the tester. It is very cheapie and synthetic to me. I like Happy for Men just fine, but this one is off the mark. I wouldn't pick it up if it was in a bargain bin.

    23 April, 2013

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    Chemistry is another fragrance I used upon its UK debut in 1994. I went through a couple of bottles and then completely forgot about it. I knew it had been discontinued, now only available on-line or at selected shops, but since joining Basenotes I've been revisiting fragrances from my past and was compelled to give Chemistry another try.

    I was 21 when it first came out and simply put, Chemistry isn't a youth scent. I liked it very much, but those were the days of nightclubs and wild partying and Chemistry gets lost in loud, sweaty atmospheres; it simply isn't strong enough. (You could just spray on a lot more but Chemistry isn't a scent that lends itself kindly to over-application.) Also, as somebody who back then bathed in Antaeus and has always tended to favour more noticeable fragrances, to me Chemistry seemed...well, a bit throwaway.

    I'm 36 now and rediscovering Chemistry has been a true pleasure. A very simple scent with no other aspirations than to make you smell fresh and clean, it's a real pleasure to wear. This is a fragrance to lend you a generally pleasant air, only revealing itself totally when somebody comes very, very's the perfect date or bedtime scent. And maybe it's because I'm older or maybe it's because Chemistry is no longer widely-available, but I certainly wouldn't label it throwaway now.

    It won't go over with the CK crowd, of course, completing lacking frivolity. But I'm of the mind that it's how the individual wears a fragrance that's most important. If you can wear it deftly with confidence then any fragrance can be made suitable for any occasion - if it's a particularly strong fragrance one squirt on one wrist delicately applied to other areas can even make it suitable for work or a quiet dinner. I couldn't pull Chemistry off way back when but that shouldn't stop younger guys from giving it a try although, in fairness, most will probably find it a little too serious.

    As it is, I spray one squirt of Chemistry on my heart before dressing, one each side of my neck and one on each wrist. The initial gingery blast suggests this may be too much but within minutes it significantly mellows. There is no pretension with Chemistry, you catch it occasionally throughout the day - a simple, warm and comforting fragrance which works its magic through subtlety.

    As much as I love fragrance I'm horribly allergic to it. Unless I use a barrier cream, almost any fragrance brings me out in a disfiguring, maddeningly-itchy rash - something that I'm actually prepared to put up due to my love of fragrance. However, Chemistry does not cause my any reaction at all on my skin - probably due to Clinique's stringent anti-allergy policy - so it's ideal for anybody else who suffers with sensitive skin.

    Give this forgotten little gem a try. Rewards may be plentiful.

    06 October, 2010

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    Initial blast is a bit chemical and alcohol-y, but it dries down to a very simple, clean gingery amber melody, citrus in there somewhere. Lasted the better part of 2 hours on my skin. Very 90's, but not outdated by any means. Certainly pleasant.

    05 October, 2010

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    Im really dissapointed with this blind buy (13$ for 30ml) , it was a decant so no big deal,
    i like clinique happy so i thought this might fit the bil for spring/summer
    its simple - true
    it does not develop - true
    its projection is zilch - true
    is it bad? yes it is, a bit sweet, ambery-gingery with blast of rotten citrus that is synthetic and gives me a headache
    the funny thing: the name is right! it strenghten (intensify ?) chemistry of your body ...smell
    for entire 30min i smelled my dry skin much better :o
    if you know what i mean

    wow i did 180 on this! never expected
    its still same perception but it does not give me headache anymore i need just HOT weather to reach for this
    and it stays for a long time 6-7h but mostly skin scent
    small thumbs up

    28 May, 2010 (Last Edited: 12 October, 2011)

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    I still have the original bottle of Chemistry someone gave me as a gift many years ago. Not because I don't like it. Just because I always forget that I have it. That's just it Chemistry is simply not very memorable. I concur with the similarities to CK One other have mentioned here. That's really only on the initial spray. Chemistry calms down quickly and becomes a very soapy, clean smell. Great for office wear.

    19 May, 2010

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    Nigeria Nigeria

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    I find some similarities to Calvin Klein Eternity. It's a bit sweeter though. This style of frag was very common in Europe in the early 90s, I can find at least 5 other frags that have similar feel. Opening is a dull citrus, not tang, no tart. Many mention simple, this is just that, very simple. it is warm and office wear for the winter? Or maybe just hanging around the house.

    20th November, 2009

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