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Chrome (1996)
by Azzaro


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Year of Launch1996
AvailabilityIn Production
Average Rating
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People and companies

PerfumerGerard Haury
Parent CompanyGroupe Clarins

About Chrome

Chrome by Loris Azzaro is a popular fresh citrus scent, launched in 1996.

Chrome fragrance notes

Reviews of Chrome

One of my most favorite morning/summer scents. Very soapy and clean smelling on me, and invigorating too. It lasts forever for me WHEN: I shower and use a non fragrant lotion, and then apply 4-6 liberal sprays in the key areas. This is not synthetic to me at all, and whenever I wear it, the compliments flow.
15th August, 2015
Boring synthetic and linear like the majority of the present aquatic fragrances. Of course a non offensive scent which do not bother people, but without soul!


14th August, 2015
A good, cheap workhorse of a fragrance.
Go easy on the trigger, and others won't know you're wearing a ubiquitous bargain-bin scent.
CONS- tends to be harshly synthetic and bleachy if over-applied.
PROS- smells fresh and clean, and is suitable for all seasons, day and night, and is safe for work.
AND- it gets lots of compliments.
21st May, 2015

I absolutely LOVED this scent.why?Because CHROME is everything i want from Citrus Aromatic and one of the most fresh fragrances in my collection.

At first spray is so fresh,strong and cold.i found lemon and pineapple always makes it a nice combination the girls love my mind this fragrance house seems a quite little treasure trove of olfactory!

CHROME is great for daytimes/spring and for wearning with casual.much better than the CHROME LEGEND and longevity is +6 hours on my is great to buy if you want CITRUS,CLEAN and FRESH fragrance as the price is convenient too.

15th May, 2015
I wore Chrome a lot in the late 90's but never replaced the bottle. I've been curious about going back to it because I always liked the fresh soapy scent it gives off in the dry down. It's clean, and smells very light, like fresh laundry, once it settles down. You have to go light on the trigger though, as over spraying will cause a headache.

Good fragrance still.
29th April, 2015
So, a lot of people are saying this is heavy, synthetic with a harsh metallic note. I don't really get that, myself. It is really light and fresh to me. And really clean smelling. It is a little tiny bit synthetic, I'll admit. And a metallic note wouldn't surprise me. After all, it's called Chrome. After 5 or 6 hours I get this very mild sensation of coolness, which could be discerned as metal I suppose, but it's certainly not harsh or offensive in any way. I only have a small sample bottle, but for me this is absolutely full bottle worthy. It's very reasonably priced, and you could wear it pretty much anywhere. I think it is well-suited to warm springtime weather. I don't think you could offend too many people with this one. You probably won't get a ton if compliments. Most people probably won't notice it, but it's so pleasant for the wearer and anyone who gets within close distance. Unlike its flanker, Chrome Legend. Everyone within 15 feet of you will have a headache and a sore throat, including yourself, if you wear that stuff.
25th April, 2015

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