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Chrome (1996)
by Azzaro


Chrome information

Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
(based on 844 votes)

People and companies

PerfumerGerard Haury
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Chrome

Chrome by Loris Azzaro is a popular fresh citrus scent, launched in 1996.

Chrome fragrance notes

Reviews of Chrome

Chrome is young, fresh and clean. All good qualities that make this a versatile and popular scent for younger guys. The most recent ads show a "dad" as the target audience, so maybe it's actually more popular with a more mature demographic, considering when it was released.

Yes, it is kinda metallic and cloying, but I like this better than Nautica Voyage. Also, performance is impressive, both in projection and longevity, so error on the side of less if you're trying for the first time.
16th June, 2017
Zowiee Show all reviews
United States
Resort scent at a recent Bahamian stay. Love it for warm weather beach scent. Every time I wear it, I go back...
13th February, 2017
Long lasting, fresh, masculine scent from Loris Azzaro that gets compliments every time I'd worn it.

The dominant notes in this one are the musks in the head notes ("transparent" is an interesting description!). The citrus head notes don't last too long, making way for the smoothening effects of the mysterious heart notes. Sandalwood gives it enough stability and predictability.

The Intense version is pronouncedly sharper and also quite nice...a reformulation that magnifies and lengthens the citrus notes quite a bit.

Great scent all year round.
28th December, 2016
I'm a girl, and I found this scent on a guy to be extremely seductive. My nose is fairly sensitive so more powerful scents are usually not appealing to me, but I found this one to be plenty powerful, but in a good way -- I cant get enough of it!

In fact i was so enamored by it, that i went searching for which cologne it was. I found myself in a tax-free shop at an airport that had a vast array of testers for colognes and perfumes, and after sniffing maybe 10-15 of them, i found it! It was Chrome Azzaro.

02nd March, 2016
I once sniffed this years ago from the bottle and thought nasty, but really I was being prejudice based on the price and image. I decided to give a bottle a chance and am glad I did.

This is like the best deodorant every made more than cologne, but that is why I think it is great. It is quite strong and envelopes you in fresh clean smell. It stays linear for a really long time and never turns cloying.

It smells of fresh citrus without an orange or grapefruit note, citrus without fruit. It is more clean laundry with a hint of fresh metallic note. I hate metal smell, but this is a good metallic (stainless steel dipped in snow, not old copper penny). Not unique, but I would call it a common masterpiece. Great value too!
02nd December, 2015
You join us at the end of a board room presentation at Bizaco headquarters...

'... so, everything that could be read as provocative, or relating to the human body, in any way, has been ruthlessly cut from the formula. What remains has been multiple focus grouped and proved 100% safe, sanitised and acceptable to anyone. This is the ultimate, new fresh puritan fragrance!'

'OK, I have a question. You said that hedione is an extract of jasmin flower. Flowers are the sex organs of plants, aren't they.'
'Well, plants reproduce by their flowers, but they don't...'
'Right, flowers are out!
Musk, isn't that how beavers show when they're in heat?'
'Oh, no - these are synthetic musks, produced in sterile factories by scientists in white coats...'
'The grapefruit and denatured citrus is OK, and its... bland and safe like you say, but...' the chairman takes a sniff from his smelling strip, 'that sweet woody sort of powdery smell, what is it?'
'Oh, our perfumer based that on baby powder, it's very popular.'
'Baby powder' he ponders, connecting nose to brain 'hmm... baby puke... doesn't it smell like baby vomit to you?'
'No not at all!' the marketing man blurts out. He smiles weakly. 'And there's also sweet Tonka bean, it's fermented and then the coumarin is extracted - but there's no alcohol!´

'It smells like that Calvin Klein number that came out three years ago' rumbles the boss.
A heavy silence...

'Oh... But we have the smell of pure metal, brushed steel... stainless steel...´
'Ah. I thought you said chrome, but that's ok, whatever...´

'...and finally a range of pure synthetic odourants are used to give er, body to the rest of the scent. This will be the cleanest, blandest, purest mens eau de toilette on the market today, nobody could be offended by it and,' unleashing the deal clincher 'its dirt cheap to make.'
'Yeah' replies the big man thoughtfully, 'eau de toilet... maybe we could change that to eau de cologne...'

Later in the car.
'You know, when I was a kid, you could get sugary hot water from the drinks machine at school. This crap reminds me of that somehow...'

26th August, 2015 (last edited: 15th September, 2015)

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