Chèvrefeuille Original (1982)
    by Creed

    • Launched: 1982
    • Type: Shared / Unisex / Unspecified
    • Availability: In Production
    • Perfumer: Unknown - Let us know
    • Bottle Designer: Unknown - Let us know

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    A green floral, different most of the other Creed florals. Starts off fresh like crushed leaves, ends up delicately floral, not exceptionally sweet, and still quite cool and smelling as strongly of foliage as it does of petals. Not particularly long-lasting but enjoyable.

    05 March, 2014

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    Preston H
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    Reminds me of green valley. I don't know what honeysuckle smells like, but I like this. It's a little herbaceous, I wonder if its mint, anyway it's a good fall fragrance it'd be good in the spring as well. It's got good longevity and projection for an edt I love it. Too bad it's gone, I never got a chance to reup :(

    09 May, 2013

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    Meh. A very green chypre (leaves on top, galbanum and moss below) drenched in a sharp soap smell, so the whole thing smells like really really old-fashioned green soap. It's nice enough, but makes me feel sneezy and wears more like a cloud of soap than a "perfume".

    14 February, 2013

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    If you are looking for a Green Creed scent that's different from the rest in the line, this is it. If you are looking for a heavy anise centered fragrance, this is it. if you are looking for honeysuckle this is not it. But who is realy looking for a honeysuckel fragrance anyway? It's a unique fragrance that's under appreciated IMO.

    Creed's website list the notes as follows: Top Notes: Honeysuckle leaves
    Middle Notes: Honeysuckle flowers, herbaceous notes
    Base Notes: Ambergris

    To my nose: CO starts off with a blast of green floral slightly minty freshness. I guess this is the leaves of honeysuckle I'm detecting thus the slightly minty accord with the middle notes of the florals actually appearing in the top notes in addition to the middle notes. The top notes quickly dry down after 10-15 minutes. Following this stage the fennel-anise comes in with the floras still in the background. These are the herbaceous notes listed for the middel. Fennel and anise have a similar taste and smell profile. Did Olivier use anise or fennel? I guess we will never know and I guess it does not matter. My guess is that it's actually fennel. To me fennel is more herbaceous then anise. Anise is more licorice candy to my nose and while the middle notes have that licorice vibe, it's more herbal then candy licorice. So I'm guessing fennel over anise. Regardless this is my favorite part of the dry down. Wow! What an awesome middle...if your nose at all enjoys anise-licorice notes you will love this stage of the fragrance. Most anise centered fragrance make me almost queasy. I guess it's the sweetness and cloying nature of that note but somehow in CO balances this with the florals and herbals so it's not nauseating. Just plain pleasant, almost soothing, comforting. The middle notes last about 2 hours and now comes the base...ambergris is listed as the base. (Of's creed...would we expect anything less...). The amount of ambergris in the base is considerably less then the rest of Creed's line. Subtle. It would have to be, because of the use of leaves, flowers, herbs, a heavy handed use of ambergris would overwhelm and mute those top and middle notes. Another reviewer mentioned vanilla note...I pick up that type of note in the base as the scent fades into a pleasant skin scent. It's so subtle. Not really vanilla but maybe a hint of something sweet. I think it's the effect of the fennel-anise middle blending with the ambergris base. What a nice finish to a beautiful fragrance. All in all I get 4 hours of sillage with modest projection. What I typically expect for the Creed house. I'm not sure why this fragrance is not more popular. Maybe it's the anise, it's not a popular note. I think it may also be related to the naming of the fragrance...I mean how many men would consider buying a honeysuckle fragrance? I didn't purchase or try this for a couple of years because I didn't think honeysuckle would go over very well in a male fragrance. Perhaps if Creed re-released under the name Millesime Anise Original it would have more of a following...but alas it's gone the way of many of the other "gray tops"...into the vault...try it while you can...

    06 August, 2012

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    Wales Wales

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    I pick up more mint than honeysuckle but it is none the worse for that. Very light, and perfect for Spring/Summer. I don't find it at all feminine and I think it is perfect for the office. Almost ethereal. Very, very nice.

    03 July, 2012

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    Clean, fresh, yes there is honeysuckle that is tempered by mint and although being floral as well as fresh it is not sweet at all. A formal but fresh scent that is conservative but open and relaxed too. After the initial hour it moves closer to the skin, but overall longevity is acceptable lasting about four hours on my skin. Recommended.

    14 April, 2012

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