Chrome (1996)
    by Azzaro

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    Chrome by Loris Azzaro is a popular fresh citrus scent, launched in 1996.

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    United States United States

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    Fresh and clean to the nth degree, with a unique metallic twist. Really good in the summer and for travel. And if you look around (even at discount stores like Walmart), you can get it at a very reasonable price.

    Sorry, Acqua di Gio - this is the mainstream aquatic to beat.

    22 November, 2013

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    Good for someone starting out in fragrances

    If you are dipping your toe into the fragrance world or you are trying to graduate from AdG this will suit you well. Very fresh, very aquatic, almost metallic. That being said, I think it smells heavily synthetic and sharp. Spray too much and you could end up with a sore nose. But women seem to love it. I've never worn it and not recieved a compliment. Be ready to run into at least one other person who's rocking at the same time you are. If that doesn't worry you, then you should definitely add this to your rotation.

    Pros: Longevity, affordable, easily attainable, women dig it
    Cons: No longer a well kept secret, people confuse it with CK one, synthetic aroma"

    12 September, 2013

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    Italy Italy

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    Aquatic with class

    even though not a fan of aquatics this juice stands up for its classiness and simplicity, it won't poke an hole in your septum just like Cool's simple, refreshing and discreet, in a world populated by overpriced rubbish...this is the work of genius!

    Pros: a good cheap scent
    Cons: aquatic anyway"

    09 September, 2013

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    fresh- metalic- bright

    A decent frag that is safe and fresh yet metalic but not in a bad way...its not great but its better then average.

    24 July, 2013

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    Aquatic with a metallic tinge

    A typical "fresh" aquatic fragrance. The metallic undertone gives it a mildly interesting twist, but all in all it's pretty standard fare as far as aquatic fragrances go. Lasts a good 5-7 hours and is a safe crowd pleaser for sure.

    Although it doesn't have the same impact on me that it used to, I personally have a strong feeling of nostalgia attached to this scent, as this was my first and only fragrance for a good 2 years, as well as my workhorse, everyday scent throughout all of college. For a high school or college student looking for a safe starter scent on a budget, you could definitely do much worse than this.

    24 May, 2013

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    Bulgaria Bulgaria

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    Has a "mineral" vibe to it. Metallic. Pleasant and fresh, overrated longevity, but good stuff and hardly expensive. If on a budget and looking for a good fresh scent this might do.

    12 May, 2013

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